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  1. Jackie chan stunt master ps1 Rascal ps1 Amagon nes
  2. Not sure if you would like it but try NHL 99 and Mission Impossible. Those are two cool ones in my oppinion.
  3. Because you happen to have the same start of name as me id reccommend you DK oldies.
  4. Looked up Atariage on siteslike. You should do the same. Found this one abandoned site that looks pretty awesome.
  5. Yes dude! Someone agrees with me yeah!
  6. Edmonton, Alberta. Where games from around the two countries and sometimes the world end up. Many small game stores, a chain store, and many many pawn shops a whole two roads devoted to them!
  7. Also try getting Altered Beast for the thing. Hard to find but worthwhile!
  8. Sorry man none at all but it's pretty cool how that works!
  9. It took forever to get there. Tried the game over and over for two weeks after I got it. Beating a stage feels like beating the game.
  10. Well yes. Made it to the third stage. Barely made it that far though. What other words did you have in mind?
  11. Have you guys seen Altered Beast for the Master System? Good game but awful box art.
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