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  1. Well I hope it isn't in bad taste to be glad you didn't. They ended being in amazing condition and short of Customs checking them out came in quite nicely. Great pieces in the collection.
  2. In JR High school I went on a mission trip with some church kids. Being the genious I am, I talked everyone into bringing a video game console with them.. Before long the entire room was consoles hooked up to the TV. Well we started playing and a friend of mine had Video Olympics. Everyone was playing the heck out of it, and I got caught up in the hoopla. Seeing that I had to have it, I traded my used but still in box w/manual copy of Road Runner and Private Eye for it.. *facepalm
  3. Eh, maybe for future investment kindoff thing. The way retro game collecting is taking off who knows what might happen?
  4. Thanks so much for all the info!! Since I had bought it online from a collector I guess I was worried it might have been some forgery or something, However seeing that link Wickeycolumbus and seeing another PP 2 case for it was quite the relief.
  5. Thanks for the info! Should I assume then that mine's a legit one then?
  6. Oh come on, FireFly was awsome and had great music
  7. Would anyone be able to give me information on this Dukes cart. I purchased it in 2002 from a collector along with Chase the Chuckwagon, two Atari Service Catridges with the manuals and some other games. This sounds similar to what you guys are describing in earlier post but with the Pole Position 2 stickers it just seems weird. Also it does play in a 2600.. http://s473.photobucket.com/user/audrisampson/library/Dukes%20of%20hazard%20Atari%20Prototype?sort=3&page=1
  8. I'm not sure if this is related but my mother lives on Ebay and for Christmas this year she ordered three boxed games from Ven. They were Bobby is Going Home, Mission AD 3000 and Open Sesame. All three boxes were the Taiwan Cooper boxes and did have price tags. If pics are needed I can get them in the next few days. All the boxes are in 9/10 condition thank goodness and like other folks here they were opened and inspected by the US government. (something my mother gets a kick out of)
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