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  1. Great score Reaperman. Congratulations on everything. Hope you have fun!
  2. Great post! Big thanks to all about this game. 😎
  3. Congrats! Been looking for one it seems like forever.
  4. Nice addition to a great website. Thank You!
  5. Just wondering, anyone have these and how are the games? Reviews or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  6. I do know what retail are selling for. Just trying to help all involved. PM me if interested, thanks.
  7. Bump. Need these gone ASAP! Let me know what they are worth to you if interested. Thanks!
  8. Anyone interested in these? Shoot me an offer! Thanks!
  9. Looks really good! Great Job! Interested in where this goes! Details please?
  10. Wow! Great find. Hope you like it. And the price, major score!
  11. This was a first day purchase when the SNES first came out. So Super Mario World also.
  12. Wow! Enjoy the game! Never knew about this. Too bad the site is sold out.
  13. I have 2 SNES games, Mega Man X and Mega ManX2. Both games are authentic, cleaned and tested and worked fine. Both are in pretty good shape, see pictures. Will sell as one game only or both. PM me! Need to sell ASAP. Am also starting to get rid of video game related items. Looking for something? Please ask any questions or whatever to me. PayPal only please. Thanks!
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