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  1. I just filled one to the top then poured into a measuring cup...11 practical oz, 12 if you like playing with danger and having hot liquid spill over the side if you disturb the air around it
  2. I can tell you from personal experience that anger, stress, and other negative emotions will eventually affect your health; both mental and physical. Social media and Youtube have allowed negativity to fester to the surface in the name of 'entertainment.' The reality of the constant negativity will eventually have personal consequences on those spewing it. Ask any person which they would prefer: a) sitting around a table arguing over some subject as if your life depended on it, possibly descending into physical altercations. b) sitting around laughing and brainstorming how to make things better, descending into high five-ing and hand shaking and then beers. I know which one I choose, and thus I am much healthier and happier and is why I am enjoying your positive and open communication. It is far harder to create than to destroy and I'm enjoying watching your journey and apparently so are a lot of others in this little niche called Retro Gaming. Negative people can "scoparsi con un tergicristallo arrugginito Ferrari"
  3. Nope, part time Intellivision homebrew programmer, part time friend of the Canadian Intellivisionaires mouth piece/box hoarder, I was on an episode once, and somehow ended up Cheez-its shopping with another Intellivisionaire podcaster at a Portland Walmart one PRGE.
  4. Interesting but maybe an episode or two too long, definitely not a family friendly documentary but I found it interesting as the true story rivalries and machinations unfold, not really about the animals at all.
  5. Having just finished watching Tiger King on Netflix and seeing the paintings in @Tommy Tallarico's house just before the shower in the video, I wonder...what Giant Wild Cat or Lion game is he working on? Maybe a Photo Safari game that was mentioned somewhere months ago?
  6. Am I the only one that wants to know what is in the box on the shelf behind @Tommy Tallarico labeled "Jungle Cruise"?
  7. Ultimate Pong from Intellivision Revolution supports a 4 player mode with the ECS http://intellivisionrevolution.com/ultimatepong
  8. I actually do something more like below You could also use the DO WHILE PlayerDead=0 construct instead of a Main_Loop: CartLoop: Gosub MainMenu Gosub MainGame Goto CartLoop MainGame: Start_level: CLS <initialize variables, etc> Restart_Level: Gosub DrawLevelScreen PlayerDead=0 main_loop: <do a lot of stuff> IF (FRAME AND 3)=0 THEN GOSUB check_sprite_and_tile_collision <do more stuff> IF (FRAME AND 7)=0 THEN GOSUB check_for_other_death_situations <do a lot more stuff> If Lives<=0 then Gosub GameOverScreen:Return Rem Exits MainGame Procedure gracefully back to cartloop If PlayerDead=1 then GOTO RestartLevel GOTO main_loop End Rem End of MainGame Procedures Check_sprite_and_tile_collision: PROCEDURE <if sprite touched a particular tile then PlayerDead=1:Lives=Lives-1> END
  9. Some Structured Programmers would say GOTOs are forbidden, I rarely use them in IntyBasic but I use a lot of GOSUBs (which made me chuckle way too much while I was writing the SuperPro Gosub game ) Your "yes sometimes it is better not to use subroutines" doesn't make sense to me as it isn't the subroutines that are the issue, it is you GOTOing into one instead of GOSUBing. If your subroutine has a lot of labels that you are jumping to, then make the parts of the subroutine small PROCEDUREs and GOSUB to them, a RETURN (or END of the PROCEDURE) will clear the stack properly on exit from the PROCEDURE I use variations of this: WhichCritter=0 MainLoop: MovePlayer MoveCritters WhichCritter=WhichCritter+1:If WhichCritter>2 then WhichCritter=0 Goto MainLoop MoveCritters: Procedure On WhichCritter Gosub MoveSnake,MovePig,MoveBird End MoveSnake:Procedure Rem Do something End MovePig:Procedure Rem Do something End MoveBird:Procedure Rem Do something End Alternate with GOTO inside the Procedure instead of Gosubs MoveCritters: Procedure On WhichCritter Goto MoveSnake,MovePig,MoveBird MoveSnake: rem do something Return MovePig: rem do something Return MoveBird: rem do something Return End
  10. [email protected] would be buying 5 or more VIP editions no matter what you included 😉
  11. All joking aside, I hope that the Amico main website does a good job of announcing/listing these limited editions so that collectors (whether gotta-get-them-all or fans of certain IP) are aware of them.
  12. Please buy multiple copies of the different limited editions so those of us that have a life can buy conveniently buy them from you 😃
  13. @Tommy Tallarico Tonight my daughter (21) wanted me to hook up the WII after a couple of years in a box. Instead of a game or two of Super Mario Bros, Mario Party or Mario Kart, her first go-to games were the two Family Feud games we have. We ended spending a couple of hours playing against the CPU (not @CPUWIZ) or against each other. All I was thinking the whole time is how much easier it would be to enter the words with the Amico touchscreen or speak them into the microphone on the controller, even if it was spelling it out loud rather than saying the whole word. I see Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy and Family Feud as being perfect couch multiplayer with Amico controllers. Check out Family Feud Decades on the WII, it would be a great 8 player game the way they implemented the teams.
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