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  1. Amazing that buying a game console in a store is a big deal these days. The only OEM that seems to be able to keep things in stock locally is Nintendo; and the Odd PS4 (but NO PS5's.) Oh well, good for them. The BT pairing is no longer and issue for me, just put your controller somewhat close to the console and it will pair quickly upon start up.
  2. Heading to Ogunquit Maine coast this Weds-Sunday.  Hitting the beach and steering clear of the great whites.  Lynx is coming along! 

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    2. Ryan Witmer

      Ryan Witmer

      Ogunquit is real?  I thought it was a place Stephen King made up.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      It's a super real nice little beach community!  Staying here, not too fancy but has a pool/hot tub/continental breakfast and near DT and the beach: Ogunquit Maine Motel Hotel Efficiencies Pool Waterfront (seachambers.com)

    4. chas10e


      Some Pinball in Wells Maine @ Hidden Cove Brewing Company . also in Old Orchard Beach @ Jungle Adventure Mini Golf



  3. Still available! Be one of the first to get the new and shiny Atari! This time made with real wood!
  4. 4:58 You better have a picture if you beat this time....😎
  5. My pre-ordered Black Walnut came in and is for sale, for retail + shipping in the Marketplace. PM me if you need one! The one i got off ebay is plenty, really enjoying it, but don't need two. Cheers'
  6. 5:53 I didn't actually need it for this game; but i find sometimes it helps to pause the game and rest your eyes for a minute. You are definitely prone to eye fatigue in this game if you are scanning frantically for too long and get stuck.
  7. It's pretty cool; i have one that i upgraded the RAM and M.2 storage on, and created a Windows 10 boot drive. I suspect that's all i'll need. I don't have time/space for a second one.
  8. Have never heard of the Super Console X. Looks pretty budget with those generic PS3 controllers.
  9. I pre-ordered one of these...then just went out and bought one on ebay. Brand new, never opened. Looking for retail ($400) plus shipping, that's it! Open to trading for: -MVS Games I don't have (Last Resort, Etc.) -S-Video Modded Atari 7800 alone with cash or with homebrews, games, etc -NTSC Turbo Duo (I'd add cash) -Rare Laserdiscs, not anime but The Matrix, Sleepy Hollow, Blair Witch Project, Bring out the Dead, Etc. -Nice CIB Sega Master System I realize these are rare items so cash probably easiest for most people. I'm pretty deep into my collection and don't need common anything. Thanks for looking, i hope this goes to someone excited about the system as I still am! They are easy and fun to upgrade.
  10. I have: Lynx I-Out to @Krip316 right now for a BenVenn mod) Lynx II-Unmodded Lynx II-McWill LCD/VGA mod You could make do with one, but i'd say 2-3 Lynx is probably plenty. The handheld that breeds for me is the GameGear...i have like 6 of them for no reason other than they basically come for free with any game lots i buy locally. You can't throw a stick around here without getting one of these things for free. I play more Lynx, but i do love my McWill GG, and my Blue USA and Red (Japanese) models. I love handhelds...the games and the hardware are so cool. A lot of gamers don't bother with them and that's a shame because they are missing out!
  11. Of all the 3DO games; why did they pick one of the worst? So stupid... I can think of 20 other games that would have been a better choice, Escape from Monster Manor for one, Killing Time, Crash N' Burn, etc.
  12. It will only take up to a 32 GB card. Did you put the firmware update on the card before installing?
  13. Getting pretty close to complete. Anyone have/make MRQ's for: -Hyper Force -Skyhammer -Soccer Kid -Skycopter II -Speedster II Thanks! And if i could make these myself i would. Could not figure out the tool at all.
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