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  1. It's funny after close to 10 years on here you start to see new members bring up the same questions again and again "Why didn't Atari do this or that" "What would have made them successful?" haha

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    2. pacman000


      I can understand why they did it, & I can see why it didn't work. I just need to know how to avoid similar mistakes.


      -Nolan Bushnell had a dream, but he wanted to play, so his company ran out of money.

      -Warner wanted to reign things in, so they hired an experienced manager. Unfortunately, their manager had no experience with engineering, so he underestimated the skill needed to bring products to market. Employees they needed to develop more products left, but he was able to keep sales up by forcing dealers to take on more products, & by heavily promoting said products. That, however, wouldn't work forever, so Atari Inc collapsed.

      -Jack Tramiel - Had experience running a tech company before, but he'd been through the wringer & back, so he adopted a screw-them-first style of business. Attempted to vertically integrate the company, so his dealers couldn't screw him. Got screwed by the guys who sold him a chain of stores, which put the company behind going into the 90's.

      -Sam Tramiel - Realized Atari was too far behind in the computer wars, but there's some inertia in any large organization, so he still released the Falcon. Tried to pivot to game systems, but he was using his dad's playbook from the late 70's/ early 80's. The market had changed, so that didn't work.


      Not sure about Atari Game's history, but most folks just used the home division of the company when talking about its history.

    3. KaeruYojimbo


      Don't forget when a new member "discovers" that ET isn't the worst game ever. It's cool to see new people getting excited about Atari, but I usually just skip those threads. I don't really need to read the same posts again or make myself feel important by $#!%ing on their parade (though I admit I've probably done my fair share of that over the years).

    4. GoldLeader


      4 Things:


      Do it that way and Activision will happen.


      It's not good, but it's not That bad.


      Custom Firmware.


      Vinyl & CRTs...Pretty sure everything is worse on vinyl & CRTs


      Not releasing with the CD That's the biggest one.


      And...Remember homebrewers did their own and it's a lot more like the arcade.

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