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  1. Yup, that would have been the ones that I still need.
  2. I'm pretty far in collecting Lynx games, but I can't seem to find two ridged games. Who knows from who or where I can buy these two: California games - ridged Gauntlet the third encounter - ridged
  3. Lol, I've just started collecting and asked this same Question via the contact form. Anyhow I'm aware of these boxes: - Rygar Cover http://www.videogamer.org/pic2.php?lynx+sys - Warbirds Cover http://www.videogamer.org/pic2.php?lynx+warsys - Batman bundle http://www.videogamer.org/pic2.php?lynx+batbund - Batman bundle black box http://i.marktplaats.com/00/s/MzQ1WDU5NQ==/z/giEAAOxyUrZS5S-~/$_84.JPG But I can't find any images on Google from the black boxed one, is this a legit one?
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