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  1. I happened upon this nicely preserved fansite from the turn of the millennium recently http://www.angelfire.com/fl/JagCat64/JagRealm.html A couple links are broken, but most of the content is still there. Lots of fun stuff that takes me back to the excitement of those days.
  2. Now compare these to the Jag Duo, prototype jag and jag cd in one. Pretty slick eh. Since a prototype case exists in the wild, and a prototype motherboard pcb exists in the wild, there ought to be some kind of complex way we can marry the two and perhaps duplicate them
  3. There was also this case mod which was a similar concept
  4. Someone already did a case mod that managed to cram the jag cd down into the standard case. It looked a lot like how a jag and jag cd looks, just not as tall. Here's a pic
  5. No its most likely authentic. I think the first run of jaguar software came in black shells instead of dark grey. My copy of Raiden was darker than my other carts as well (and who would bootleg one of the most common games on the system??)
  6. Prices do not include shipping 2x wavebird controllers, no receivers and no battery covers = $10 [sold] Third party gamecube controller and memory card - $10 Dr Robotnick/Eggman mug (new in box) - $20 Parappa the Rapper hat (new unworn) - $20 [SOLD] it is easy to fold the ears up to hide them on the hat if you don't want them to show
  7. Bump, NES dust covers still left. Everything else sold for now.
  8. Why not sell sound card on eBay and use proceeds to buy another world?
  9. Edit: Removed everything that already sold. I just have NES dust covers left. I'll sell all of them for $10 plus cost of shipping. Because there are so many of them and you can't insert them into each other so much, this will probably need a good medium sized box. They weigh nothing, but due to size of the box, shipping might be somewhere around $10-$14. 28 Nes cartridge dust covers from the 80s/90s, 5 with nintendo branding: $10 + shipping
  10. Found it. Looks like "Krieg Der Sterne", obviously derivative of Atlantis with some graphical changes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0gaTS11SMg
  11. Someone on another forum I'm on is trying to identify a 2600 game he has. The cartridge says it is atlantis, but loaded up, it looks similar, but distinctively different from Imagic's Atlantis. Here's a pic of the game. Trying to get more info about the game / a picture of the cartridge, but thought I'd throw this up in the meantime in case anyone can readily identify it.
  12. Looking for an example of the smaller us red cabinet for neo geo mvs systems. I think these were called mvs 2 mini. I would want it to include a working monitor and mvs unit. Doesn't have to be in mint condition or all original, but am looking for something that wouldn't take a lot of work to play as it is. Let me know what you have and we can talk about price and shipping ☺ I'm located on the US east coast and am game for a drive if you might be in a couple hundred mile radius.
  13. Would these be considered first party products or third party?
  14. Take them down to a hardware store and eyeball the replacements. It'll probably work out ok and the cost of two screws will be less than a dollar.
  15. Just fyi. All black sega sports dcs are mil cd compatible.
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