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  1. I’m in! Let me know when preorders are available!
  2. Hey SainT


    Just a quick one...


    I’m not sure if I have bricked my GD cart... I only seem to have California games available from the start up menu?! Any ideas?


    ...Can forward video if required


    Many thanks 

    1. SainT


      Hi! Well, that is just a list of what's on the memory card. So if there are more files on the memory card which it's not showing, that sounds like an odd memory card issue.


      Also, I have had some reports of weird behavior on some memory cards where files just vanish. I'm not sure what's causing this, but I have heard people reformatting the memory card has solved the issue.


      Let me know how you get on! :)

  3. Please put me down for a cart Karri
  4. Does anyone have any ideas on the sales numbers of Atari Lynx games and what were the best sellers?
  5. Having finally got round to cataloging my collection I have found these two which might be of interest ... Quadromania has Numero Uno by Starlight as the main music theme Asteroids is quite a different game as it isn’t one screen it’s more like Sinistar were the screen scrolls endlessly
  6. Did, got it thank you! Is Rygar still on here with regards to a Death Cart?
  7. Do you have any of the various runs for sale? I currently have the Binder case versions of both and the Luch Soft version of Yastuna.
  8. Ordered. Thanks Carl, keep up the good work!
  9. @Songbird Hi Carl, When are Bugs and Redux available ? Makes it easier to buy a few from you with shipping etc to the UK
  10. I’d definitely be up for a sticker or something extra. I get charged import duty every purchase so extra stuff so extra stuff would always be welcome Let me know Carl before I order !
  11. I have asked... not sure when the next lot will be available
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