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  1. Flower Dance for Intellivision. Enjoy! You can donate here if u want: http://paypal.me/nyuundere Also. I added a mp3 with 9 audio channels merged with Audacity, sounds pretty cool. Flower Dance.rom Flower Dance.mp3
  2. You're welcome. I played the demo today and is awesome 😄
  3. Hi guys, because of the Black Friday, all my digital albums on my BandCamp now costs $10! https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/music
  4. Black Friday offers, all my digital albums for just $10 https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/music

  5. Ggg, I finished Sleigh Ride. Sleigh Ride.bas
  6. I want to contribute with Sleight Ride too, but give me a few days to make the song. I've been very busy on this days.
  7. Chala Head Chala! (Dragon Ball Z intro) for Intellivision. Enjoy! Donations here :3 http://paypal.me/n yuundere chala.rom
  8. Done 😄 Christmas music! Merry Christmas.bas
  9. Going to do a Merry Christmas remix for this

    Uuuuuh, I did a new thing :3 check it out.

  11. Bad Guy for your Intellivision. Enjoy~ BadGuy.rom
  12. Albums are finished, shippings will start this weekend!
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