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  1. 144, 12:37 How you can do this in 6 minutes I cannot fathom. I think this game favors those with a photographic memory.
  2. Twitter looks like hell.  Why do tech companies feel the need to reinvent the wheel into something worse?

    1. VectorGamer


      "Top tweets" bullshit like Facebook...I wanna see latest tweets

  3. No but they usually send out emails in advance of availability; so just keeping an eye out at this point myself.
  4. No to either. Was wondering the same about Hot Dog; is it any fun? Maybe @Songbird could get the rights to these games and make them available if @Beta Phase Games isn't up to it.
  5. Week 3, Day 4 My thumbs were sore as hell so had to take a break; this one seems like a tough track. Aiming to get deeper into this game before we wrap up this session. Very good game; which can be very hard. Really happy to get deeper into this one than i have in the past!
  6. 144 Tiles, 14:52 Okay I'm starting to grok this game, now I just need to get faster.
  7. Just paid $45 for a broken Lynx I on ebay.  I look forward to returning it to it's former glory. 

    1. Albert


      Awesome, good luck!

  8. I for one would absolutely be interested in a GOOD baseball game being ported/made for the Jaguar; and GOLF too for that matter!
  9. Yes you can save! I'm picking up where i left off this weekend. The real challenge is to get as deep into this game as possible; sort of like with did with Val D'Isere. I'm guessing a Skills Challenge track is going to stop me at some point...lol
  10. How could it not? To list a few ways: -Manufactured in the USA; setting precedent for all subsequent gaming consoles to be manufactured in North America -First 64 bit system; gave Nintendo the idea for the Nintendo 64 -VR is very popular right now; why?---the Jaguar's early forays into Virtual Reality -Pioneered the karting style game with the genre defining Atari Karts; later done by Nintendo with mediocre "Mario Kart" clone series -Kasumi Ninja and Ultra Vortek popularized the ultra-violent fighting genre; leading to the success of the Mortal Kombat series -Only console on which you could play Myst, Wolfenstein, and Doom in the early 90's -23 button pro controller inspired current "pro" level controllers such as Scuf, Xbone Elite controllers -Pioneered online gaming with the Jaguar Voice Modem; leading to success of Xbox Live -Checkered Flag ushered in groundbreaking polygon graphics inspiring many copycats such as Virtua Racing by Sega The list goes on (i jest of course.) Jaguar was an American business story. If you are going to go for it; go big; go all in; and either succeed or fail HARD. And that they did. God bless em' for trying. To me the Jaguar has always had curb appeal. I've wanted one for as long as i can remember and still do. The home-brew scene is awesome; which is why i'd argue the system has a bigger impact on gaming and specifically retro gaming now than it ever did before.
  11. That label/game may have been faked. I recommend you invest in carbon dating; and bring together a team of forensic scientists and gaming historians to conduct a full investigation of this $10 loose cart.
  12. This game is a challenging one....my thumbs are sore!
  13. Shanghai (Dragon) - 108 / 22:03 Shanghai (Dragon) - 112 / 15:34 My first pass. This game gives me a headache. Yet strangely addicting... Getting slightly better; i'm going to need a Shanghai training montage!
  14. Yes; i used mine a handful of times. They are good to have in a pinch but really no longer necessary at the end of the day.
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