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  1. Ok guys I think I've actually figured out this 18 button thing... Doing a close re-read, the paragraph says "Now with a total of 18 buttons, the Atari Jaguar system offers more gameplay options..." 17 buttons on the controller plus 1 power button on the console itself = 18 buttons to use with your Jaguar system.
  2. The pro controller was probably out when this ad came out considering the jag CD is in it. Maybe they should have used that controller as an example, with a whopping 22 buttons its practically a keyboard (yeah yeah they aren't all independent inputs but judging from the Jaguar marketing copy that probably wouldn't have mattered).
  3. I was reading this promo for the jaguar that focuses on how great it is that the controller has 18 buttons. Am I missing something? Doesn't the controller have 17 buttons? Can someone please tell me where the secret 18th button is?
  4. Anyone have a copy of the jaguar cd review that was in the first post of this thread? Sounds like it was a positive one...
  5. Here's a couple highlights: 1:38 - meeting Mr. Jaguar, a Japanese musician 4:24 - discussing the controller "Look at this controller! This top part is like a regular game controller, but why is there a phone pad on the other half!?" 5:20 - discussing the Jaguar's technical specs, they remark it was 64 bits but then say in actuality it used the same 68000 cpu used in the megadrive to dismiss its capabilities (no discussion of the other processors) 6:09 - Mr. Jaguar sees an Atari Jaguar 7:30 - playing Atari Karts "What! Is this really 64 bits?" 8:14 - playing Atari Karts and getting stuck on an obstacle "This is weird! Why [am I stuck on the obstacle]!?" 8:34 - playing Kasumi Ninja, wearing the Kasumi Ninja headband, and imitating the Kasumi Ninja announcer 13:20 - putting the Iron Soldier overlay on the controller "Oh, now I see [what the phone pad is good for]! You can do various things with it" 14:40 - "You can fight with a chainsaw!? *[selects chainsaw and sees enemy in the distance] I will kill you!" They liked Iron Soldier Bonus: Mr. Jaguar's youtube channel with some of his music https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQrHfPQvKt1ryJObpFRftSQ
  6. Awesome, wonder what other total conversion doom wads could happen on jag without requiring so much memory it is impracticle... I know there's wads that basically re-skin doom as quake, blakestone, duke 3d, Blood, etc. would be neat to have a pseudo version of any of those titles on jag through the doom engine.
  7. Ah ok, I didn't see any reference to the gamedrive in the first page summary post or the last few pages, and this thread is so long I must have missed it.
  8. I've seen some chatter about how nice it will be to play the st ports with the gamedrive. Any idea if the skunk locked roms will work with the gamedrive on real hardware?
  9. Do the skunk-locked roms work with pc Jaguar emulators? I tried a handful out recently and none of them worked with either Phoenix or retroarch, which I think is based on virtual jaguar. Retroarch gave me the Jag red screen of death. I haven't had a ton of success with jag emulation anyway, but would be nice to know if its an issue on my end or if its futile to try and boot these in pc emulators.
  10. It sounds like you might not be ripping the CDDA audio tracks when you're ripping these. I could imagine the small file sizes correspond to the actual game data, and for instance, Blue Lightening and Battlemorph are larger because they have some fmv in them. Battlemorph has a ton of CDDA though, so your iso or bin/cue or whatever should really be several hundred MB. I haven't used clone CD, but with disc juggler when I used it several years ago, I think you basically pressed one button for the option to make a CDI out of a disc in your disc drive, and then let it do its own thing - and this ripped all the data and CDDA and put it into a CDI file.
  11. I had a jaguar that I sold a few years ago and now I'd like to get back into the system. Let me know what you have and hopefully we can work out a deal, thanks!
  12. Cool graphical effects!
  13. sirlynxalot


    Somehow I missed this one before. Really neat! Kinda reminds me of crawling around inside tubes as a kid at arcade-playground places like Discovery Zone.
  14. My family had some atari 2600s when I was a kid in the early 90s and I loved them. I went to a friend's house probably around 1993 and he pulled out his big brothers lynx! I was mesmerized, here was a tiny cool looking game device that virtually no one knows about, with better capabilities than the gameboy and at least on par with the gamegear, and its made by atari no less! I strongly wanted one, but being in elementary school, I didn't have the money or the ability to convince my parents to get one. On top of that, the lynx was basically out of stores at that point so I literally never saw one for sale at any toy stores or game stores I went to at this time. This friend moved away a short time later, so I only played it this one time at his house. Around 1999/2000, I had a different friend who had a giant video game collection and he happened to have a beat up Lynx 1 and a couple games he'd gotten at a flea market or yard sale. That gave me the opportunity to check out the system again (and introduced me to the brilliant game Zarlor Mercenary) and I knew I had to have one - particularly a Lynx I, which I thought was a cool design! Lynx emulators were just starting to exist around that time and I downloaded one and some lynx roms to check out the system. I had a lot of fun with that but then moved on to other things. *Side note, this friend and I were searching the web to learn more about the atari lynx at that time and we were mystified that Todd's Adventures in Slime World could theoretically support up to 8 players. I think we even signed up for a forum on a website called atarilynx.com at the time to talk about the lynx. I used this same screenname, wonder if that's archived somewhere. Then around 2012 I was an adult with disposable income. I was getting back into video games as a nostalgia thing. Once I discovered Best Electronics existed and (at the time) had basically like-new lynxes for about $40, I eagerly bought one and fulfilled my childhood dream. And that was my onramp into actually owning my first lynx game system! The system has always worked well, but I haven't turned it on in maybe two years. These days I'm starting to get a little scared to turn it on in case the zenner diode has failed and I inadvertently fry my lynx lol
  15. Crash n Burn is my favorite 3DO exclusive. Wish that one had made it to PS1 so it'd be easier to play on more consoles and devices. A higher framerate would have been nice too. I greatly preferred CnB to Total Eclipse or Offworld Interceptor, games made with the same engine which did make the jump to PS1.
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