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  1. This little baby's straight outta the 80s...
  2. I finally got round to having a stab at it today. i received a 1010 that looked like its mouth had lost a fight with a cricket bat - all keys were damaged. 2 were bonded to a functional state but were misaligned and full of claggy glue. so here is the .stl file and a few sample images. i recommend using a support and i had to ream out the axle hole a bit but i ended up with a really nice fit 1010 key.stl
  3. cheers! i think i will increase each radius instance to 2mm, they seem a little too sharp compared to the Indus GT's original fascia.. 🤔 attached is the .stl file with this amendment IndusGT back panel2.stl
  4. I recently acquired a broken LDW Super 2000 disk drive that has a few parts missing. In the process of resurrecting it, i have designed a 3D-printable rear fascia that is approximately accurate. the .stl file is attached in case anyone else can make use of it. I dont have enough black filament so I printed it in purest green. I havent done any post-processing - this is straight from the print bed but it could do with a bit of filing down to get the lumps off the edges. I attached it to the LDW drive (that has a distorted metal casing) and parked it on top of an Indus GT for visual reference. It may also fit the Rana 1000 drive but I havent got mine to hand to test it. IndusGT back panel.stl
  5. she sounds like a keeper! 😁
  6. sometimes the connector pins are folded too far back to make contact. a bit of bending with a screwdriver or craft knife can move them back into place
  7. these keys all share pin 1 - see image
  8. could he assist with an LDW Super 2000? (its an Indus GT clone)
  9. 1050s rarelly die, they are usually just dormant. 😁 the most common issue is dirty media fouling up your head so i would clean both with alcohol and a cotton bud. it is made of ceramic so you can be quite vigorous without causing any damage. sometimes you can even see the debris with the naked eye. if you can load an ATR file use the 1050 diagnostic software to set the RPM and calibrate the zero sensor. let us know how you get on. 1050 Disk Diagnostics.atr 1050FSM-Rebuilt - AKH.pdf Atari_1050_Disk_Drive_Sams_Computerfacts_Technical_Service.pdf
  10. european spec NES adapters work if you can find one or from amazon you can get guitar effects pedal power supplies that are "9VAC" or from ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/173560426585
  11. the 400 requires AC input, the one you found is DC that symbol with the solid line and 3 dotted lines underneath means DC (a wavy line would denote AC)
  12. i downloaded it and it plays in vlc player ok stepper motor delay is nicely reduced too 🙂
  13. the 2nd vid wont play.. 🤔
  14. phil collins was great in this show i loved his massive belches 😁
  15. thats great - a classic mugshot! 😁
  16. that Bogie image reminds me... please can you do the "stinking badges" guy?
  17. best of luck gilsulaki, they respond well to a bit of TLC!
  18. many thanks ivop! i'll use it as a startup screen on my Sic! cart 😎 nice to see you got Ziggy's nose to remain pink hehe
  19. ask and ye shall receive 🙂 feel free to crop it if it improves it
  20. my Indus had a bad ROM socket, causing intermittent operation. I replaced the socket, updated the ROM and its been fine ever since. Also, make sure you use a 12v DC power supply. I used a 9v one for a bit and it was less reliable, changed to a 12v and it instantly became robust.
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