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  1. The only Atari that gets less love than the Jaguar (the XEGS,) Is actually one of Atari's best consoles.

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    2. Brian R.

      Brian R.

      The XEGS was just another recycling of the same 8-bit tech that goes back to the 400/800. I have one, and it's fine, but it's no different than the others, including the 5200.


    3. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      It was I'll timed to be sure, but now as a classic console and with access to the 8 bit library its a real gem. Has the library size of the 5200, 7800, Jag and then some..

    4. Brian R.

      Brian R.

      It was really nothing new. I think that was it's biggest failing.


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