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  1. Just red won't work on my HP Printer.  Driving me nuts.  Cartridge is fine; printer is clogged.  Tried ISO 90+ on the head, not sure how else to unclog it.  Any tips? 

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Tried that.  Disassembled ink cart housing; blasted it with hot steamy water.  Dried it as best i could.  Put everything back together.  Now it just says "Ink Cartridge Problem" and refuses to work at all.  I hate printers with a fucking passion.  All of them.  

    3. Stephen


      Time to go full Office Space on that bitch and make it bleed red.

    4. frankodragon


      Printers are from hell.  As mentioned in this webcomic: https://theoatmeal.com/comics/printers

  2. Ooooo....this reminds me of Wyvern Tales for the Lynx which was awesome. Count me in!
  3. Anyone remember the Poker boom?  There were even some video games made during that era it got so popular.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poker_boom

    1. Max_Chatsworth


      You talking the ESPN/Everybody-thinks-they-are-in-the-World-Series-of-Poker boom of the early 2000's?

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Yes that one! My housemates my freshman year of college after getting back from the army (2005) were playing poker non-stop.  Felt like i was living on the set of Rounders. 

    3. Max_Chatsworth


      @Rick Dangerous,


      Yeah..that was annoying. Parties we would go to around that time they would have a poker table and there was always 1 or 2 a-holes just going all in every hand trying to bully people. I actually hate gambling but did it to be social.  What I would do is win one big hand, be up 50 bucks and quit just to piss those guys off. 


      Ft. Jackson boot camp summer of 1988, AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA. 


  4. Happy birthday to me! 37 this year :)

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    2. SlidellMan
    3. retrorussell
    4. GoldLeader


      IDK if you'll like this or not,...But I love this song (and band)...On my birthday in 2008 (?), I took 6 friends to this concert in Denver, and paid their way.  IMO A Great Birthday song!...For what it's worth I saw the singer, Rogue, singing Happy Birthday to a young lady who'd just turned 21 (It was my birthday too, but I was 40 that day).  And he said, "Being Goth,  we're supposed to be all evil so don't tell anybody, OK?"  haaa!



  5. It's been a crazy two months, was laid off, went flat out on the job hunt, found and started new job...apologies i haven't been around more; it's been a ride. 

    1. GoldLeader


      Congrats on the new gig!

  6. I beat Zelda: Links Awakening today.  27 years later, same save file, same Gameboy.  Was stuck after the fifth dungeon by 1998 or so.  Thanks to Zeldadungeon walkthroughs, so happy to have finished it finally!  

    1. BydoEmpire


      It's so rewarding to pick up an old save and actually finish.  I have a Castlevania Chronicles save just before Dracula from about 15 years ago.  I've never beaten him, but I should pull that back up as I've been revisiting my ps1 games lately.  You've inspired me!

    2. GoldLeader


      Love it!  This is the kind of story we need right now!

  7. Want a "turn-key" Intellivision collection? $2k worth at $20 still. 😢 https://www.ebay.com/itm/133534722220

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    2. wongojack


      Also - I'm still the highest bidder so technically the only person you'd be impacting negatively would be me, and I don't mind.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Okay awesome; thanks! 

    4. GoldLeader


      I had no idea it was YOUR auction either!  I thought you were just pointing it out in case someone wanted to bid.   I can't afford anything right now,  but I like that marketplace idea, too....And should mention that wongojack is the coolest!     Good luck with it all!

  8. I would check the ST Ports thread masematte; should be there as a link
  9. This one is real fun and arcadey (and hard as nails) and will be well suited to the HSC 8300 to kick it off!
  10. @Gaztee can get you a copy guys. Was offered a few rounds back in the ST ports run.
  11. Very much so looking forward to this one! I enjoy Sub-Terrania on the Genesis; and this looks even better.
  12. Atari Jaguar Halloween Spooktacular round in the HSC; come play ST Port Ghouls'N Ghosts with us here: 


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