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  1. Hello Well, I know "Preliminary Monty" is not the final version. But I opened this file (Dis6502): Intro screen? Is it possible to enable this screen? monte.xex
  2. Some games, like "GETAWAY" in full screen mode: If I move to the left or right, the graphics are not nice (sync?). dumpsnap.rar
  3. Hello. Many years ago, skilled pirates developed an interesting disk to tape copier for games. The loader is very beautiful. Has music (JM Jarre) and a mini game (pong) while the game is loading. Please take a look: Here is the source code (pdf): http://www.atariware.cl/ascrnet/articulos/turbosrc/Turbo%20Soft%202.pdf
  4. It would be interesting for Altirra: "Close altirra + shutdown Pc" feature.
  5. Finally, I can see the list. Thank you! Any idea about modifying this copier for use it with bigger games? Ex: Zybex Zybex.rar
  6. Then, Henry's House is not a perfect game for me Wait a minute, You can load an Altirra save state on the real atari!. How?
  7. Please take a look: Game bug? Altirra bug? Attached: -file by Mr Bacardi -saved state (altirra 2.80 test 9)hhouse.rar
  8. The tapes are part of our history (music, data, etc). Thank you very much for this Altirra version Kr0tki did wonders with "atari800-a8cas". His experience could be valuable to complete the support for tapes.
  9. Hello. I love tapes too. I like so much this Altirra version. This option doesn't works: Cassette->Load data as audio
  10. This is very interesting. This can be very useful for me.
  11. My only request: Full support for cas files (save, etc)
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