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  1. Where I can repair dead motherboard or other equipment? Is there any available service for Atari computers? Please help.
  2. Hi. I think I asked some time ago. Most of my contacts are not experienced with Atari hardware. Do you know who would be able to repair ST and Falcon board?
  3. Any update on that subject? I was hoping to get one for RaspberryPi
  4. The guy did not respond I hope he is OK :-|
  5. I'm in Connecticut, 2 hours away from NY, 2 from Boston.
  6. Few questions... Swollen caps... can anybody draw me a map of where to look for capacitors on the board? It must be that. PSU and memory board are fine for sure. Sending to Europe, but where? What company does Falcon service over there?
  7. Years ago I had 030 back in Europe. I remember it was running with no problems, my friend was using it for 1 year... Recently, I brought it to US. I changed power supply from my working unit and... It gives me green noised screen when I turn it on. What could be wrong with it? Some capacitor? Anybody knows where in US someone would be able to fix it? P.S. Damn it!
  8. Please allow me to indroduce myself.... Hi. I just got my 65XE + Atarimax and ST with Floppy Emulator. Also, I have SC1224. I live in Connecticut. Can anyone help me with these questions? - Where can I buy a cable adapter to connect SC1224 with XE? Can I somehow connect NES console as well to it? - What format and where can I download Atari XE music files? What player I should use to play it?
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