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  1. Will try it! As far as adventures go, there is also Transylvania, the Count, and Voodoo Castle too. Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
  2. Same, never really played it a lot though. Happy for the reminder, because what I do recall I remember I liked it. Just didn't play it much.
  3. yeah, I've been playing some Ghostbusters again lately! I'll dig those others out. I don't know Ghost Chasers. Thanks! I also have been playing Hobgoblin again a lot because now I have my new Turbo Freezer... with it I can actually save each time i make some progress and keep continuing, otherwise that game is just too darn hard (even though it's a beautiful and fun game!). -Eric
  4. I've only used the Pro, which has so far looked superb with both NTSC and PAL machines. I've tried 800XL and 130XE machines and all look fabulous so far. The 130XE was showing some pretty annoying bars without the Retrotink, but with it those bars are gone and the picture is really crisp. PS: I got my SVideo cable from Hercules Workshop and I've been extremely happy with this cable too. Seems like both the cable + Retrotink Pro together are key.
  5. I didn't see any of the usual "Halloween themed game" threads that usually pop up this time of year. Any new ones to try out? Also, if you are looking for a fun game to play around Halloween, give War Room a spin in Halloween mode! We buried an "easter egg" surprise inside War Room. It's been a couple years since it was released, so I'll just go ahead and tell you how to trigger the easter egg feature. Here you go... On the title screen, just hit "H", or [SPACE BAR] or [HELP] key. This will put the game into Halloween mode, and then you will have a bunch of additional Halloween-themed characters to choose from. It's a fun 2-player game too if you want to get some head-to-head, monster-to-monster, or ghoul-to-ghoul competition going! Plus, if you play in 1-player vs. CPU mode, Rob's AI he implemented is a force to be reckoned with (now THAT is truly scary!). Link here (top of this thread)...
  6. Best wishes. If you drink coffee or tea or softdrinks, try cutting your caffeine intake by half. I was amazed how much I could eliminate almost all hints of panic attacks by managing and adjusting my caffiene intake. Also, the Atari community and/or Atari projects are a great way to occupy your mind so your body can heal with less stress. That park therapy suggestion sounds good too! I spend a lot of time on my yard and my garage and that does usually lead to more work and a feeling I have more on the to do list... I like the idea of going to a public park where I can enjoy it and it isn't my responsibility to do anything! I need to do that more myself! Take care. I love ATR tools. Eric Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
  7. I don't know, I mean $400 to let me play 4-player 2600 Warlords? Send like a fair deal.
  8. It means that I can retire immediately !
  9. I know crazy ebay prices are nothing new, but I just had to point this one out in particular... https://ebay.us/K1gZ5L
  10. Ixion(US Gold) - very addictive Zombies(Bram)/Realm of Impossibility(EA) - especially fun as a two-player team effort game Gladiator(Richwood) - cheesy looking, but fun and challenging More recent games that I find super addictive include Assembloids XE and Animal Party. Once I start either of those I know it's going to be a late night.
  11. I agree, Ultima II was always my favorite. III is great too and more refined and evolved than II. But it's that quirkiness and random nature that makes II so special to me. It doesn't take itself too seriously.
  12. Try the Atari xl/xe OS if you have the rom file for it mapped. In firmware manager or configure system, toggle basic so it is off by default. If you are using an atr file you need to attach it to a drive under file, attach drives. If you are using an xex file you can use file, boot image. Give that a try.
  13. And coincidentally, it just arrived today !
  14. Thanks, mine is in transit. Hopefully it arrives soon. This will be very useful and give me a head start when it gets here and I start playing with it.
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