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  1. Question will mdos 7.30 work on an original geneve. I have 2 geneves which I haven't used in A long time. The one has had the Paul Charlton 32k modification done and disk controller and rs232. The second one I acquired years ago and not sure if any mods to the geneve but has old horizon ramdisk, rs242, and hfdc card. I think a hard drive also. Been a while since I looked at the but I seen Berry's mdos demo he'd did at Chicago faire online and it peeked my interest. I'm trying to review my 4A as the rave keyboard gave me issues a few years and now I have the USB keyboard project from arcade shopper to replace the rave interface John
  2. I am looking for copy of the TI99 PC 2.0.4 written by Palo Bagnaresi. the two known links that i have found are no longer active. So i am unable to find a copy to download. Wondering if anyone has a copy that they can provide. I found a very early version which does not work with Windows 10 64bit. Please help if some can provide a copy to download. Info regarding the program below. Thanks John Van Weelie TI99 PC V 2.0.4 Author: Palo Bagnaresi TI99_PC v. 2 will read, write, format, catalog, copy and convert TI-99/4A floppy disks on a PC. You will be able to transfer your real TI floppy disks to the main TI emulators on a PC currently available (PC99 and V9T9). Download: TI99-PC_2.0.4.zip ; 734KB
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