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  1. I got to the last level but did not make it to the boss. I also sold all but one life (and extra equipment other than bombs) to get this score. I think if I can do that but make it through the level and past the boss I ought to be closer to your score, or maybe higher Now that I've been playing the game so much lately with different characters, I think the robot is the most advantageous player to choose for scoring.
  2. For what it's worth I tried it out and I do not think it's possible. I wasn't able to kill any of the small ships before they either rammed me and i died or else they traveled off the screen since they move quickly. If it is somehow possible it would not be easy to do indefinitely, there's too much on screen that you need to dodge.
  3. I was just playing through again and had a thought. The ice stage boss is two tanks, and on either side of the screen, a train of ships continuously passes down (if they hit you, they kill you). If it is possible to almost kill the boss by taking out most of its turrets, and then focus on only trying to kill the non-stop trains of small enemies of either side of the screen, theoretically this could give you an infinite score as I do not think there is a time limit for the bosses and the trains of small enemies keep coming so long as the boss battle is going on. I might have to see if this strategy is feasible or not, that might be the only way to beat your score short of having a very lucky/skilled playthrough
  4. Wow tbh I don't think I can beat that at all. Did you sell everything but one set of weapons before the last level? What is your strategy for the last boss? Do you primarily hit it with conventional weapons or spam mega bombs?
  5. I think dev stopped in the 90s. I seem to recall that due to the dev hardware they were using at the time, the current demo filled up all available memory, leaving no possibility of adding sound or additional graphics.
  6. I gave it another go. Got to the last level but died before encountering the boss. This is embarassing as the contest holder I've been playing this game for 20 years and in the past have rarely had an issue beating the game. It must be that I am playing on an emulator rather than my actual lynx. I'll have to get some batteries to fire up the old lynx!
  7. Excellent! We have our first competition score folks! I've added it to the top post. I'll add more as they come in.
  8. I gave this my first shot today and to my surprise, I was not able to complete the game. I died on level 4, in order to do better I will probably need to buy more stuff in the shop next time, which I intentionally avoided in this run to conserve score.
  9. I found that old post I mentioned above. I guess the jaguar didn't have a cd unit in it afterall.
  10. I was following the game back before it was released for dreamcast and duranik posted a cute picture at the time saying they were posting a picture of the different dreamcast models they were testing compatability of the game on. The picture had like 5 dreamcasts and a jaguar with jag cd all lined up. It was no doubt an intentional nod to native.
  11. If you'd like these, let me know your zip so I can price cost of shipping for you.
  12. Cool stuff. I wonder if the Saturn meeting in the shrine had anything to do with the sega saturn.
  13. As the title says. Looking to get rid of some cardboard packaging for dreamcast items. Figure a collector might be interested in these rather than sticking them in the trash/recycle bin. The interested party will pay the cost of shipping - these are very lightweight and in overall good condition.
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