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  1. Just gave Return of the Fungi a quick go in Altirra and it's really fun. I love the music and sound fx, they really enhance the game. I plan to play this one much more to see where it goes.
  2. yes!!! Sent from my KB2005 using Tapatalk
  3. I know I had actually purchased this back in the day from Antic thinking I would set up my own BBS using this BBCS software, but I wound up going a different path and never actually used it. That said, somewhere down the line those disks seem to have disappeared. Anyway, great you were able to archive an original set! -Eric
  4. Super cool ! Wow, 35. I have a ways to go with my measly 8. Should be great too see them shoot through all your games.
  5. Rescued!! nice job. Impressive persistence and creatively.
  6. it's a really nice port! Is the source code available?
  7. the sega genesis controller option works great too. Like Bobo said.
  8. thanks, will look at that too. Hoping nothing is actually "wrong" with the drives and I just have something in the configuration/settings it doesn't like. Going to exhaust that first. Good to know though.
  9. thanks, will try that. Eventually I want to put a 3.5" in the mix anyway, but first I'd like to see it all working correctly in the "stock" state before I introduce new modifications.
  10. OK, I do have a different, but related question back to Percom drives. I looked around in other threads and other information (and went through the manuals multiple times) and still having this issue. I have a "set" of Percom RFD drives (a mother/controller drive unit and the slave drive unit). Both units still have their original full-height 5.25" floppy drive mechanisms in them (both are full height). RFD40S1 (main mother/controller Percom unit) RFD40A1 (Percom slave unit) Generally, I have them working now for the most part, but something is not right. It seems they are functional, but something isn't connected or configured quite right. I have them set up where the mother/controller drive is drive 1 to the atari, and the slave is drive 2. I have the terminator chip REMOVED on the mother/controller unit. I have the terminator chip INSTALLED on the slave unit. I have the back dip switch block (on the rear portion of the mother unit controller card) set to 4=off, 3=off, 2=on, 1=on (per the manual, this should be DD default for both drive 1 and 2, and also make the controller drive default to drive 1). I have the jumper chip on the slave unit drive mechanism board set with the proper pins to identify it as location 2. If I boot up using a 1050 drive for example, and then swap my IO cables to the percoms, everything seems to work pretty well. Meaning that the first Percom drive (mother/controller drive) works when you reference drive 1 and the second Percom unit (slave drive) works when you reference drive 2. Ok, great, that seems to work as it should. BUT, if I reboot my Atari system with the Percom mother/controller connected to SIO cable as drive one and the slave Percom unit as drive 2 (with a formatted bootable disk in Percom drive 1 of course) thing go bonkers. It boots for a little while and sounds/seems normal, but then after the first pause it does something weird, it starts spinning BOTH Percom drives at the same time and seems like it is trying to read from both of them concurrently. The booting sounds start to sound terrible, and clearly something is not right, and it will just stay in this loop forever with both drives spinning, sounding bad, and grinding every once in a while. It never gets to DOS or READY prompt, and it also never gets an error. It just keeps spinning both drives and trying to read (seemingly both drives concurrently) and keeps sounding bad and grinding, forever. Does somebody have a working RFD "set" like this (with an RFD40S1 mother/controller unit and RFD40A1 slave unit) that they could check out all the dip switches, terminator chips, and jumpers on both units and tell me what they are set to exactly? I am convinced I still don't have something right with the terminator chip, or the dip switch block on the main controller unit, or the jumper chip on the slave unit, or maybe even the jumper chip on the mother/controller unit mechanism. I don't know. I've tried to follow the manual exactly and other info I've found, but there are still some things that don't seem crystal clear so good chance I still have something wrong. That would REALLY help if someone could share that info from a known working "set" of Percom RFD drives. Thank you!!! -Eric
  11. Just adding one more screen shot which also shows the MyDOS version details at the top... By the way, I copied a bunch of file content to one of these HD floppies and it seemed like a bottomless pit that would never fill up! Almost like having a hard-drive. But it does take a while of course. Wish I would have had one of these back in the day when I ran my BBS... it would have been terrific for making a TON of files available for download without requiring a super expensive hard-drive. I remember the HD-capacity floppy drives were just coming out around the time I was running my BBS, but of course they weren't exactly cheap at that time either!
  12. Yep, no problem... Using the ATR8000 Attached the Fujitsu M2553K03B 1.2MB 5.25" drive to the ATR8000 The M2553K03B has a soldered jumper in place for DS1 as the default (which identifies it as drive 2 to the Atari setup). I just left it that way and referenced it as drive 2. Then I used MYDOS 4.50 and the following... DOS option "O" (change config) Drive Number: 2 Remove Drive: Y DOS option "O" (change config) Drive Number: 2 Remove Drive: N Is drive configurable? Y High capacity drive: N I drive double sided? Y Tracks/side? 77 Step rate: 3 Then I formatted a HD floppy in drive 2 (the Fujistu M2553K03B attached to the ATR8000) It shows 3991 free sectors after formatting. See photos...
  13. Wow. This is a "smack my forehead moment". I had never thought about the actual media needing to be anything higher than DD because, well, I never associated HD media with Atari 8 bits before. Totally makes sense of course! And, yep, it works fine with 1.2MB HD media. Duh! Thank you for stating the obvious. Sometimes it needs to be stated!
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