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  1. 10 years ago, @nanochess started to programming Mecha-8 for MSX, a vertical scrolling game for ColecoVision. I helped him to musicalize it, and one of my most beloved compositions is Maximum Power Engine, it makes my blood boils when I hear it. Because of that I extended the song to 1:04 (The original has a length of 0:34) and now I converted it to Intellivision using the ECS capabilities, here's the final result. And here is the ROM for Intellivision works fine with and without ECS: mpe.rom
  2. Finally, has been a long month. Send your entries and LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN!
  3. Old Doll from Mad Father for Intellivision


  4. Song: Old Doll (古い人形) Artist: 甘茶 Game: Mad Father (マッドファーザー) Converted to Intellivision by Nyuundere. ECS Required.Old Doll ECS.rom
  5. Is a workshop non-official fighter for the base game https://store.steampowered.com/app/383980/Rivals_of_Aether/
  6. My last music job on Infiltrator.




    1. tman03


      Metal Gear is my jam!

  7. I did the music in two hours on another laptop because I was repairing my HDD. ;-;
  8. I will do it. Sent me the details of what you need by PM.
  9. I can help with that, if u want to team up.
  10. If anybody needs a musician, I'm up to join to any team.
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