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  1. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customid=&icep_item=323473808730&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg&toolid=11111
  2. How does the payment with bitcoins work? Is there an escrow service you use, or do you expect the buyer to send the bitcoins directly to you?
  3. I scanned some more documents. I'm not really sure which are interesting, so I put them all up. Use what you want. I have some more documents to scan. Mostly single page tips like how to make an autorun.sys. Atari Demopac TOC Atari Letters Atari Macro Assembler Product Information Sheet II Atari Unknown - This appears to be some sort of software index. I'm not sure exactly what it is. May only be of significance to the previous owner of the binder. Atari Writer Product Update
  4. Unfortunately the pdf was too big to upload here, so here is a link to my Dropbox. Is there anything else I should scan while I have my binder open? I have the letters from Atari that appear to have come with the Demopacs. I have Atari Macro Assembler Product Information Sheet II. I have Atari Writer Product Update. Data File Processing. Is the Demopac Table of Contents of interest to anyone?
  5. I have what I believe to be the complete Demopac #12. If anyone wants it, let me know your prefered format. As an aside, is it just me, or do these Demopacs seem rare to come by? I guess there weren't many requests made to Atari for them.
  6. Do you know of a good tutorial for sending a character to the screen? I tried the examples at http://www.atariarchives.org/roots/chapter_7.php, but I'm not exactly sure how to run the two separate programs. I just load the first, and then load and run the second, but it crashes the emulator.
  7. I got another question, so I will just tack it onto this thread. I tried using the following code to hide the cursor, but it still shows. Per Mapping The Atari, I am updating the cursor position to actually hide the cursor, but it is still showing. I also tried using 1 instead of 2 and it still didn't work. CRSINH is 752, ROWCRS is 84 and COLCRSL is 85. lda #2 sta CRSINH ; hide cursor sta ROWCRS ; update cursor pos to actually hide cursor sta COLCRSL
  8. Yes, GPRIOR did the trick. Silly default, IMO. Now why do I still get a solid line with the following section code? I made sure to clear the memory first. It should draw for 10 lines, then jump 10 lines, draw 10 lines... SETPM01 lda #255 ldx #0 SETPM02 sta P0, x sta P1, x sta P2, x sta P3, x inx iny cpy #10 bne SETPM02 txa clc adc #10 tax ldy #0 lda #255 cpx #240 bne SETPM02
  9. I'm having issues with the following code. Players 0 and 1 display a vertical line as expected, but players 2 and 3 appear to just display in the border area at the very top and very bottom. Does anyone know what is causing this? PMBASELOC = $8000 M = $8300 P0 = $8400 P1 = $8500 P2 = $8600 P3 = $8700 PCOLR0 = 704 PCOLR1 = 705 PCOLR2 = 706 PCOLR3 = 707 COLOR2 = 710 ;playfield COLOR4 = 712 ;border HPOSP0 = $D000 HPOSP1 = $D001 HPOSP2 = $D002 HPOSP3 = $D003 PMBASE = $D407 SDMCTL = $22F GRACTL = $D01D *= $9000 INIT lda #0 sta PCOLR0 sta PCOLR1 sta PCOLR2 sta PCOLR3 lda #176 sta COLOR2 sta COLOR4 lda #PMBASELOC/256 sta PMBASE lda #62 sta SDMCTL lda #3 sta GRACTL lda #50 sta HPOSP0 lda #100 sta HPOSP1 lda #150 sta HPOSP2 lda #200 sta HPOSP3 CLRPM1 lda #0 tax CLRPM2 sta P0, x sta P1, x sta P2, x sta P3, x inx bne CLRPM2 SETPM01 lda #255 ldx #0 SETPM02 sta P0, x sta P1, x sta P2, x sta P3, x inx iny cpy #255 bne SETPM02 END jmp END
  10. PM sent for Mapping the Atari, and the 2 Compute books.
  11. If it is not an already existing file on your computer, then just load DOS with your emulator. Download it at http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/holmes%20cd/Holmes%201/ATR%20Programs/Disk%20Operating%20Systems/Dos%202.5.atr You run the DOS using your emulator, when you are in BASIC, type SAVE "D1:FILENAME.BAS" to save your program.
  12. Try running AspeQt. Go to "Disk", "New disk image". Mount the disk image you just created. Click on the "Show properties" button. Then "Add files to this directory". I'm not sure if it automatically does the end line character conversions. Atari uses $39 which is different from the PC.
  13. You can just flip on the computer to run basic, since the 800XL has it built in. You probably want something to save to, so you need a cassette recorder, disk drive, or a device such as SIO2PC. You don't want a cassette recorder because it is slow. Personally I use an SIO2PC. You can get one at http://www.atari8warez.com/buyDualUSB.html. They are currently out of stock. You connect one end to the SIO port on the Atari and the other end to a USB port on your PC. Your PC runs AspeQt, which allows you to mount disk images. That is how you get the programs from your computer to your 800XL. The SIO2PC also allows you to save from your Atari to your PC. Regardless of whether you choose the disk drive or the SIO2PC, you want to hook it up to the Atari before booting. You want to make sure the SIO2PC has a DOS or Disk Operating System in D1. Atari Dos 2.5 is popular. Once you booted, you can type DOS and press return to get to the DOS. List files by pressing A, then return, return. Press B to get back to basic. In Basic you can type SAVE "D1:FILE.BAS" to create a file named FILE.BAS with the contents of the current program. To load it later, run LOAD "D1:FILE.BAS". To learn Atari BASIC, read books. There are many available online, such as the ones at http://www.atariarchives.org/. There is also a programming section of the forum if you have questions. Edit: A major trick to getting your program in 10 lines: You can get multiple logical lines on a single physical line by using the : character to separate the lines. Like: 10 PRINT "HI":PRINT "EVERYONE"
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