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  1. I love this thread! I'll have to dig through pics next time I am at my parents' house. There's bound to be a few in there somewhere. I know my original setup involved a shudder off the side of our house laid across a couple of cinder blocks! And a Sony KV-1222 Trinitron TV on top of that. The TV was excellent. The "desk"? Not so much... but it was very functional, and also allowed room for my Mannesmann Tally Spirit-80 printer. -Eric
  2. Nice score there on Hubbub Jason. You were in the thick of it.
  3. Nice... keep it up. And be prepared when you get to 180pts.
  4. It's like a simplified dance revolution type game, or parapa the rapper came to mind. You just try to time it so you press the correct direction on the joystick at the moment the arrow is under the vertical bar in middle of screen. Gets progressively faster and much more challenging over time. At 180pts, be prepared, things change. Also, remember that this is pur80, so it was coded for plain Atari BASIC!!! It will also run as-is in altirra basic, but it will be really fast! To run it in TBXL a minor change has to be made to one value in the code, but then it is insanely fast. So, if you ran it in TBXL as-is that would explain why it made no sense to you because you wouldn't have even seen the arrows! So, make sure you are in Atari BASIC and try it again . It is simple to play, hard to master.
  5. Just got my ABBUC #136 yesterday in the mail too. Lots of great eye-candy in the envelope as usual. Another Pong packaging is a really nice touch. Now to crank up the 1050.
  6. looking good. You can tell it is a totally different approach to drawing the road. Very unique looking and fluid movement. I feel some Road Rash nostalgia building.
  7. Brilliant. LUCKY ! Better to be lucky than good! By the way, the game works as-is perfectly with Altirra Basic. No code changes required. Or with another simple modification (change Z=39971 on LINE 0 to Z=48163) it will work with Turbo Basic XL. But be warned... it is really fast with Altirra Basic or TBXL, so you might want to change L=10 to L=99(or higher!) on LINE 2 too, because you are going to need all those lives!
  8. Simple fix to permanently avoid the garbage on the screen on Hubbub (so you don't have to cold boot before starting, and don't have to worry about whether you went to DOS menu or listed the code before running, etc.)... On LINE 0, just change the DIM B$(6^4) to instead be DIM B$(9^4) and that's it. No other changes required. Then you have no garbage, even if you don't cold boot before running the game.
  9. Please use this final version. HUBBU3.LST. The difficulty ramps up more smoothly and progressively. Plus at 180 points it introduces a new twist on the challenge, so be ready for that if you get that far! Don't be deceived by the slow/boring/easy pace at the beginning...it ramps up quite quickly and soon you have a hard time concentrating and keeping up. Also, remember to load it straight from a cold boot (i.e. Do NOT bring up a DOS menu first, do NOT list the code on the screen first, etc.). You will get garbage on the screen otherwise. In 10 lines of pure Atari BASIC code there isn't room for much initialization, so the game assumes a cleanly booted memory state! -Eric HUBBU3.LST HUBBUB.ATR
  10. Hi all. Here is... "Hubbub" PUR-80 Atari BASIC Pretty self explanatory... Time the arrows precisely. 5 free lives for every 20 correct. https://youtu.be/O5VCfVLO2e0 HUBBUB.LST Use plain Atari Basic and a Joystick, and ENTER "D:HUBBUB.LST" See how far you can make it ! (it gets much faster as you progress) Enjoy! -Eric
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