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  1. Hi, can You reserve me the Zippo lighter style #29, the Dupont lighter style #29 and a Regular version one? Thanks
  2. I'm in for one..... What about total amount including shipping to Italy? How can I pay through PayPal?
  3. I'm sorry, but I fell in confusion and I stole everything about this game. Is this always in stock? Thanks Daniele
  4. I compiled reservation form but I had no e-mail to confirm. How can I solve this?
  5. Well, 60 is fine. When payment and shipping are planned?
  6. I can't see the page. Can You let me buy a number with final 0?
  7. Hi, please reserve 1 copy of GOSUB game for Intellivision. Lowest serial possible, thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm interested on this game......... What I have to do? Thanks
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