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  1. I love MegaMania, I'd never tried the 8 bit version before, but I just gave it a go and got 90,000 and change.  I'm surprised with the differences compared to the 5200 version.  Maybe it was just my emulator but the 5200 version seemed much smoother and the enemies were larger (I think player ship was larger too, maybe the overall resolution is simply less on the 5200).  If you've never played the 5200 version before, its fun to play them back to back.

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  2. Lately my 32X has seemed noisier (in a humming/hissing) kind of way.  I figured its related to caps but I might check the power supply initially before checking out the console itself.

  3. The levels were massive and 3d.  I think that was a big deal for the time. It evoked the feel that you were exploring something rather than going through a narrow maze to get to the exit in a few minutes (doom), or running around a small 3d level (jumping flash), or being in a 3d world but being essentially confined to running along a rail (crash bandicoot)

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  4. Is this original paper that was printed out at atari in the 90s (aka limited supply and everyone gets something completely different) or is it printed out by best electronics on demand (aka unlimited supply and people getting the same stuff)? (Serious question)

  5. Seems like a distributor, they were buying 48 copies each of 3 different commercial games.  I could understand a developer buying some retail games to check out the competition, but I don't think they would buy 48 copies of a game, let alone 48 copies x 3 games.

  6. Wow, I thought the LSD thing was a joke, but I guess not!

    Your art is totally fine, in fact I was going to exclaim how cool it was that this magazine went through the both of making custom Cybermorph artwork and doing this extensive coverage of it.  Nothing looks bad to me, I think you were just dealing with some guys who were bi-polar or extremely temperamental, rather than people having rational and logical critiques of your work.

  7. Regarding Doom 32x, I've seen this quote in a couple places suggesting that Carmack was physically at Sega of America's office personally working on porting Doom to the 32x.  The 32x came out just before Christmas and there are prototype builds of Doom 32x on the net from September-October 1994, so I wouldn't be surprised if Carmack just had like 6-8 weeks to work on porting the game to very unusual hardware he wasn't used to, and the lack of refinement was just due to rushing it out before Christmas without spending the extra time to refine it more.



    In an interview about the 32X for Retro Gamer, Scot Bayless (a senior producer at SEGA of America) had the following to say about the game's development and the 32X itself:

    "I spent weeks working with Id Software’s John Carmack, who literally camped out at the Sega of America building in Redwood City trying to get Doom ported. That guy worked his ass off and he still had to cut a third of the levels to get it done in time. What amazes me now is that with all that going on, nobody at Sega was willing to say "Wait a minute, what are we doing? Why don’t we just stop?" Sega should have killed the 32X in the spring of 1994, but we didn’t. We stormed the hill, and when we got to the top we realized it was the wrong damn hill."

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  8. I have Road Blasters in physical form - the game came in both plastic clamshell and cardboard box variants, I think one came with a color manual (or at least the cover was in color) and one came with a b+w manual. I have the b+w manual.  I'm not equipped to scan things right now but maybe down the line I can help out if no one else has gotten to it by then.


    I used to have Puggsy, Kid Chameleon and Race Drivin too, but sold those games (and their manuals) on a couple of years ago...

  9. I saw some old communications between atari and sega on the sega games on Jaguar matter at one point. Basically atari was predictably asking for the latest and most popular sega stuff and sega was turning around and providing atari with a list of not that popular master system games they could choose from.  Master system games on Jaguar definitely wouldn't have helped anything...

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