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  1. There's currently a jag with a dustflap for sale on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334098093584?_trkparms=aid%3D777008%26algo%3DPERSONAL.TOPIC%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20200708143445%26meid%3D953589b568ea40c98eb298d8ea68d4f6%26pid%3D101251%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26itm%3D334098093584%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057%26algv%3DPersonalizedTopicsV2WithMLR%26brand%3DAtari&_trksid=p2380057.c101251.m47269&_trkparms=pageci%3A89f8b277-f8b8-11eb-9651-72cac608e945|parentrq%3A28b7418d17b0a1b42752316fffe8fae2|iid%3A1
  2. I've played both versions. I think the saturn version has a better framerate, but overall, it looks and plays like the same game. I think I've heard people on this forum mention slight differences, like occasional issues with collision detection, but as a casual player you probably wouldn't notice.
  3. I saw some old communications between atari and sega on the sega games on Jaguar matter at one point. Basically atari was predictably asking for the latest and most popular sega stuff and sega was turning around and providing atari with a list of not that popular master system games they could choose from. Master system games on Jaguar definitely wouldn't have helped anything...
  4. Yes, some years ago you could buy an ODE made by a Russian guy, so it does exist, but even at the time, it seemed like it was very hard to actually buy and receive, probably b/c the guy was hand making them. I think this was the website: http://3do-mnemo.com/
  5. Sounds like a good return on investment for you, watch out for ebay and/or paypal to send you a tax document at the end of the year suggesting that all of this is taxable income.
  6. That really would have been the bleeding edge of tech for atari to do CD from the get go. If it came out in 1993, I think that would have made it one of the first game consoles to have CD as its media. I agree with the other comments, it would not have saved atari or the jaguar as a product, atari just didn't have the resources to support the system.
  7. I'm surprised by the number of people here who bought or received one in 1993! I would have figured there would be none on this message board. Geez that was about 28 years ago.
  8. Buying high value items from someone with 0 seller feedback/reviews is always a bad idea.
  9. I have two repro controllers and my plugs seem to have all the pins. Question for Surfnet, does the missing pin disable aspects of the controller, or does it all still function correctly?
  10. These days I have one, and I haven't turned it on in a few years (mostly play on emulation), and now I'm kind of scared to turn it on in case the zener diode has failed...
  11. For what its worth, I am very sure I played Pitfall on a Jaguar kiosk at the Kaybee toys in my local mall. In fact, it was the only place and time when I ever saw a jaguar kiosk in my entire life. The store didn't look like other game stores in the mall and my memory of the kiosk and where it was inside the Kaybee store is very vivid, there was literally a pyramid stack of boxed jag consoles next to it on the floor, which ordinarily I'd think would be behind the counter/in a store room or glass case or something if it was a high value item they were concerned about theft on. Kaybee was a very narrow, cramped and small store inside my mall and that made it seem like a total Jag party at that particular Kaybee with the amount of Jag stuff that was out on the floor and highly visible. And I didn't buy any of it! 😂
  12. I saw KB Toys selling Jaguars through the late 90s, must have seen them in 1998 and 1999. It was kind of weird, my local KB brought a bunch of the Jag stuff out onto the floorspace, carefully arranged it, set up a kiosk with a game running, and it was very visible in the store as if it were a newly released system. It made me curious but I didn't buy at the time since I knew it was a dead system. Really kind of an odd experience, I can't think of another game console that went through this kind of fake resurgence/promotion in retail stores years after it was dead.
  13. Wow I commend the honesty and selflessness of that goodwill employee who identified it as a rare valuable game and then didn't just pocket it himself and take it home.
  14. My eyes kinda glazed over when reading this but it sounds like part of what you're asking is whether there is good pc based emulation these days for old 80s and 90s systems. The answer to this is yes. Then it sounded like it would be difficult for you to re-download all the games that you own in real life. I don't think its legal, but these days it seems that many people sell hard drives and even fully configured emulator computers stuffed with thousands of old console system roms on regular mainstream auction websites... so that's a way to acquire games without having to manually download them through your slow connection one at a time... Then you were asking about everdrives/flash cartridges and whether downloading a rom to those and sticking it in the system is effectively the same technological functionality as sticking the actual cartridge in. The answer to that is yes. Then you were asking about having devices that would emulate CD-based peripherals for consoles. I think there is some tech along these lines, for instance, there is a sega genesis flash cartridge that doubles as a Sega CD emulator, but this stuff tends to be very expensive. There are also disc drive emulators for disc based systems like PS1, dreamcast, gamecube and 3do, but these devices can also be expensive and hard to find depending on the system. Then you mentioned something about light gun games and CRT tvs. That's right, I think you need to have a CRT TV or monitor in order to use old lightgun hardware. You were asking about instruction manuals and whether you could find these online. The answer is yes, but there is no central database for these. I think some atari game instruction manuals might even be available here at atari age... nintendo had online versions of some game manuals on its website for a long time in connection with the release of the snes classic, and there was a website I went to years ago that had virtually every sega CD, saturn and dreamcast instruction manual scanned.
  15. Is there some background story about this game/film I can read? Was atari producing it and thinking it would be totally great to boost the system?
  16. I tried out wipeout 64 on an emulator recently and was very pleasantly surprised how good of a game it was. Imo it looked and played better than the PS1 version of Wipeout 1.
  17. Wonderswan also had the advantage of having all the Bandai franchises on it, like Gundam and countless popular mainstream animes. It seems almost unbelievable that the lynx sold 3M. I think people in the lynx forum were questioning that number in an old thread.
  18. I enjoy final fight but I feel like it peaks within the first couple of levels. Once I get to that stage with Abigall as the boss, the game just feels like a slog and there isn't as much variety in background graphics. Sega CD soundtrack is awesome. In terms of other interesting beat em ups, I tried out Big Fight: Big Trouble in the Atlantic recently and actually had a lot of fun with it. It has a cool feature where you can play as ANY of the bosses after you beat them, so you can keep switching your character as you go through the game if you want.
  19. I bought some atari lynx stuff from Best about 8 years ago, including a used Atari Lynx. Some lynxes have circular shaped D pads and some have cross shaped D pads but the Best site simply said you could buy refurbished lynxes without distinguishing between the variant. I specified that I wanted one with a circular shaped D pad. Brad responded that he would "see what he could do". I ultimately received a lynx with the circular shaped D pad that I wanted. Reading about other's experiences and how simple it can be to be put on ignore list, I'm surprised that he was willing to accommodate my request. Guess I got lucky!
  20. Is there a link to his work for the Amiga?
  21. I wish I could get $10K worth of enjoyment from a single atari 2600 game.
  22. Just adding another video comparison since its on topic. According to this reviewer the Jaguar seems to win in the "how cool the plastic shell of the console looks" department.
  23. Here's another youtube video which features a lot of comparisons between the jaguar and N64. It also features suggestions for N64 games that should be ported to Jag!
  24. The firebird seems like a simplified version of it. I was thinking about whether I would be satisfied getting the more easily found firebird, but decided I needed to go whole hog with the Phoenix. I managed to track down the Phoenix dos software for configuring the PS/2 buttons on the joystick, hopeful I might be able to get it to be fully working on my pc.
  25. I can't imagine any game on the sega cd achieving the results of the 3d jag games like cybermorph, hoverstrike, tempest 2000, etc. I guess the jag 2d stuff that wasn't a 16 bit port, like Ultra Vortek, Rayman, Kasumi Ninja, Flip Out, etc. could probably have OK versions done on the sega cd, but they might need to have a reduced colors and/or cut animations and sound due to the reduced sega genesis color palette and slow transfer speed from the sega cd disc drive to the system. Mortal Kombat I on sega CD is missing loads of stuff that the 16 bit cart based systems were able to keep, such as background stage animations, and is a good example of how much stuff needed to be cut out to get a port of that game on the system.
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