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  1. Done 😄 Christmas music! Merry Christmas.bas
  2. Going to do a Merry Christmas remix for this
  3. Bad Guy for your Intellivision. Enjoy~ BadGuy.rom
  4. FBI: Delet this post Out of jokes, would be nice :3
  5. Albums are finished, shippings will start this weekend!
  6. Cucuruchan already finished the art of this new disc 😄 Order yours now, preorders now will be shipped next week! Numbered, with your name in gold letters.
  7. Hi to all the lucky customers of the Phoenix Game Console. I asked to J-F a minutes ago: "Hey J-F, how about a promo for the lucky customers of the Phoenix Console?" "Sounds good!" he said For the next 10 days, I will offer a discount of $5 USD when you bought the physical/digital preorder of the Sydney Hunter Definitive Soundtrack 😄 but only if you sent me by PM a picture of you and your CollectorVision Phoenix Game Console. (Valid from August 20 to August 30 2019) For more details, PM me or visit the soundtrack topic. Enjoy your Phoenix!
  8. Hi Mike, great exhibition, Oscar G gave me your regards. Cheers!
  9. https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/album/sydney-hunter-definitive-soundtrack Pre-order of digital Sydney Hunter Definitive Soundtrack on BandCamp. You get 9 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete digital album the moment it’s released.
  10. It's a CD :3 Sent me your PayPal address on a PM to send you an invoice.
  11. A preview of the first of the three acoustic tracks. Enjoy it. P.D Sorry for the audio quality, I recorded it with my phone.
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