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  1. Very sad to hear. Thoughts and prayers to his family and all.
  2. Thanks for all the replies! Does Battlezone use it? Thanks again!
  3. Can anyone please help me with this question?
  4. Great job on everything! Nice to learn about the history and development of the Colecovision!
  5. Sorry if this has been asked but what games use the controller holder besides Space Dungeon and Robotron 2084? Are they just carts or are there roms? Thanks in advance!
  6. Got a game from Shawn and love it! Will deal with again! A+
  7. Thanks for the reply! So did you mod a sms controller or control stick to work on a cv? If so how? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the reply. My problem is I lack the knowledge of how to rewire the sms control stick so it would work. Help Please?
  9. Hello! I asked this question on Hardware with no luck and searched Google so I'm asking here. Is it possible to mod a Sega Master System Control Joystick to work on a CV with a y cable in port one so both buttons work like a CV controller? If so how is it done? Or even a Sega Genesis 3 Button Joystick or even a NES Advantage? I have very limited knowledge about how to do this and would appreciate any help in how to do this if possible. Or does anyone know how to do this? Thanks for any help with this problem!
  10. I was using an Atari 5200 with an Atarimax 128 In 1 cart. Wrong bin or setup? Great work and thanks for an help. Dying to try!
  11. Never mind. Reloaded the drivers and it worked. Thanks anyway!
  12. Hello. Trying to add bin's to my cart but can't get the cart connected to my computer and and it's says cartridge disconnected. Am I doing something wrong? Are there any instructions on how to do this? Appreciate any help with this.
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