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  1. Let's place bets. I think that with a little cleaning and the appropriate cables and stuff, that it will all work just fine.
  2. Thanks for the anecdotal reports, if I get desperate I'll put some stuff in my attic.
  3. Just curious if the attic is insulated at all, or if the game items have been subjected to wild temperature swings they'd likely get in an uninsulated space - and if so, how long they were up there and whether the items all still work. I have a large uninsulated storage area in my house that I'd theoretically like to use to hold game stuff but I can't bring myself to do it because I feel like it would degrade the condition too much / destroy stuff like CDs or fragile internal components, make paper manuals and plastic console shells brittle, etc.
  4. Here is the box for some fireworks my neighbor has called the Predator: Is it just me, or does this seem to be inspired by the Atari Jaguar logo/box/various marketing materials? The logo is red, all capital letters, the font is a similar rough slashing style, and to top it all off, the box for the fireworks has 4 claw marks on it, just like many of the atari jaguar's ads. In addition, Alien vs. PREDATOR was one of the Jag's most well known games. Do you suppose there is an intentional influence between the Atari Jaguar and the box for these fireworks? Or do you think it is just coincidence?
  5. I've never done this but it is also something I've been sensitized to due to reading about it on line. Similarly I am scared of plugging in the AC adapter in such a way that the AC adapter prong on the system breaks (another thing that has apparently happened to people) and I am scared that my old lynx might not regulate voltages correctly simply because it is old and that plugging in the AC adapter and playing my lynx might just result in frying Mikey or other components. I guess I have a lot of anxiety around using my lynx for standard usage these days!
  6. Looking at them side by side afterburner certainly has the speed and more frantic action which is appealing, but blue lightning has gigantic sprites such as for the rock walls and ground targets, which I think is pretty cool and seemingly an upgrade. The cdda rock soundtrack is decent in blue lightning as well and I bet a casual player of the 90s might have preferred it to afterburners music. Unfortunately we're talking about improvements that blue lightning has to a game that first came out in 1987. It certainly does not compare favorably to all the stuff that was being shown for the PlayStation or sega Saturn around 1994 and 1995.
  7. Not unfair to compare with sega console games of the same era imo since atari was quite deliberately trying to compete with sega in that space.
  8. When I first did the barrel roll in blue lightning I wondered if my jag cd was skipping/breaking down.
  9. D+ seems a little harsh but the game is certainly no A or B quality title. I've had fun reading the game critics capsule reviews over the years, it's not just a rehash of the same talking points that casual YouTube personalities say about certain games, and in most cases i feel like he gives unpopular games a fair shake on their merits.
  10. Not aware of any differences, and I wouldn't expect anything to be on the level of need for speed which had a full reskin for the Japanese version.
  11. Like many collectors, he eventually decided to lessen his collection and sold many pieces of it as I personally bought an fz1 and some games from him and at the time he mentioned he did not have many fz1s left to sell. To hazard a guess, he might have felt like he'd reached the end of the collection and then let most of it go without broadly announcing it.
  12. Sega Rally is definitely the best arcade racer on Saturn. I've also gotten a lot of fun out of Need for Speed and Manx TT. Wipeout is ok but does not compare well to the PS1 version. I think there are several solid Japanese releases for classic sega 2d drivers like outrun and power drift if those are of interest. Everything else, all those Tokyo highway challenge and hill climb drift games, nascar games, etc were largely forgettable to me. Probably not bad for the time but just felt bland and mediocre to me as an adult with no nostalgia for them and they didn't impress me as graphical stand out titles for the system either. Sega touring car is graphically impressive but it controls very poorly, as does the original arcade version. It kinda has the sega Rally look but it is just awful to control and suitable to skip imo.
  13. What a rich homebrew and indie scene the lynx has. It doesn't even seem like an exaggeration that the number of such titles must be close to or more than the commercial library from the early 90s at this point.
  14. This is beyond my understanding... but it is cool!
  15. I agree. It is a wonderful title on the system and feels more like a complete and polished game than many other titles. I think ridge racer and warhawk have an edge over it though, but those were basically AAA games of their time made with a lot more money than it probably took to make battle morph, on a system that has greater technical capabilities. If it's been ignored by the jag community I think that would only be because it was a jag cd game only, which is a very small pool of potential players.
  16. I have seen some dead highly sought after games still sell for good money. I saw a heavily scratched and advertised as non-working Burning Rangers for sega saturn sell for over $50. I personally bought a floodwater damaged copy of a rare dreamcast game for around $30 (about 1/3 of its typical price at the time - the game disc works btw). I see plenty of "dead" consoles sell for good money, especially jaguars. I think there is always a contingent of people who hope they can fix whatever the issue is, or perhaps think "maybe its not truly dead and all it needs is a good cleaning or resurfacing" and will be willing to take the chance. Even if a cart is truly dead due to bitrot or something, I think there could be a collector market for an otherwise original cartridge that has a new eprom soldered into it, and that would be more palatable to collectors of original hardware than getting a brand new bootleg cart of the game from China made with new but potentially inferior materials.
  17. Oh yeah the carbon gold was the yellow one I was thinking of. The case design of the vcs is growing on me.
  18. I see the woodgrain one a lot, and I think there's a "vader" version that is just a black front where the woodgrain would be. At one point I thought I saw one that had yellow or yellow dots where the woodgrain would go. But I'm having trouble finding that picture again. Were there other variants besides the woodgrain and the black?
  19. I've been waiting for prices to drop for a couple years, and they just keep going up. It's not even just related to video games, every kind of collectible I've ever looked for and kept casual tabs on the price of seems to be going for higher than ever, even for stuff that's traditionally not been that expensive (e.g., 1990s popular toys like hot wheels and xmen cards, etc). People say COVID has spiked the price of retro video games, which it has, but I think that's just part of a situation where more people than ever were looking for fun items to buy on the internet in the last couple years, more buyers than ever on ebay = more people willing to pay a huge price, and if even one or a few examples exist of a game or other item selling for big bucks, the prospective sellers will price their item accordingly. Lots of other stuff has jumped in cost in my life too relative to just 2-3 years ago. Things tend to increase in cost as years go by, but these things have risen much more than usual in the last 2-3 years for me: restaurant prices, grocery prices, used car prices, house prices and rent, costs to ship items around the USA, and prices to hire contractors to do something for me. I don't think there will be a bubble that will burst for video game prices anytime soon. I think there will be a slight cool down over many years and perhaps things will become more affordable as prices stay the same but inflation sets in, but good condition items will still be expensive. We'll never go back to <$200 atari jaguars. Raiden carts will never go back to being $15-$20.
  20. Might also want to try a different AC adapter.
  21. Maybe it's an issue with his TV. I'd also try new av cables for an easy test. Especially if he was using the original rf adapter jags came with instead of the RCA cables people had to buy separately.
  22. I love MegaMania, I'd never tried the 8 bit version before, but I just gave it a go and got 90,000 and change. I'm surprised with the differences compared to the 5200 version. Maybe it was just my emulator but the 5200 version seemed much smoother and the enemies were larger (I think player ship was larger too, maybe the overall resolution is simply less on the 5200). If you've never played the 5200 version before, its fun to play them back to back.
  23. It would be interesting if this mystery cart sells for more than a typical low value game like Cybermorph. That could then induce sellers to remove the labels of such games and market them as mystery carts
  24. It's probably not Raiden or Trevor Mcfur because I think those games generally come in a plastic shell that is black instead of dark grey like later releases, and this cart looks like the dark grey of later releases.
  25. Lately my 32X has seemed noisier (in a humming/hissing) kind of way. I figured its related to caps but I might check the power supply initially before checking out the console itself.
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