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  1. I feel so utterly disconnected from modern pop culture.  I don't really watch current TV, Movies, watch sports or listen to current music.  People are talking about the Mandalorian online and i'm just like "huh?" 

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    2. adam242


      Couldn't agree more. The other day I saw a list of the top ten downloads on Spotify, not only did I not recognize a single "artist" but I wasn't even 100% sure what 'Spotify' is. The only current movies I enjoy are period pieces like Dunkirk.. TV has been largely dead to me for at least 20 years.. I'm actually regressing on this issue... While I'm still a fan of most things 80s, my girlfriend and I have been enjoying music and classic movies from the 50s and 60s recently.

    3. GoldLeader


      The Mandalorian is cool as hell!  Almost like a western, but for Star Wars fans.  If ya don't like Star Wars and cool sci fi worlds and ideas, then don't worry about it.


      Spotify,  Oh I can explain this.  It's a company that takes your credit card info for a "Free" trial with their Premium service (something about listening to music), then even though you've canceled, canceled again, and emailed them that you've canceled (just to be sure), they will then charge your card even though you've canceled and they said they wouldn't.  My advice is to avoid them like the plague.  (Same with modern video games, for the most part).

    4. BydoEmpire


      i do use Spotify free - occasional ads, but I look at it like the radio. If I want background music like Swedish Christmas Songs or a playlist of modern blues or something, it's good.  It's also good if you want to check out an artist without yet buying any of their music.  The phone app is garbage if you're on the Free version, though.  Half the time you say "play artist X album Y" it just starts playing things it thinks you'll like, instead of what you wanted.  You can't easily just play something specific.  It's built for playlists, and that's what it does well.  It's like a modern radio with a billion stations.  Still prefer to buy CDs or mp3s, though, and manage and organize my own music.

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