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  1. I bet those letters are a great source of amusement around the company. I'd collect them all in an e-book for sale after the Amico is released and give the proceeds to some charity. Clueless Communications from Clueless People: Rise of the Amico or "I Demand!": The Pointless Missives of Gaming Trolls vs Video Game Visionaries or ... so easy to come up with titles
  2. There appears to be 2 different urls https://www.evelknieveltoys.com/products/evel-knievel-stunt-cycle This one is even more active, I think the one I posted is for outside the USA
  3. I like the idea of the Small production category. I'll help judge again.
  4. Officially back too: https://www.evelknieveltoys.com/products/international-evel-knievel-stunt-cycle
  5. @Tommy Tallarico Here is a tough question: Where are the Amico branded wallets since you still haven't hired someone to actually build your Amico and my wallet has been chewed to bits. Now I need a new one and hopefully it comes with a nice belt chain. 😉
  6. Ultimate Pong has an ECS 4 controller mode. I believe there are some homebrews that feature enhanced ECS music but can't remember which off hand. There are also 4 games nearing completion in the pipeline that support ecs music if available but they are single or 2 player co-op games. 2 of them will only be offered as roms via encrypted Luigi files if they are offered as roms at all, the other 2 are up in the air rom wise.
  7. I does appear you are tone-deaf to the many responses in this thread, not just the ones from Opcode and CollectorVision. We "fanboys" as you derogatorily refer to us, are the ones that shell out our cash for ColecoVision related things and have kept the console alive. Alienate enough of us and you will find that we don't owe you any of our support or money such that when the cool new features you hint about come around, no-one will develop games that use that feature. That attitude will also spill into the Intellivision world as well if you decide to use the same attitude there.
  8. If I recall, one of the big issues with the j-box was the bad audio buzz people reported but was never rectified or acknowledged. Adding new hardware to these retro systems isn't as trivial as it may seem. Just ask the 7800 homebrew hardware makers or Albert what kind of hell testing across the various evil versions of the 7800 motherboard is. Even the Colecovision has variant quirks.
  9. Great to hear! Also, since you control the game store and we can think "modern" and "outside the box", I think that if a digital game is purchased, your account would be eligible to buy a print-on-demand large size thick trading card (maybe full box size) of what the front box art would look like if it existed and the back can be personalized to the account name and have tips and tricks. Or along the same vein, an actual cardboard mini box with a regular size trading card (ship the mini box flat, people can glue themselves, insert trading card and a backup sd card of their own if they want when assembled)
  10. I for one hope that you don't partner with someone like Limited Run games. You have your own web presence. In this day and age of limited this, and exclusive that, and secret loot box this, I'd prefer that your boxed games be available from your site. Whether a preorder or reserve system, not someplace that I forget to check at a certain time or date or my junk mail filtered the announcement and then I miss out. PS, I'm not referring to consoles, unlike some collectors I don't need every different color, however I do not want to miss an boxed game release and why should the scalpers and flippers be rewarded over supporters.
  11. So live GRAM and/or memory viewer windows that we've discussed before is now a eventual possibility with SDL2? I seem to recall you said SDL1 was the limiting factor.
  12. Does that include a Bosconian restock?
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