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  1. You have to live on the edge once and a while
  2. CMart has been terrorized by Mayo at every restaurant. Even when you say "don't put mayo on unless you want to see a grown man cry" they STILL put mayo on.
  3. 18 of the scum that were infesting the Intellivision Enclave.
  4. The fantastic FW Diagnostics cart has come in very handy as I test the battered Intys from last year's PRGE (and drink CMart's beer)
  5. After 3 months of rain, I'm leaving this to go to 5 days of rain...CMart Chauffeur Cervice had better be good....
  6. Great, now I have to listen to cmart in the rover, can I pay you to NOT finish? 😉 What? Are you going to drive well under the speed limit just so you can hear yourself longer? I think I'd rather listen to British Siri prattle on about motorways and roundabouts...
  7. I for one welcome the absence of a new podcast episode so I don't have to listen to it on repeat in Cmart's vehicle on the way to PRGE. I'd rather listen to British Siri prattle on about "motorways" and "round-a-bouts"...😉
  8. Hey, Tommy. In the top right of the screen is a dropdown with your user name. In there is an option for Ignored Users. Sometimes you need to add users to your ignore list in order to make a thread's experience tolerable, especially since you started the thread and it seems like a never ending loop of "...I will make you see that my opinion is the most important!" The number of posts and rebuttals in this thread in the last 24 hours made it hard for legitimate news, questions, and answers to be picked up from the chaff.
  9. Awesome job as usual, my friend, kudos to Nathan also!
  10. Well, technically I removed the shrink wrap for him. The real question is: "does he remember that his LTO is in the glove box of his SUV again?"
  11. No, but you do have to take it out of your car's glove box
  12. Ummm...should there also be a CIB ColecoVision, CIB Roller controller, and CIB Super Action Controllers?
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