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  1. Looks sweet! Luckily my parents basement hasn't changed much since I was a kid (same house as 30 years ago), so I could still literally head back down there to replicate my childhood playing games in the basement
  2. I guess the developer anticipated people would only score in the 100-500 range
  3. If I remember correctly, I think As Good as James is the highest aware level in BMX. I think I've gotten it when scoring 500+, and I watched a youtube video once where a guy scored 3000 (really, 3000 points!) in BMX and it said As Good as James when he finished.
  4. It's the earliest hardware revision of the DC. There's a few differences to later models, such as the cpus having heatsinks on them, the system having a metal fan instead of a plastic fan, maybe a different version of the gdrom drive...
  5. I don't know what the xegs or Falcon use for output... The bvm doesn't have an rf hookup or vga or hdmi input. I think it has what are called sdi inputs however it can also take the yellow red white rca input in case you have a modded 7800 system or run the rf system through a vcr and use the vcrs rca out.
  6. Yeah, although I don't want to keep it in storage, it is a very moderate but still useable size for retro gaming. I intentionally got this size because I was in an apartment at the time and needed something that was a smaller size, and because I wanted to use it to make something similar to a game kiosk. Here's a photo of that. This was a pretty good small footprint setup (forgive the mess around the setup, I was moving apartments at the time of this picture)
  7. I've given this away and its no longer available. Thanks. I have a 13" JVC crt broadcast video monitor. I bought it for, and I've used it for retrogaming the past 2 years and it's worked out great. It has an internal speaker (mono) and the screen looks great. This is the same model and it looks exactly like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/JVC-TM-A130SU-13-034-Color-CRT-BNC-Video-Monitor-GREAT-FOR-RETRO-GAMING-/193301890407?hash=item2d01b0c567%3Ag%3AXVcAAOSwRDReH3af&nma=true&si=tq9fg9hlOspPohJN%2Fzsyfp9K75I%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I'm ready to get rid of it as my interests have changed and I don't have a lot of storage space to just hang on to it indefinitely. Due to its weight, I think it'd be a pain in the neck to pack and ship it, so I'm offering it for free to anyone nearby to me who would like to pick it up. Its located in the suburbs about 20 miles west of Boston, MA. PM me if interested.
  8. If money is no object you might get yourself another lynx and compatible games so you can do comlynx sessions with local people who do not have a lynx themselves. I think you'll find that to be a little easier than finding people locally who have the necessary equipment. Incidentally I live in Massachusetts and have a lynx and various compatible games but no comlynx cable. Philly and NY are kinda far but I'd drive 2 or so hours on a special occasion to comlynx if there's anyone in that radius.
  9. The mention is at 3:50 in this video, the context for this blip is him discussing how they decided/ruled out platforms to develop a 3d platformer (that ultimately became crash bandicoot) on.
  10. Nothing I've ever heard about. Although a few games like missile command and pitfall have versions of the original game on the same cartridge as the jag game. Probably not emulation though. The impression I get is that Atari wanted to tout and market the Jaguar as a very powerful 64 bit state of the art system, they were emphasizing 3d graphics in the later years in an effort to compete with the 32 bit console competition and deferential themselves from the 16 bit consoles. As a result I think creating a game pack with a bunch of 2d 1980s arcade games for jaguar was probably not on ataris minds at the time and would not have gone over well with the game buying audience of the mid 90s. There was something of an emphasis on updating and upgrading classic arcade games though, a la tempest 2000, breakout 2000, defender 2000, etc.
  11. I want to buy a regular US turbografx system with cables and a controller. It must have the removable back plastic cover. Let me know what you have, open to considering bundles with games/other accessories. I do want only a US TG16 rather than a pc engine or turboduo or other variant.
  12. I can't believe this is a serious complaint in this day and age. I can remember back to elementary school where a kid was boasting about how he renamed the drivers in n64 waverace with names like f..khead and all us boys were like "damn how scandalous, that is so cool". This was in a white collar suburb.
  13. Raspberry pi with emulation station does it very well. You can easily connect that to your tv. I'm sure someone could find a bone to pick but for me the emulation and compatability seems top notch. Also any laptop from the last 15 years can probably do it and many of them would have hdmi or vga out ports you could run in to your tv. I'm sure emulators also exist for hacked systems like original xbox and xbox 360 and wii but that seems more complicated to figure out how to do the hacking and load software onto the system than other alternatives. You can of course also get the vga out mod on your lynx for a very authentic gameplay experience projected onto your tv.
  14. I think lynx is supported by an early 2000s port of the MESS emulator to dreamcast which emulates many other systems. Anyway I've never tested it but heard that the lynx emulation is not close to full speed so lynx emulators on the dc at the moment might be a not that fun experience compared to the many other ways to emulate lynx and display it on a tv.
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