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  1. So what exactly is still the problem then? Just that the keys on the main keyboard aren't working? Check continuity from the edges on the end of the ribbon cable to points on the keyboard membrane. I am sure your membrane just has some opens. You can address that by either getting a new membrane, or take a shot at repairing each open circuit using something like the copper trace paint from a rear window defroster repair kit. This has worked every single time for me at least.
  2. I agree, it's fast even on default and unplayably fast on higher settings. another would be Jump Man and JJ Jr. Faster settings on those are a bit ridiculous.
  3. One of my 800XL machines is a stock PAL machine. Whenever I use it I have to hook it up to a modern flat screen tv because my CRT monitors are all NTSC only. Will the Sophia 2 allow me to connect my PAL 800xl to a NTSC CRT monitor? If so, count me in! -Eric
  4. Finally found time to check it out. Just scratched the surface so far but WOW, really amazing!! I mean, truly. This is really going to constantly come in handy. -Eric
  5. Are you sure you are loading up MyBios FIRST before going into fat32 loader? That is key. Also, you have to press AND HOLD the MyBios hot-key combinations that I mentioned, you have to hold them for a few seconds before they work. What version of MyBios are you using? There are some differences accross the version revisions too.
  6. By the way, if you run MyBios as an alternate OS (as an alternate ROM instead of loading into RAM) then this process works with almost everything and you almost never have to physically reboot. Which is really nice. That's the way to go if you have the ability to run MyBios as an alternate OS ROM.
  7. Yes, but you have to load MyBios first. And in some cases you still might not be able to avoid the reset. Try this... When you cold boot, first select MyBios. At the MyBios screen press/hold Help. At the Help/Main-menu screen press C. Now press/hold Shift+Control+Caps. Then press/hold Shift+Control. Now select Fat32 loader, and run game. When you want to switch games, press/hold Shift+Control+Caps again. Then press/hold Shift+Control again. Select fat32 again and a new game. ...etc...rinse and repeat as needed. It's not going to work for some games though. If pressing Shift+Control+Caps doesn't do anything when you want to switch games, try holding down Help and then press Reset (while keeping Help pressed), that often works to restart the process without a physical cold boot. If that doesn't work, you gotta physically cold boot. -Eric
  8. Ouch, that smarts. A lot. 😭 Pretty cool it fires right up though!! Good luck finding a new case for it.
  9. I am happy to say I received mine today in Texas. Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
  10. SAY WHUT?!!!!!! Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
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