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  1. I have the same issue as you do with your first console, I get a game for about 10 minutes, then it locks up and then I get nothing but a back screen, I am assuming its caps so I am going to order some from Console5 and if that works I will let you know.
  2. have you done this mod to any DINA systems? I know they use the same video processor.
  3. I just received the Harmony Encore, It seems to be working fine, but should I assume it has the newest NTSC firmware, or are they not updated?
  4. I have static through the rf on sound but perfect pic, I changed the 2 820pf caps, and i still have nothing. What else should I check, or would it be a around chip?
  5. It looks like It will be a while before you get to me, so I will like to be on the preorder list. and will start saving some money now
  6. Super Inindou: Datou Nobunaga for 5$ plus shipping if you want it
  7. do you still have some left? I would like one. how much are you asking for them ?
  8. Goldeneye Duke Nukem time to kill and the Crusin games
  9. I have about 150 it 99 4a games and I got them with the computer and expansion in trade for a n64 and 10 games but value is based on number of collectors looking for it. Ex Conkers bfd is not rare its atmost an uncommon, but everyone is looking for it so its over 70 bucks on the other hand zany golf on the genesis is very rare but goes for around 10, but not alot of people looking for it
  10. Those are the doubles, I have 4 combats in my collection and 1 cib et. I am looking for as many combats as possible, for a table I did just get 9 of them for a dollar
  11. douglie007


    would you sell just the box for the Genesis, I dont need another system, but I been looking for that box for my VA7 system
  12. fast payment, hope he loves the games and stuff
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