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  1. Could you put me down for a copy please? Thanks!
  2. Box looks good! Count me in for a copy once all is complete!
  3. For a very reasonable price, however the power supply doesn't work... Does anyone know a good place to get a replacement other than eBay? Thanks in advance.
  4. What's the latest on the next batches of this game please? *Update* Just found the email in my inbox... Bloody Yahoo Mail! Have emailed back. Thanks!
  5. How can I order one please!
  6. I don't think this is Argos as you've got the pay weekly option on each item. More Littlewoods or something similar ?
  7. I think the only things I am missing are P.I.T.S. and the Eric DeLee version of EOTB, that's about it!
  8. So I've managed to double up on this little Gem. Would love to swop for something I haven't got Lynx wise (Believe me though, there isn't much!)
  9. I hope you guys are getting through the email requests as I haven't received my reply as yet
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