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  1. As soon as I get my copy I just ordered a week or two back! 🙂👍 In the meantime @neogeo1982 lets see some Amazing Golf scores!!
  2. I wound up deciding i'll most likely get a PS5 when the "slim" model is released if/when they do that; and if then only when Uncharted 5 is released (my favorite series on PS). The first gen of the console is simply too physically large to fit anywhere in my home entertainment stand, and i'm past the age where i care enough to watch re-stocks for the privilege of buying a videogame console.
  3. After two games of 33 (with a few crap game before and during) finally got to 31. Still had one bogey in there so there is room for improvement..
  4. Welcome! My 2 cents, get the homebrews in the store, get a Jaguar GD for the original library. There is really no point in spending years and thousands of dollars putting together a collection of the original release games anymore.
  5. Posted from my phone, i saw auto-correct change it and just couldn't be bothered to fight it.
  6. Another World should have a full port and release for sure. +1 on the Lichtenstein 3D, maybe add a few levels.
  7. Well finally got to par This is a solid golf game, but it's not forgiving, the putting especially so. It's by "feel" so there is somewhat of a learning curve. Will see how much more I can trim from my score before the rounds out!
  8. You were robbed, anyone who took the time to play through it would realize it's a real gem with depth that is also great fun.
  9. I buy very few digital games on my switch. Pretty much only carts. I think it will likely be the last great system to collect physical games for as they are carts and not optical media (thus more durable) and all the Big 3 will go purely digital after this gen i'm sure of it (and thus ends my game collecting hobby)...we are more than halfway there already. So that being said, i live in a small town and only the local Walmart has switch games, and their variety is pretty terrible, it's only the big releases really. So between there and Limited Run Games is where i've been getting my switch releases. I'm building up a backlog list of "to buy" games now from this list: Nintendo Switch Games (Physical Releases): The Complete List - Geeky Hobbies But it was last updated Feb 2021. Does anyone know where there is: -A much more updated (and regularly updated) list of all physically released games for Nintendo Switch -A list of games being released in the coming months getting a physical release? It's tricky with the E-shop being in the mixed (looks like a great deal of shovelware to me) finding out exactly whats getting a physical release. Thanks and any tips appreciated.
  10. Was a pretty limited release i think. I recall reaching out to you requesting a copy but was never able to get one. GREAT game, my favorite of the bunch.
  11. RIP to Mark, f Cancer. Followed @DracIsBack s work from my very early days here at AA.
  12. There have been so many solid homebrews released for the Lynx in the last 5-10 years, but only a tiny fraction of them actually made it to cart. What are your top picks that really justify the time and energy for a cart/box/manual full realease. For me its: -Mortal Kombat (When finished) -Assembloids -On Duty (great run and gunner) And i'm sure many other i can't think of right now. What am i missing, and what do YOU think should make it to Cart?
  13. 0'38"14 Great times guys, incredible... Please include your "best racers" screen (just that screen is fine) so I can confirm your times are from the America track. TY
  14. Well that's not good.....it's literally one of the best things about the VCS. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.
  15. I can't seem to get through 9 holes without having a total meltdown on 1-2 holes. Just like real golf! lol 40
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