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  1. Atari Jaguar High Score Club Round 3; come play some Hyper Force!: 


  2. Happy Columbus Day!

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    2. Northcoastgamer


      The holiday is real. It's the people that want to change it that are fake.

    3. H.E.R.O.


      Some call Columbus Day an Italian holiday. Italians, for the most part, would rather see St. Joseph's Day in March of each year get that distinction but St. Patrick's hoards all the marketing budget for March holidays.

    4. atari2600land


      And happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadians.

  3. If you were going to pick a game system controller to be buried with; which would it be? 

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    2. DoctorSpuds


      A 5200 controller, I'm just a masochist though.

    3. Punisher5.0


      SNES no question

    4. GoldLeader


      Could I have adapters in there with me?

  4. Did a PSVR mode ever get dropped for Tempest 4k?  Have been waiting for just that to really get into it...

  5. Starting the ORIGINAL 3D survival horror game tonight; Alone in the Dark on 3DO!

    1. GoldLeader


      I watched my friend play some of his PS1 version of that many, many moons ago...

    1. jaybird3rd


      "New Atari Setback that Ataribox?"  (But seriously, that "project" is getting hilarious.)

  6. I haven't really played my NES much the last 5-10 years.  Many fond memories but i think i'm kind of burnt out on the system and it's library..

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    2. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      I feel ya! I get that way with about every system I have at one point or another. In the end I'm glad I keep stuff around though. I always end up going the other way and getting extremely joyful playing what was once boring.

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      I have a ton of NES stuff and will never sell it :) just feeling a touch jaded I guess

    4. JacobZu7zu7


      Ah same here, NES I sold half already... and dont miss it. Bought 2 new PC's with the $$. I kept the NES games that arent worth anything or ones I like. I don't feel this way about any other console. Just played Intellivision and 2600, very good time, no change lol.

  7. Took the Lynx to Montreal for the weekend.  Perfect travel companion and built like a tank! 

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    2. Montrealer


      You were in Montreal? Did you hit any game stores?

    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      None!  Was too busy; stayed at the Westin on the north side of Old Montreal and just hit the town with the family.   Are there any good ones worth checking out next time? 

    4. Montrealer


      Wow you were right by my old office. We moved 2 weeks ago.

      I would recommend RetroMtl in the eastern parts of town. Souffle Dans Cassette (translated: Blow in the Cartridge), but they're in the northern Suburbs so you'd need a car to get there. The owner is one of those really stand-out, outstanding, receiving-the-town-key type dude and I love doing business with him. That says a lot because I'm the kinda game-collector-chaser that never wants to pay the price ppl ask for their games.

      There's this weird-ass shop called A to Z Electronics that has piles, nay, TOWERS of old electronics all over their store floor and this includes old vidya games.

      I can DEF recommend hitting ArcadeMtl (downtown), which is a retro-arcade/bar situation. There's another bar on Ste-Catherine st. with a "gaming flavor" called the Scorpion bar, I don't like the place much but that's just personal taste. And the only arcade joint with modern machines is Amusement 2000, also downtown.

      Also, if you do come to Montreal semi-regularly I would advise joining the CCJVQ facebook page. It's all mostly french but it's the biggest collector group in the province and they hold swap meets 4 times a year. Last one was on September 21st so you could maybe have made it there! I had a table there and you could have scored big on cheap SNES games and I had some uncommon Coleco and Atari 2600 games in box

  8. Round 2 of the Jaguar HSC starts today! 


    1. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      Way too many homebrews and skunk games. Hell i have every retail release and a bunch of aftermarket games and could only participate in about 5 of your list this time

    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Impulse X was released on cart and CD!  But noted; this round is somewhat special because of the prizes...

  9. Found an indigo GameCube at the local thrift shop for $5 today.  Couldn't pass that up!

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    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Came with a power cable.  going to test it tonight. 

    3. joeatari1
    4. atari2600land


      I remember launch day. I was so annoyed that I got the stupid purple one. I wanted the black one. And I even preordered it. It's probably my least-favorite Nintendo console.

  10. Spent the last four days of summer on the beach at Ogunquit Maine.  Brought the Lynx with me; played California Games among others and had a Jawbreaker candy for old times sake.  Felt like 1993 all over again :) 

    1. AAA177


      One of the best updates...that certainly paints a picture...


      Is there a classic arcade around that area by any chance? If so, you had it made. (I think you had good weather the last four days too, correct?) Cool too that you played California Games to achieve a summer atmosphere. 


      I think I have a few years on you. For me, it would have been 1983 instead of 1993...

    2. Zoyous


      What is the water temperature like there this time of year?

    3. RetroAdvisoryBoard


      Went to Ogunquit for a summer vacation in July.. my kids (3, 1) have so much fun in the tide pools. 


      There is a local arcade, two towns down in York, right on the beach, called Fun-O-Rama.  Worth a stop.

  11. I need to get the S Video signal from my Laserdisc, into HDMI with minimal lag.  Is a Retrotink my best option for $100 or less?

    1. eightbit


      I would say so. I have one and I LOVE it. It works magic...seriously.

  12.  Jaguar HSC Season 12 starts today!! Come join us for some Downfall by AA's own CJ: 


  13. Dreamcasts 20th anniversary release date in the US today.  Seeing the graphics for the first time at the mall = mind blown. 

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    2. doctorclu




    3. Syzygy1
    4. Clint Thompson

      Clint Thompson

      I don't think there has ever been a moment in console history where I was sitting at the gameplay screen waiting and thinking it was FMV when it actually turned out to be honest to goodness, actual gameplay. Waiting for my input, Virtua Tennis floored me the first time I played it on the DC and I can't say anything else has ever come as close to feeling as real or lifelike. As a nod to all the bit-madness, though we were a little past the craze at that point, I could feel that the DC was indeed a monstrosity of a 128-bit machine.

  14. RIP to Franco Colombo; former Mr. Universe and Arnold's long time best friend and lifting partner.

    1. jd_1138


      He was a chiropractor.  Seemed like a super cool guy.  RIP

    2. Stephen


      I hate getting older - all the celebrities and people I knew growing up are rapidly disappearing :(

    3. OldSchoolRetroGamer
  15. My go-to for old mac stuff.  This guy (Bob) rocks.  http://www.headgap.com/

    1. RockyRaccoon


      Oh wow, is he still in business? I remember looking at some of his stuff ''ages'' ago. I may need to check him out now.

  16. The winners of this seasons Jaguar High Score club.  Thanks again to all who participated; it was a blast! 


  17. RIP Peter Fonda. Hard to believe he was 79, always still thought of him as that young hip 60's guy.

    1. Kobra Kai

      Kobra Kai

      He was in some cool movies, but he had no talent as an actor. Henry Fonda is legendary, Peter just played himself in every movie, a burnt out hippie. 

  18. Have still never seen a real Vectrex at 35...Were they distributed in all parts of the country? 

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    2. carlsson


      Perhaps that store in California had Happy Hour when GoldLeader visited.

    3. GoldLeader


      It was Winter of '82 I believe, but it wasn't a clearance, just an insane in-store sale....G.A.M.E.S. was more well known for their mail order IIRC, this was just a crazy promo! I seem to recall a small storefront in front of what was possibly a big warehouse operation.  It took all of my spending money to buy it but I was happy!...Been a long time though, and my memory is not what it used to be.

    4. GoldLeader


      My mom thought it was funny, though.  I no longer cared about whether or not the hotel had a pool.  As long as they had a plug in, I was happy ;)

  19. Jeffrey Epstein discovered dead in his prison cell. Let the conspiracy theories commence!

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    2. DragonGrafx-16


      Aliens? It wasn't me!

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      OK, here you go:


    4. Kyle22


      Epstein is Alive. Seen on his island checking out Dorian damage.


      Drone video. When Epstein notices the drone, he ducks inside his vehicle.

      30 Aug 19


  20. The Phillips CDi library rabbithole goes quite deep I am discovering...

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    2. Flojomojo


      Travis is on a mission from god, he's not gonna listen to us mere mortals. Let him make his own mistakes! 😆

    3. frankodragon


      You're going to be hearing a lot of "dinner" when it comes to CDi.

    4. GoldLeader


      You spelled Shithole wrong 😛

  21. So Disney is doing a Home Alone reboot.  Is nothing sacred?  John Hughes movies should not be touched. 

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    2. Flojomojo


      Shrek and Mulan, together at last!

    3. Tickled_Pink


      Fiona as a Disney princess. That doesn't sound so bad, actually.

    4. Flojomojo


      Especially in ogre form. Big girls are underrepresented in Disney lore. 

  22. Hid a thread completely by accident, can't figure out how to unhide it. Halp!  Lynx High score round 2; no idea what button I hit.

    1. jaybird3rd
    2. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Yes; thank you!  From my desktop I was able to "Stop Ignoring This Topic"  Couldn't see that option on my mobile phone for whatever reason. 

  23. Got a great price on a JVC JX-S777 AV Selector.  So at least now my legacy inputs are covered for good. 

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