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  1. dont think it has the intel x86 daughterboard.. too many quids for my liking anyways...
  2. nice retrofit! 😎
  3. what a haul! you deserve the good fortune tho - get yourself back to full strength and enjoy your find!
  4. Nice! Altho in real life taxmen just destroy your soul haha
  5. yes, harvest the cable off of the old PSU so you can make another
  6. yes i can regulate this with a grub screw as per the Rana drive design. through the end of the lifting boom to make contact with the metal rail i could have positioned the felt pad better, i will do so with the next prototype
  7. i made a guess-timate of the required item, see below just need a spring now...
  8. FYI the 600XL keyboard works fine without the intermediary resistors
  9. Hi, I recently obtained a damaged LDW Super 2000 disk drive. I mended a few cosmetic issues and yesterday I managed to get a power supply to work with it. It passes the in-built self test and proceeds to spin the disk, seek track zero then it rests at track 39 - as it should. However, as you can see by the pics and vid below, the part of the read/write head assembly that applies spring pressure to the disk/head is missing. as a result i get the 'slow beep' boot error. The drive uses a 'Roctec' mechanism which i believe were only used in this drive and the california access CA2001 drives. both of these are quite rare and internet info is very limited. If anyone has one of these mechs, would you mind uploading some images of the head parts? to make things a bit more tricky, there is a metal plate over the head! fortunately, i have a 3d printer which could produce what i need. Thanks in advance! MVI_2082.MOV
  10. 41256 drams as a drop-in replacement can function fine as 4164s keyboard LED - probly poor pin contact in the ribbon socket or degraded mylar within
  11. such a great name for a game! 😁
  12. that is the one from the XEGS but i believe a version is available for normal computers - i.e. without missile command it was the last one Atari made
  13. liking the new groovy intro tune too! 😎
  14. orange whips are better! 😛
  15. resistor is not essential and some AV leads have it added anyways
  16. rich tea, bourbon, party rings, fig rolls, pink wafæ - all the classics!
  17. i used flat ethernet cable for my mini810s and they work perfectly, even with high speed SIO. internally the wires are ultra fine too
  18. Nice one, good to keep a faithful peripheral in good order 😁
  19. printing on decorators tape can give a nice texture
  20. cheers! i found the key spring - only after i had assembled the thing back up. argh! (hehe) its always the way...
  21. got some black filament today so here are some pics: ...need to find the spring for play and record - it went *ping!!*
  22. its called "The Arcade" by Dutch firm "Suzo-Happ"
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