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  1. I know it's a long shot but does anyone have an original Amiga 1000 Mouse for sale? Many Thanks!
  2. This looks great! Are you thinking of doing a physical release?
  3. You could try Mark Fixes Stuff - he recently did a 3DO for me.
  4. Pin it to the forum top, pin it to the top forever!
  5. When was the last Bitchy for sale on here or eBay?
  6. Yea possibly. Maybe people been sitting on a ‘spare’ copy to sell when the time is right for them.
  7. Yea I have literally been tanning them since the sun has been out the past couple of weeks
  8. Have you noticed an influx of Zaku’s on eBay recently?
  9. I really enjoyed going through all the stages on Skweek. It’s definitely a little gem of a game.
  10. I remember completing this years ago. Yes from what I remember you have to wait for the ‘exit’ bonus... Only way out.
  11. I’ve had a few decent pick ups recently at very good prices. Now it seems a lot of prices seem to be away with the fairies for some reason. I don’t know if it’s the lockdown or people see what they are FOR SALE FOR on eBay. It’s pretty mad.
  12. Hi Been offered Great Giana on ST for £200 is this reasonable ? I managed to get the C64 version recently on a pick up... would love to pair them up!
  13. I have opened it up and can see movement on the Lens. It seems to be having the same problem now even without a cd in. It’s like the bios keeps resetting. After turning it off I have to leave it for a minute or two before it will even boot up properly after the error happens. IMG_4318.MOV
  14. If you want to send a tape to me to have a go, you can do ?
  15. It’s all been lost in the annals of time
  16. @hursto75 I would be interested in some of the games you may well have
  17. Ah ok I will have to open it to have a look. Where could I find a spare one of those? Many Thanks
  18. It's looking like its the lens on the CD drive. Would anyone know where to get hold of one? I have seen one on aliexpress which may be compatible... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32776586603.html?srcSns=sns_Copy&tid=white_backgroup_101&mb=rd1JEgZZqPoGBY6&spreadType=socialShare&tt=sns_Copy&image=Uec34fea07c7f4d39a179a2d9be968523a.jpg&fbclid=IwAR3sjRBfyREfQy1nETf2NkYmrT-JLeooXVpzMQIIdNyeFQuBsGMfjW9fbP0&aff_request_id=0b5a8309cd424ba093615f6ae279122d-1591138432410-01276-_dTVvcgf&aff_platform=default&sk=_dTVvcgf&aff_trace_key=0b5a8309cd424ba093615f6ae279122d-1591138432410-01276-_dTVvcgf&businessType=ProductDetail&title=US+%2424.89++17%+Off+|+Free+Shipping+Original+SF-92.5+(+11P+%2B4P+)+Connection+Optical+Pick+UP+SF92.5+4%2F11+Pins+Car+CD+Laser+Lens+Optical+Pick-up&platform=AE&terminal_id=b5b52b362b584021a15a9469097d83b1
  19. Brilliant. Not a problem. Would help the community anyway I can...
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