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  1. Also, on the A8 computers, if a game only uses joystick or paddle input and no keyboard keys are pressed, then the attract mode will kick in during game play. The user can get out of attract mode by pressing a key on the keyboard. To avoid this, the software program must disable the attract mode on a regular basis during the gameplay.
  2. So I finally went to the dentist for some work that was long overdue because of the pandemic. While the dental office I went to had recently been "updated" and remodeled, my appointment was scheduled in one of the rooms that had NOT been fully "updated" yet. I'm sitting there waiting between steps in the procedure and looking around, bored, and then I look up in a corner of the room and realize it still has an old-school Sony Trinitron CRT television hanging from the ceiling. I started thinking, hey, that would be a great retro-gaming TV ! So after the procedure, I asked the dentist what his plan was for that Sony TV. And he said, "you want it?, you can have it... in fact I have two of them (another in the next room just like it)". Not bad, two matching 20" Sony KV-20FS12 televisions! Both work great and have nice pictures with composite inputs on the back and the front. No svideo though.
  3. I love that ATR via email suggestion! Yeah, I use the phone/camera apps that translate "on the fly" and it's really cool for about 30 seconds. Then it's torture, especially for long articles.
  4. SWEET SET UP!!! I am trying to do something similar. Where did you get that enclosure box to put the power board and the drive mechanisms inside of ? That's exactly what I am looking for! -Eric
  5. yeah, i really want to dive into those RMT articles, but I might have to get google translate scanner going for that !
  6. I just received mine here in Austin today, and looks a little tattered on the outside but everything stayed intact it seems. All the goodies inside see fine. Looks like a great issue! Hey, where can we download the English version these days, since the ABBUC web servers was hacked and is down? -Eric
  7. yeah, VERY good question. I actually MUCH prefer MYDOS and that's my normal "go to" DOS for just about everything. What led me down this path was that I wanted to use the ATR-8000 RS-232 via the R: device, and also use Turbo Basic XL at the same time. So far I haven't found a way to load up MYDOS with ATR-8000 RS-232 handler active and also get Turbo Basic XL to work. Really, that's what I TRULY am pursuing here. But, in the process of trying to figure that out, I considered whether the combination of Atari DOS 2.5 + ATR-8000 + RS-232 + Turbo Basic XL was possible ? And I realized I had never seen such a beast. Anyway... being able to use MYDOS + ATR-8000 + RS-232 + Turbo Basic XL would actually be my PREFERENCE though! So if anyway has that solution, that would be even better. -Eric
  8. Hmmm, silence. Does that mean there is no such beast? I am starting to wonder. Is there a way to use the RS-232 port of the ATR8000 with DOS2.5? Or any Atari DOS 2.X for that matter? -Eric
  9. Actually I was using MyDOS 3.116 ATR8000 RS232 Version, and I also tried 4.53 I'll hunt down that specific MYDOS 3.18 ATR8000 RS232 Version and give that a try. -Eric
  10. I've been hunting around and not finding. What should I use to get an ATR8000 RS232 working under Atari DOS2.5? MyDOS is easy of course. Just realized I don't think I've ever used the RS-232 on the ATR8000 with DOS2.5 though. Thanks! -Eric
  11. I use the 2600daptor. That works great with both joysticks and paddles, assuming you have some real Atari controllers available. The 2600dapter lets you connect them to your PC via USB. http://2600-daptor.com/ Not sure about connecting an actually Atari keyboard to PC though. If you are going that far, why not just use the real thing (the entire 800XL system) then?
  12. FG is related to DC grounding. I'm going to try to connect it and see if it makes a difference. I know the ATR8000 manual is clear that only devices that can be grounded can be used with the ATR8000. So MAYBE this is relevant, worth a try. I'm not sure what J2 or L1 do. Sent from my E6533 using Tapatalk
  13. really appreciate the help, but still not working for me! My 1.2MB drive is already set to DS1 ( D2: ) in terms of the defaulted "jumper" settings. So it is spinning up and attempting to do stuff as drive D2: That said, I still just get an Error 133 each time I try to format the drive. Even after removing it with option O in MyDos 4.5, and adding it back in with Option O and configuring per your setting you provided. Still not working. It spins, makes a bad noise, and then gives Error 133. Also, just to be clear, I am booting MyDos off of an actual floppy disk in a 1050 drive as D1: The only other disk drive I have connected is the 1.2MB 5.25" drive connected at the end of a cable on the ATR 8000 (my cable only has one connector on each end, one connected to the ATR8000 and the other connected tot he 1.2MB 5.25" drive) which is set on the drive mech as DS1.
  14. Ok, so i connected the 1.2M 5.25" drive to my ATR 8000 and it seems to show good signs of life. It spins up, and responds(spins) to MYDOS commands attempting to access drive D2: However, I am not sure exactly how to configure this thing. Should I use option P to set density on drive D2? And when I select option O to Chang Config., it asks me... Remove Drive (I assume answer is No) Is Drive Configurable (I assume answer is Yes) Is Drive High Capacity (I assume answer is Yes?) Then it asks for the size in Sectors. What's the answer here? I know everyone in this thread said 77 tracks should work, but it isn't asking me for tracks, it is asking me for sectors. What's the answer? Then it will want to know the step. Not sure about that answer either. Can someone tell me the exact step by step way to use MyDos to configure this thing? It seems I am close, but as-is when I try to format D2: using the I option in MyDOS the drive spins momentarily and then I get error 133. So clearly I don't have it configured properly yet. Thank you! -Eric
  15. The 1.2MB 5.25" drive that I have doesn't seem to have any easily adjustable jumpers to select the drive number though. That's the piece I'm still a bit unsure about now. Drive is a Fujitsu M2553K03B. I do see some ref designators on the PCB silk screen markings for DS0 - DS3, but no jumper terminals or jumper blocks. It looks like a solder bridge is set on DS1 position as the "permanent" default. If I hook that up to the ATR-8000 as-is, would that show up as the 2nd drive to the Atari/MyDOS?
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