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  1. All joking aside, I hope that the Amico main website does a good job of announcing/listing these limited editions so that collectors (whether gotta-get-them-all or fans of certain IP) are aware of them.
  2. Please buy multiple copies of the different limited editions so those of us that have a life can buy conveniently buy them from you 😃
  3. @Tommy Tallarico Tonight my daughter (21) wanted me to hook up the WII after a couple of years in a box. Instead of a game or two of Super Mario Bros, Mario Party or Mario Kart, her first go-to games were the two Family Feud games we have. We ended spending a couple of hours playing against the CPU (not @CPUWIZ) or against each other. All I was thinking the whole time is how much easier it would be to enter the words with the Amico touchscreen or speak them into the microphone on the controller, even if it was spelling it out loud rather than saying the whole word. I see Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud as being perfect couch multiplayer with Amico controllers. Check out Family Feud Decades on the WII, it would be a great 8 player game the way they implemented the teams.
  4. Within the last week on his Youtube channel he mentioned uploading them all to Archive.org. and he mentioned he is missing the first 4 Colecovisions podcast. @Ikrananka,I'm sure he'd love to get those first 4 from you. It should be queued up at the right point, but watch from about the 2:30 mark
  5. If you do go to Vancouver, don't let CMart talk you into visiting his collector's dungeon, he'll just bore you to death with his Spikers, Playcables, and Keyboard Components and won't share his expensive wine with you. 😉
  6. Tommy has more than once stated that they are saving the marketing budget, big announcements, and promotion push for E3 2020 that starts June 9th https://www.e3expo.com/ Unfortunately that isn't good enough for a small number of self entitled people hiding behind their keyboards trying to artificially stir up negative click-bait hit pieces. I think it is a credit to Tommy that the Amico has gotten the awareness it has without spending a dime of the 11 million dollar plus marketing budget and without crowd-funding (and no, the FE is not crowd funding in any shape or form, it is a just pre-order down payment.)
  7. @Tommy Tallarico, I don't know about the rest of the world, but 3 on 3 hockey has become popular in Canada, especially as a spring league after regular league play is done. 1 goalie a side and 3 players. Sounds perfect for an 8 controller or 6 controller (with computer controlled goalies) Has this mode been considered for the Amico Hockey game? Also, are the controllers location-aware of each other (namely could you wave your controller at another player's controller to pass the puck or exchange dice?)
  8. It is not ding ding abuse if it is understood the ding ding kicking is due to mutual attraction...
  9. I think Beauty and the Beast would be a perfect game where the player can pick from different genders and mixed with a style like the box cover it would be a real unique looking game.
  10. Nope, Patrick, but he is Italian 😉. I think he used to leave work early to watch you and Victor. But of course, this has nothing to do with the Amico Q and A, so I will ask a question on his behalf: Will there be Tommy Tallarico bobble heads, action figures, or at least a Funko Pop figure, preferably wearing an Amico t-shirt?
  11. I have a friend that would be honored if you kicked him right in the ding-ding at the next Video Games Live in Edmonton or at PRGE.
  12. This has to be one of the most ridiculous misuses of the english language I've heard in years. That's like saying "I said he died, but I wouldn't call him dead..."
  13. Princess Quest is an earlier and fun "Ghost and Goblins"-type game by the very prolific nanochess (who also did programmed Sydney Hunter,) it even has boss battles. @cmart604probably has 30 copies in his dungeon if you need one
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