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  1. wow! never expected to find so much about this no-name thing!!! while I'm strill trying to "better" my own situation I started organizing my workshop-far-from-home lately.. I think I may work on the remnants of that system in the winter!
  2. @ChaoticBiker to be honest it's been so long - I've actually changed countries twice since then - I'd forgoten I've already searched about that board etc. I was thinking to make a small board to check if the ICs work or not etc, and make something "retro" as a piece of desktop ornament etc. Your photos will definetely help more than a lot! I'd like to make a proper schematic diagram so I might need a better look at the passive components on the board, but it's less than a month since I moved ~500km away, and with all this covid thing going on I dont see visiting my basement soon I'd love to make something looking like an old TV - in similar scale to the desktop arcade I made, and have that atari clone in (= @x=usr(1536) I really have no idea.. actually I've never had an Atari .. I was mostly an Amstrad kid .. if/when I manage to build something I'll probably isolate the roms - or maybe do some research and use a "cartridge" with an sd etc.
  3. !!! It's been that long!!! I recently moved but that board is still on my workbench collecting dust and waiting something to be done with it! Your photos are awesome though! I made a small (3.5" display) arcade cabinet lately with an rpi etc, and now I want (-> I NEED) to build something with these ICs!! Thank you very much!!!
  4. Unfortunately a google search for the Coleco Gemini board reveals really different boards . Nonetheless please have a look when you can
  5. Well.. It's worth some time, but not much, that's why I'm trying to find any information I can If I get it right, the 2 chips under the cartridge are ROM chips, and I guess the other smaller chips are used to control the memory banks. So maybe I could build something like this http://dabliogames.blogspot.com.br/2011/09/atari-mm-o-menor-atari-do-mundo-e.html to see if the main IC is working. Still I have to find what's missing from the board though ..
  6. Hello everybody, my name is Tolis and I'm from Greece. A few days ago I found a broken board while cleaning some old boxes. It seemed like a board from an old game console so I tried searching for information. From what I understand it's an Atari 2600 clone with 2 rom chips. The board is broken and some parts are missing, but I'm willing to salvage the chips and make a new board to test the thing. However I don't know what I'm missing from the board apart from switches and the controllers connections. The ICs on the board are - UM6599 - R7-T003 128-D01 - unmarked chip with a "32" on (rom size?) - CD74HC04E - CD4077BE - HD74LS08P - MC14020BCP and the little text that's left on the underside of the pcb says PAPE 0-6599 I know it may just be a piece of garbage, but I'd like to try and "fix" it. So, if anyone has any idea / schematic I'll be glad!! Thanks
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