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  1. I feel so utterly disconnected from modern pop culture.  I don't really watch current TV, Movies, watch sports or listen to current music.  People are talking about the Mandalorian online and i'm just like "huh?" 

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    2. BydoEmpire


      Get old enough and you'll be disconnected whether you want to or not! I'm hit or miss on it.  Mostly out of the loop on and don't care about pop culture stuff... I have gotten back into American Football a little bit this year after a few years not paying any attention.  I had followed football quite a bit since I was a kid.  I also finally played some games made in this century, so after ~10 years completely out of the loop. I'm starting to get back into modern games, but PC only.  A little, anyways. Just not enough time.  TV, movies, modern pop music, actors/actresses, etc - don't know, don't care.

    3. Rhomaios


      I'm with jaybird3rd. I don't have enough time to stay at the forefront. I'm still catching up with movies from 10-20 years ago, let alone 1-5. I will on occasion listen to new music, but everything else listed here, sports, TV, games, even books, I just miss out on. And I'm 100% ok with that.

    4. simbalion


      I'm becoming more and more that way myself. I have always liked older stuff and of course stuff from my childhood, but do still find the very rare new thing to like. Still, I could gladly time warp back to the 80's and not care. As far as sports go, the only 'sport' I actually like is Battlebots. Perhaps the one modern bit of entertainment I can get behind anymore as everything else is just crap anymore. This era of 'offended' has left me me cold.

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