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  1. Support of creating FSK signals. Not yet?
  2. My only wish: I hope someday Altirra will also support FSK signals writing soon. That would be a great feature for some cassette XEX copiers.
  3. Hello. I have this bas file (PROG.BAS). It's a copier (disk->tape). COPY.atr I want to insert here: 70 70 70 70 70 Obviously, if I insert: p p p p p here, the program does not work: What I can do?
  4. Thanks for the new release. About Injektor, it looks complicated. Meanwhile, Is it too much to ask to add fsk mark writing in a8cas format (simple recording)?
  5. I really like Altirra. Any news about compatibility with this copier? (FSK signals)
  6. Hello. Well, "Robin Hood" is not the best game for Atari 8bit, but I have a doubt (NTSC): If I walk to the left, strange symbols appear: If I walk to the right, strange symbols appear: Is there a NTSC version?
  7. Hello About the Cassette types, Any recommendation? (save/preservation)
  8. "Configure System-> Cassette-> Load data as audio" doesn't work for me
  9. Xuel, It looks very difficult what you say. Do you think it can be fixed?. This game is very loved by many of us.
  10. Hello, I love this game! I wonder, is there a NTSC version? Enemies move weird (sometimes):
  11. If you start Altirra, the previously mounted drives still mounted. Maybe an option would be helpful: If Altirra is closed, unload all drives (disks, cassette)
  12. Thanks! Mini request: Unload the cas file when Altirra closes.
  13. I'm confused: The autorun.sys file is the binary. Then we have the "xex" file. Right? I tried to convert it to ROM/CAR, but I failed. A spanish version?. I tried to use my bas files, but I failed.
  14. Hello About S.A.M. Is there a XEX or CAR version?
  15. Hello About "Summer Games". Is there a XEX or CAS version?
  16. About the "effects" (VINTAGE TV). It would be great a "retro screenshot" feature. Like this:
  17. Is there a manual with all debugger commands? (.help)
  18. No "firmwaredetect.cpp" update...?
  19. Hello Atari Microsoft Basic I, only for diskette?. I'm looking for the cartridge version (CAR image).
  20. I also have that doubt. I need more help.
  21. phaeron, Is there a topic with all your previous A2600 ports?
  22. Hello I heard about a cassette version for Karateka (64k). Was it an official version? Anyone got it? (.cas file)
  23. Ok. It's not an official game. But for me, "Preliminary Monty" should be called "Montezuma I" (has levels and endings): A simple intro screen would be cool (just a Title + "press Start to play")
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