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  1. @nanochess asked me this morning: -Hey, did you make a cover of Blinding Lights for Intellivision? -Nope -Ah, I thought that if -I'll make it later *Three hours later* And here's the ROM: blights.rom Note: ECS is required. Donations are appreciated: http://paypal.me/nyuundere
  2. Hi there Intellivision fans and friends. I'm opening the sale of the Melody Runner digital ROM package. Melody Runner is an endless runner, you can be a magical unicorn seeking his purpose on life, or a dinosaur running away of it's problems with iconic music of the 80s on the background! Chase coins and score enough points to keep enjoying the music. Or just choose your music on the main menu and chill listening on all the glory of Intellivision! This includes: Digital manual Digital overlay Box art Full resolution artwork of the box In-progress ROM versions Final ROM version (unencrypted) BONUS: 10 IntyBASIC music files used on this game (if you're a programmer/musician you will love this) The price of the package is: $10 (fees included) OR... PAY $15 to receive the package with the ROM and a CD directly to your home with the music of the game ($18 if you live in Europe) PM me if you're interested! Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I already checked, but it's pretty expensive if I order it to my country, but if a good and handsome publisher wants to add CDs to the upcoming Intellivision titles of this year with my music will be a good option if he wants to receive the CDs at his home.
  4. Looks like I have some rivals, or maybe that explains why I can finish a full soundtrack for a game in 24 hours. Nunyadere is the one who goes for the pizzas. Damn, I've speak too much.
  5. I want to thank the Intellivision Academy, the Intellivision High Score Club, the awesome Intellivision Community, my mother, my girlfriend, and all of you, guys.
  6. MUSIC works like this. First is the note: C. Next, the scale: 4. Next, the instrument: W = Piano X = Clarinet Y = Pan flute Z = Bass (use only with octave 4 and above) The S statement is for sustain note. The 4th channel is for drums. M1, M2, M3 is allowed. (I don't remember the name of the drums on english, but make some experiments) music_1: DATA 3 MUSIC C4W,D4W,E4W,- MUSIC S,S,S,- MUSIC C4X,D4X,E4X,- MUSIC S,S,S,- MUSIC C4Y,D4Y,E4Y,- MUSIC S,S,S,- MUSIC C4Z,D4Z,E4Z,- MUSIC S,S,S,- MUSIC -,-,-,M1 MUSIC -,-,-,M2 MUSIC -,-,-,M3 Hope this helps.
  7. The SFX is made by @nanochess I've been making music for several systems with the same soundchip (MSX and ColecoVision), so, I have a lot of practice with that. You can check some of my works on this topic:
  8. First music is from SG-1000 version of HERO. The other two are original compositions. I'm remembering, I did the Christmas music too.
  9. 10 years ago, @nanochess started to programming Mecha-8 for MSX, a vertical scrolling game for ColecoVision. I helped him to musicalize it, and one of my most beloved compositions is Maximum Power Engine, it makes my blood boils when I hear it. Because of that I extended the song to 1:04 (The original has a length of 0:34) and now I converted it to Intellivision using the ECS capabilities, here's the final result. And here is the ROM for Intellivision works fine with and without ECS: mpe.rom
  10. Finally, has been a long month. Send your entries and LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!
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