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  1. Sounds good, hope it’s all working still. 😝 I’ve just been building a workshop too which has a tiny 7ft x 7ft (2.1m x 2.1m) den at the end of it for my techie toys. Just run in 10 network points and 12 power sockets! Hope to have my Atari’s in there later this year. 👍
  2. Did you manage to get the Falcon repaired in the end?! Meant to ask the other decade 🙂
  3. It's a chatty manual, you don't seem to get that these days! 🙂
  4. It looks like Papyrus X was only made available in German - I wonder if that is an issue for you?
  5. Yes it would seem he closed it: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/248863-time-to-go-into-the-dark-night/?tab=comments#comment-3434626
  6. Just an observation ... The keyboard looks like the Mega ST keyboard and not the one for Mega STEs? Anyhow it does the same job! I had a Mega STE but swapped it for a Falcon030 in about 1995!
  7. I emailed Willy and it won't be available for a while but he's keeping emails and will publicise when it's ready:
  8. Another beta has been released today, v0.32 of the engine with many improvements. Available on the website as usual: http://devilsdoorbell.com
  9. I had some emails with Rodolphe a few months and he mentioned there was a deal in the pipeline with a Danish guy who would produce 100 of the new style CT60e. CT60e = CT60 + CTCM integrated - F30 booster + new dimensions (CPU no more under the keyboard). Rodolphe would then get some cash to develop a new CTX60 card based on CT63 and to include Super Videl on the board too.
  10. Just to follow up on dml's original post, a minor release consisting of just a newer engine version (v0.30) was made a few weeks ago with another beta release planned in the new year. This release is available on the website in the download area: http://devilsdoorbell.com/binary-downloads/
  11. As I said on Atari-Forum that Dan Wilga had replied to me last year when i asked if the main titles that Gribnif sold could be released as Freeware or Donationware. Dan Wilga was interested in the latter and said he had a near complete new update of Geneva which was unreleased. He said he would get out his TT and check out the position and what he could do as a final version, then his hard disk died. I've not heard anything more since May last year. I've emailed him every 3 months too, so it's not looking promising. However I've not given up and have hope. He may of replied to my mail as I had dealt with him in a business capacity when I worked for Compo UK in the early 1990's and we sold the Gridnif products.
  12. If you have CT63 installed (e.g. 68060 CPU) an alpha version of BadMooD has been released for that CPU. See the binary downloads menu on the website: http://devilsdoorbell.com
  13. If you have CT63 installed (e.g. 68060 CPU) an alpha version of BadMooD has been released. See the binary downloads menu on the website: http://devilsdoorbell.com
  14. Nice work Orion_ It looks fantastique! Great that there is support for 68060 too! Good luck with the sales.
  15. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! The last alpha release (at this time) v0.2 has included JagPad support plus lots of bug fixes. The development is progressing nicely and a few more bug fixes are in place for the 3rd update. Depending on feedback this may move the game from "alpha" in to a "beta" release. Douglas Little (the only developer) has a few surprises up his sleeve too, so it's worth watching the progress! http://devilsdoorbell.com
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