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  1. http://www.retrobits.net/atari/sam.shtml



    With all the info about S.A.M.


    I'm confused:




    The autorun.sys file is the binary. Then we have the "xex" file. Right?


    I tried to convert it to ROM/CAR, but I failed.



    Interesting. I have an old tape. It's a SAM version (chilean pirates)

    Maybe someone can extract something from the CAS file and try to create the XEX / ROM / CAR...


    Here is the CAS file:



    A spanish version?. I tried to use my bas files, but I failed.


  2. I did a search without much success, but I thought for sure Avery had posted some documentation for Alitrra BASIC somewhere on the forum. Does such a thing exist or has my middle-aged brain lied to me?



    Yes he did...


    Latest version..



    Is there a manual with all debugger commands? (.help)

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