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  1. Unit just powers up and shows a black screen. C64C computer only. Item is in good shape with a little yellowing. Asking $80 plus shipping in USA only, sorry. Please message any questions and see picture. Paypal only please.
  2. Happy Birthday, Al! Keep up the good work!
  3. Anyone got this? Interested in any thoughts and or reviews of it and how it works to change games. Any save states? Thanks!
  4. Don't remember exact date. But got when it first came out when the store I got video games at the time.
  5. I like them and have several on my Switch. To me it's a great way to relive the glory days of 80's arcade games.
  6. I had one that I used on my C64C measured good. But as it warmed up it killed my C64C. Now it just shows a black screen. 🤬
  7. Neither. Just wanted info about getting one.
  8. Hello all. New to this. Is there one available to buy? Thanks for any info!
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