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  1. As someone who was a kid when Jag came out, it was a surprise to me that atari even still existed, as (in those pre internet days) I hadn't been exposed to any marketing or advertisements for their other recent products such as the 7800, atari 8-bit game console, lynx or atari ST and all the tv commercials I'd seen since 1990 were for either nintendo or sega games and systems. I first found out about it by seeing a demo kiosk at a Kay Bee toys in the early 90s. It was running Pitfall so it didn't make any special impression on me that it might be a cool graphics powerhouse that could do stuff beyond what genesis and snes could do. I never saw any of the TV commercials for the Jag or its games, and I regularly watched hours of kids tv shows on multiple channels at the time...
  2. Don't remember where I got them but I got lynx box protectors several years ago that were perfect fits for the regular size boxes. Does anyone make one for the large boxes for the early games like Blue Lightning?
  3. I've had some difficulty selling items here. The difficulty is in selling items that might be of low interest to collectors (e.g., relatively common and low value games), probably because many of the people here have been long time collectors and already have these common/lower interest items. I put in deep discounts on some common atari lynx and sega genesis games a few years ago compared to what the items sell for on ebay and had no interest. I eventually sold that stuff on ebay.
  4. Not the best controller out there, but I'm a fan of it. -I found the d pad to be very precise (at least if its plastic nub in the center hasn't been worn down by aggressive button mashing) and I like it for precision gameplay on fighters and shmups. I much prefer it to the gamecube's dpad which is just so small for my adult thumb. -I don't have any complaints about the thumbstick. Back in the day I was jealous that the playstation's thumbsticks had rubber on them, but over time that rubber can get kinda nasty with age and years of skin oil, so now I appreciate the DC's plastic thumbstick. Never felt that it was uncomfortable or that its inputs were too loose or tight or something. -I have never felt like the face buttons were uncomfortable or cheap feeling. I like having 4 instead of 6 because 6 looks bulky. The Saturn 3dpad and the Duke xbox controller had the 6 buttons, and although they are kinda neat in their own way, they are much larger controllers than the DC pad, and have been mocked accordingly. There was always the arcade stick if you really felt like you needed a more authentic experience/6 face buttons to enjoy fighters, and I don't think any other games (outside of the FPSs when compared to modern controls) really suffered from lack of 6 face buttons and lack of a second joystick. -I like the analogue triggers and think they feel good and responsive The overall design really harkens back to the 90s gaming scene where companies seemed more experimental as they looked to incorporate the latest developments into their product and there wasn't a clear cut 20-30+ years of history to look at how other companies approached similar considerations. I think there was really an impetus on making a product that stood out from your competitors, and think the DC controller and N64 controller really embody that ethos.
  5. Agree with lachoneus, I always interpreted it to represent that the ship was hovering in place (e.g., I think it only happens during boss battles when you're no longer moving forward).
  6. Just curious, if one were to dump these, would they get a standard GBA rom? Would the rom run in a standard GBA emulator?
  7. There's a bunch of old driving games like Pole Position, TX-1 and Road Blasters that basically use a spinner for the steering wheel that can rotate freely instead of a steering wheel that snaps back to center. As a result, (unless I'm missing something) MAME does not provide the functionality to return the wheel to center in its controls options. Without being able to snap the wheel back to center, I find it very difficult to play these games with steering simply mapped to either keyboard keys, or an analogue joystick. What do you all do with respect to emulating these kinds of games? Are there some software programs/hacks that might make the steering more enjoyable? Do you set up some kind of USB spinner to play these games?
  8. Wow had no idea the graphics/concept for some of the Cali Games were lifted almost wholesale from this other Epyx game. Very interesting. Lynx wins on smoothness, wonder if it would have rounded out the lynx package to include cliff diving as well
  9. What messed me up when I was new to the halfpipe game was that you don't need to press left or right or hit diagonals on the d-pad at all, rather you just pump using up and down and press the trick button in conjunction with hitting the lip of the halfpipe. The real question is, is lynx BMX harder than other versions of the game
  10. There's a chance the other stuff could be earlier builds than the released games, hopefully with differences. I'd say look into backing up all the rom data for preservation purposes.
  11. This is an awesome development! Would be fun to do some multiplayer lynx via emulation. Maybe one day, online matchmaking for Zarlor Mercenary anyone
  12. sirlynxalot


    Looks cool! Reminds me a bit of Stun Runner and/or Vlad's prototype demos.
  13. Looks sweet! Luckily my parents basement hasn't changed much since I was a kid (same house as 30 years ago), so I could still literally head back down there to replicate my childhood playing games in the basement
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