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  1. That is the same conclusion I had but then i realized the 2600,Jaguar,Lynx have high home brews. With the 2600 being very popular and being pushed by companies such as Epyx, and the other two which have more games than the TG16 yet the PC engine has next to no homebrew with it;s 40 American releases. It's a question we may never have an answer to. Like how many licks does it take to get to the gum in a blow pop.
  2. Tried to replay one of my old favorites, Super Thunder Blade, and am now wondering how I made it through this game as it seems to be unplayable for me now and has sadly, managed to age horribly. With that sad, I still think it's a decent game. I almost beat it again. The collision detection is a pain in the ass though.
  3. I have had the same set-up nothing will happen. In fact, what you are worried about it technically impossible, and you will se why once you get the 32x. Which you will be getting.
  4. Hmm You will be missing games like: Blackthrone, Golf Magazine, Knuckles Chaotix, and Metal Head And enhanced ports of games like: Doom, Afterburner, Mortal Kombat II, Primal Rage, and NBA JAM And 32X plugs are not expensive. It seems to have a better library than the Sega CD imo. Unless you want that Corpse Killer and Mad dog Mccree
  5. Might be because of a lot of limitations. For example, a SNES or NeoGeo homebrewer might have issues translating the game to the Genesis as you would have certain limitations making you have to work a bit more with the dev tools. Of course it probably is 6x easier than the Saturn or the Jaguar. and both of those get tons of homebrews so now that I think about it, this is a bit strange.
  6. These were a blast to play on my old Odyssey^2 when I used to play it. I really need to buy a new one but the prices ARGH! Anyway, There were only 2 games right? There was the first K.C. Munchkin and then there was the sequel Crystal Chase, where it had a centipede? Because I keep reading that there were four games in the series in some material I have, and considering I have not gotten a new/played Odyssey^2 in years I do not recall. One more thing, I always heard that K.C. was a success and it seems to still be praised for being pretty good. Was it the best selling Odyssey game? The first thing people name when I mention the Odyssey^2 and from what even I remmeber is the first K.C. Munchkin.
  7. Pretty much all the earlier post crash consoles. I can't go back and play the most systems from 84-88 with the only exceptions being and Master System so i got rid of most of them about a decade or so back, and just now starting to recollect them recently. The first I ditched was TG16/PC Engine. The last one has some good games but wow... And if you get into japanese library it's even more bizzare/poor.
  8. Vgchartz is not a reliable source sadly. At least for me. (How is the X360 still under the Wii?) But that is a very interesting chart because there Atari 2600 numbers are very unusual as well as their Gamegears. I assume they use soe kind of automated counter that adjusts every month to add number as if it was real time.
  9. I will admit the Vic-20 is looking like more of a better option if there is a homebrew scene.
  10. I think Midnight Mutants would be better compared to a less stripped down PC adventure games, as that's what it seemed like to me. But yeah you make fair points. It seems like opinions differ by where some people live. In the USAs case anyway. The Only thing I don't get with the NES is the homebrew scene. There are even dedicated fans for it here, yet for some reason the 7800 seems to have a more active homebrew scene. Something that actually seems to happen Maybe with ever Atari consoles. Maybe because most people who grew up with the 2600 are older and are probably more into programming or something.
  11. You actually nailed this a bit to well because I was about to edit in the word PAL in a previous post. Most of the media over the years always referred to PAL as Europe so i just assumed that it was a thing not worth exploring in more detail. Irony.
  12. I have actually gotten most of these questions answered, or at least in some cases, have sources to base conclusions off of. Thanks to others who send me PM's with information, although it might be interesting for you to post your findings on the thread as well but I am sure you are doing that for a reason i suppose. Now there is only two old consoles I need a bit of info on, and then i can start the demo.
  13. Seems that because I have a different look at things that don't align with your interests, I am now on "tirades" as you say. Seems to me you never even looked at my PC thread or other thread and for some reason this one is causing issues. Not sure why, but I suppose I'll keep my interests to myself since I am now going on random "tirades" according to you.
  14. After reading all my questions? Does this thread seem related to the book to you? Because it's not. I would appreciate it if you don't use mean spirited tones.
  15. 1.I hope you mean Dreamcast since that's where most of the sales and praise came from. 2.If you were a kid during the Sonic genesis days you were most likely still at least a mid teens when the Dreamcast came up, and what about the people who did not grow up and were older? Most of the Dreamcast collectors are older people for example. Seems like your age thing is a random assumption. 3.So you got your opinion fro a youtube video? 4.Please keep in mind I personally don't think SA2 is the best but it is often in many "recent" polls to be the one with the lead. if not mostly because of shadow. 5.I ca't really say the first game is any better, in fact, i would say the controls feel lose along with just as bad of a camera, and then there is the fact stages like the Skydeck and the Snow place exist. While Knuckles and Tails stages are kind of meh, some of those stages are decent and not Big the Cat. 6. I think that after SA2 DC version is when the series went down hill, the re-releases were lazy, Sonic heroes was pretty bad, Shadow is mixed I liked it but i would not say it's great, and everything else was pretty bad including the spin-offs. 7.You later talk about Sonic Advance, Sonic Advance became an issue after the first game, the portable games like RUSS and Rivals were also not that good, to me anyway. almost all the spin-off were bad although I may give a slight squeeze to the first Sonic Riders.
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