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  1. I heard that someone (not me!) did ask for panties, but Rev someone was sad that they didn't come in his size
  2. also, look in the contrib and samples sub folders, lots of examples you can take a copy of and tweak to do some trial and error. There is a pacman clone sample that may help with Lupin
  3. I find the AIR snap back distracting. Instead of redrawing the Air the way you do to keep it centred, have you tried just keeping track of where it is along the 20 cards and updating the bar (accounting for wraparound) Like Super Cobra does.
  4. digress knows the true kiddie pool origins of Mr Turtle I didn't get the tootsie roll reference either.
  5. How the hell did you pull anything, let alone a quad? You haven't left your house for 6 months 😉 Maybe it was lifting one of your many Keyboard Components
  6. I'd agree, the command line is a lost tool/concept. I have a staff of 10 developers, any of them under 45 have no clue what it is. I do all my Inty Dev work with the command line and batch files (and judicial use of PAUSE )
  7. The local company I was dealing with went under but I finally found the file, I just need to fix an issue with the little guide pegs on the stl then I'll share with you and flip. Just really busy at work at the moment.
  8. The only problem with that plan is @cmart604 never plays his games, he is too busy Scrooge McDucking in his Inty-Dungeon. Like this, but with Intellivision games and manuals
  9. Unfortunately code injection requires a specialized tool, the second one's USB dongle can be especially hard to find
  10. For the record, that was never discussed nor agreed upon with me. I retain code and copyright to Super Pro Gosub.
  11. I bet those letters are a great source of amusement around the company. I'd collect them all in an e-book for sale after the Amico is released and give the proceeds to some charity. Clueless Communications from Clueless People: Rise of the Amico or "I Demand!": The Pointless Missives of Gaming Trolls vs Video Game Visionaries or ... so easy to come up with titles
  12. There appears to be 2 different urls https://www.evelknieveltoys.com/products/evel-knievel-stunt-cycle This one is even more active, I think the one I posted is for outside the USA
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