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  1. I’d definitely be up for a sticker or something extra. I get charged import duty every purchase so extra stuff so extra stuff would always be welcome Let me know Carl before I order !
  2. I have asked... not sure when the next lot will be available
  3. Thank you so much for looking!
  4. Ah thank you. No I’m in the UK
  5. Yes the one one with the angled connection. Isn’t the ‘back slope’ a little higher on this model too?
  6. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have an original Amiga 1000 Mouse for sale? Many Thanks!
  7. This looks great! Are you thinking of doing a physical release?
  8. You could try Mark Fixes Stuff - he recently did a 3DO for me.
  9. Pin it to the forum top, pin it to the top forever!
  10. When was the last Bitchy for sale on here or eBay?
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