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    Retro Video Games, Collecting: Atari, Nintendo, Sega. Reading, Boating(power and sail,) Skiing, Motorcycling, Tennis, Golf, Hiking, Camping, Snowmobiling, Beach lounging (basking.)
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    2. save2600


      We saw him at some comic con type show a few years ago. Was cool to see him on stage, but he didn't say one word about Star Trek. All sorts of random topics, but I remember him spending a lot of time talking about his motorcycle trips. 

    3. CPUWIZ


      Do not mention AA to him, please.  In case you actually get to face him.

    4. deepthaw


      Wife used to work at a car rental service in out near the area in Kentucky where Shatner has some of his horses. She says he was really rude and she'd intentionally give him a shitty car in return.

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