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  1. @hursto75 I would be interested in some of the games you may well have
  2. Ah ok I will have to open it to have a look. Where could I find a spare one of those? Many Thanks
  3. It's looking like its the lens on the CD drive. Would anyone know where to get hold of one? I have seen one on aliexpress which may be compatible... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32776586603.html?srcSns=sns_Copy&tid=white_backgroup_101&mb=rd1JEgZZqPoGBY6&spreadType=socialShare&tt=sns_Copy&image=Uec34fea07c7f4d39a179a2d9be968523a.jpg&fbclid=IwAR3sjRBfyREfQy1nETf2NkYmrT-JLeooXVpzMQIIdNyeFQuBsGMfjW9fbP0&aff_request_id=0b5a8309cd424ba093615f6ae279122d-1591138432410-01276-_dTVvcgf&aff_platform=default&sk=_dTVvcgf&aff_trace_key=0b5a8309cd424ba093615f6ae279122d-1591138432410-01276-_dTVvcgf&businessType=ProductDetail&title=US+%2424.89++17%+Off+|+Free+Shipping+Original+SF-92.5+(+11P+%2B4P+)+Connection+Optical+Pick+UP+SF92.5+4%2F11+Pins+Car+CD+Laser+Lens+Optical+Pick-up&platform=AE&terminal_id=b5b52b362b584021a15a9469097d83b1
  4. Brilliant. Not a problem. Would help the community anyway I can...
  5. I have stuck the original game on eBay now if anyone is interested... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ATARI-400-800-XL-XE-TAPE-GAME-CYBERNOME-LBD-SOFTWARE-VERY-RARE-GAME/224027829536?hash=item3429196520:g:QNgAAOSwXN5e0VRa
  6. I’ve probably got a few Commodore 64 tapes of interest that may be worth backing up too if anyone knows a similar website that would be interested.
  7. EZCAP USB Easy to use and not expensive
  8. Help required please! Just booted up the 3DO and it’s stuck in a loop like this. It worked the very first boot up after a while but now I can only get this. I’m guessing it could be a laser problem? Any help would be appreciated Thank you IMG_3958.MP4
  9. I would consider Bitchy and this as the holy grail(s) on the Lynx... I am lucky enough to have number 6
  10. https://www.sendspace.com/file/4sgpzh There you go that should be the one
  11. I with think P.I.T.S. I want the whole suitcased bundle Not that my German is that good. I mean it isn't bad but not brilliant! I swear I saw the Death Cart on a website not so long ago but I cannot remember where!?
  12. Ok. You’d be wanting an audio file? I’ve not dumped a tape before
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