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  1. I can help with that, if u want to team up.
  2. If anybody needs a musician, I'm up to join to any team.
  3. The titles of Shrines Of Peril are pretty simple: Woods Cemetery Caves and Castle Victory Btw, I released all the Sydney Hunter songs on the Sydney Hunter Definitive Edition CD. https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/album/sydney-hunter-definitive-soundtrack
  4. Why Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril is listed? I'm the composer and it's original music xD
  5. I'm lowering the prices of my digital albums in nyuundere.bandcamp.com ($6 for any album) and offering original music for your Intellivision & Colecovision games for cheap prices. COVID situation is getting hard on this last months of year.

  6. I finished a ECS version of Desert Rocks for Intellivision 😄 enjoy it! Donations are appreciated: http://paypal.me/nyuundere desertrocks.rom
  7. Sounds cool. If anybody wants a musician I'm up for this :3
  8. "The only thing they fear is you" from DOOM Eternal fearisyou.rom
  9. I improved my version of Cruel Angel Thesis with ECS. I attach the ROM. EVAecs.rom Here is the PSG version, to compare:
  10. I summon @mmarrero to the topic I'll check the ECS, just for fun. I don't promise fast results xD
  11. Most of the videos I uploaded to my thread are using the IntyMusic program by Marco Marrero: I think I can do a enhanced version of Flower Dance, I need to check with Nanochess about the ECS... basically is just using three channels of a chip and the other three channels of the extra chip, right?
  12. Here is my little contribution to the project: gooniesm.bas
  13. Cruel Angel Thesis for Intellivision Intellivision ROM: Cruel.rom Donations are appreciated: http://paypal.me/nyuundere
  14. Flower Dance for Intellivision. Enjoy! You can donate here if u want: http://paypal.me/nyuundere Also. I added a mp3 with 9 audio channels merged with Audacity, sounds pretty cool. Flower Dance.rom Flower Dance.mp3
  15. You're welcome. I played the demo today and is awesome 😄
  16. Hi guys, because of the Black Friday, all my digital albums on my BandCamp now costs $10! https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/music
  17. Black Friday offers, all my digital albums for just $10 https://nyuundere.bandcamp.com/music

  18. Ggg, I finished Sleigh Ride. Sleigh Ride.bas
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