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  1. Thanks for the feedback - Could not see that one for sale, and from what I could see the screen is 40 inch, bit too big for my office, but did see a Sony KDL-20S3000 20 in. LCD TV local to me on E Bay, with Component and S Video, so could be a good Retro Monitor what ever happens. Wish me Luck :-)
  2. Thanks for the feedback, Reference the Technika I do not think it has, but as the unit is the front room, it is not very practical. Would a cheap option be to by an NTSC TI99 and run on composite on my Samsung Multi Sync? Also can you just swap the graphics chip to convert a Pal to an NTSC system. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I apologise if this has been answered before. I am quite new to the TI994A and looking for some advice. It seems that getting an image out of compontent out of my PAL UK unit is proving a real challenge. I have 3 TV's which will accept Compontent. My Samsung Multisync confirms that it cannot display the signal, a small LCD confirms the same. My main TV Technika displays the TI signal but the colours are off. On Parsec for example, the black background comes up blue. Three quick questions if I may. 1 - Is there anything I can do to make the component cable to display on the other screens 2 - Can you install a NTSC chip in a pal machine to use composite 3 - Should I just bite the bullet and save for a F18? Thanks in advance.
  4. Had another thought out on the road today. After dealing with the basic issue it seems that only software which needs the extra memory from the Ultimate did not work? But might be just spitballing lol. I will keep you posted on how I get on. Thanks again for all your help :-)
  5. Thanks again FlashJazzCat for all your help with this. Must admit I am not a big techie, but I have forwarded on your feedback to my tech guru who installed the Ultimate on the board. It it configured for the simple stereo board which had a sound distrotion issue when installed and tested. This is on its way back to Lotherek. Thaks once again for all your help :-)
  6. Run with the case lid off. Apart from Sally getting lukewarm at most I cannot feel any heat coming from the chips
  7. Thanks again, I thought it might be heat related. I will run the XE without the case lid for a while and see if any chips get hot :-)
  8. Mmmmmmmm, might of spoke too soon. After 10 mins of use then files the did run then fail to run. Most concerning is that I get crashes whilst browsing the loader before I have a chance to select a file. If I remove the card the loader does not crash. Do we have any go to fat 32 formatter to use ? Thanks again, and sorry for being a pain :-)
  9. Mr Flashjazzcat, you are a legend :-) Switched off basic on the SIDE2 Loader and all the images which did not work before now work :-) I am off to play some Yoomp and dropzone :-)
  10. Thanks for the reply flashjazzcat. The 1GB CFCard is a Sandisk SDCFJ-1024 which is blue in colour which showed up in FDISK. Like I say I get the same errors on both of the Adata 4GB card I originially used, and the replacement 1GB CF card. Yoomp crashes at the same point on both cards. That explains Stunt Car Racer's issue. Also what do you mean by transmission issues? Could it be an issue with the SIDE2, or do I have to keep trying CF Cards until one works? Is this an easy fix? Thanks in advance :-)
  11. Hi everyone, sorry if I am highjacking this thread, but I have recently come back to the Atari 8 Bit world and invested in a 65XE, Ultimate 1mb and SIDE2. Both the Ultimate 2 and SIDE2 have been flashed to the latest firmware and made sure (Eventually) that I used 1gb Sandisk CF Card(Blue) with the SIDE2. Problem is, alot of games and utils just refuse to run. Boogie Nights, Stunt Car Racer, Yoomp! are just a few that refuse to load via the SIDE2 with either sandisk CF Card or the original CF Card I was using. Some stuff does work like Manic Miner, Prozac Dream. Then their are some XEX's which work first time after being transferred to CF and then will not load again (Deathchase XE, Bombjack). All files mentioned are all .xex or .atr files loaded from the SIDE2 loader. Has anyone come across this level of non compatability before? also any tips on how to address it? Thanks in advance :-)
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