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  1. Someone call the authorities!
  2. Oh try switching it to composite. Does that do anything?
  3. Go into the menu options on your TV and see if the video jack is set to composite or component. If its set to composite input, try switching it to component.
  4. Sounds like an exciting prospect for the jag community, developer and gamer alike.
  5. I think we have reliable materials to indicate a good estimate of approximately 225,000 units produced. Atari filed a Form 10-K (annual report of the company) with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission in 1996. In their 10-K, atari outright says "From the introduction of Jaguar in late 1993 through the end of 1995, Atari sold approximately 125,000 units of Jaguar. As of December 31, 1995, Atari had approximately 100,000 units of Jaguar in inventory" Just add the units sold to units that remain in inventory and you know for sure Atari produced at least 225,000 jaguars as of 1996. Then consider the 1996 date, and how Atari was reverse merged into JTS in this year, and I would say it is reasonable to assume jaguar production stopped as of the date of the merger, if not earlier (atari would have been well aware of its problems selling its plethora of inventory and likely would have stopped or dramatically slowed production to lessen costs after realizing it was sitting on a huge backlog of stock that wasn't selling.) So we have the numbers from Atari as of December 31, 1995, and common sense would suggest they weren't pumping out a significant amount of consoles in 1996.
  6. Looks awesome! Cool to see a demo like this in 2016!
  7. How about the plane from River Raid Does that seem too outlandish? Then clearly you've never played Sega's Fighters Megamix
  8. When thinking of the supply side of supply and demand for jaguars, I think, more than it being broken systems which has reduced supply, all jag owners have not put their systems up for sale at any one time... instead they lie forgotten in closets and basements, or hooked up or stored by gamers and collectors. Even if 50% of all 200,000ish consoles had been destroyed due to being broken/thrown out or otherwise completely lost - the remaining 100,000 are not all for sale at any one time. Instead only a handful are for sale at any one time while demand is greater than a handful.
  9. Lots of great stuff for sale, I have way too many games and I need to get rid of the ones I never play. Please make a minimum purchase of $10 to make it worthwhile for me to drive to the post office Prices do not include shipping. Sega 32x: (prices are for cart only, see below for a universal game case) -Mortal Kombat 2 $15 -Afterburner $18 -Doom $5 -Star Wars $5 Atari Jaguar (prices are for cart only, see below for a universal game case) -Rayman $78 -Checkered Flag $5 -Doom $30 Dreamcast -Ferrari F355 $5 -KOF 99 Dream Match $10 -Sega GT $5 -Tokyo Xtreme Racer 1 $5 -Sega Rally 2 $5 -Psychic Force 2012 $5 Xbox -Tony Hawk 4 $5 -Dark Summit $5 -Need For Speed Underground $5 Genesis: -Road Blasters (box and cart only) $11 Universal Game Cases and original game boxes -I figured I'd split these up from the cartridges since people have different preferences and it would add to the shipping cost -Afterburner (UGC) $3 -Doom (UGC) $3 -Star Wars (UGC) $3 -Rayman (UGC) $3 -Doom Jaguar (UGC) $3 -Checkered Flag (UGC) $3 -Skyhammer, original cardboard box and manual $30 Pictures!
  10. I haven't taken apart a lynx 1 but would assume the sides have a tiny ridge that overlaps. Maybe using lock tight on that Ridge would keep it together. Not sure how much pressure if any there is pushing the two halves apart. If I'm understanding correctly the screw mounts completely broke rather than becoming stripped or cracking. If the latter maybe you could fill the hole for the screw with glue and then try to re thread the hole with the original screw. If the client is into an artistic mod, maybe you could drill tiny holes in each half of the plastic shell and stitch them together.
  11. Yeah the kid isn't really looking at the screen, and furthermore, his reaction is not entirely appropriate for someone playing Cybermorph The jaguar is at kind of an odd tilt too, like he has the back resting on something, maybe the console itself was added in with 90s image editing software. Gotta love those physical copies of encyclopedias... and the snowboard tucked away behind the TV, what an extreme time it was back then.
  12. I should probably stop checking this thread for any news on the status/creation of Xevious for Jaguar, every time i check its a post to be put on a list or a joke
  13. The pro controller looks pretty cool, but I just can't justify paying as much as I paid for my Jag CD (~$130) for one, let alone much more than that price. It would be pretty cool to have the Jaguar kiosk, with jaguar and jag CD unit AND pro controller hooked up. Then maybe have the jaguar playing Battlesphere - that would be the ultimate in bourgeois retrogaming.
  14. In case people may not know, this is a real game from ~1995 available on a bunch of different platforms, including dos. It would be a welcome addition to the Jag library, though I think it is not open source, and it was developed by a Japanese developer - and we all know the Jag didn't make any kind of splash in Japan, so its unlikely the Japanese developer would be interested in porting it. Gameplay vid
  15. Agreed on the steering wheel. By the way, fun fact, I believe Road Blasters arcade version is the same arcade hardware that runs Marble Madness. It sure would have been nice to have a good port of this game on the Jag, although at the time, it probably would have been considered a little long in the tooth, and I guess there was animosity at the time of the Jag, between the separate atari arcade game company that made Road Blasters and Tramiel's atari company that sold the lynx and jag, due to non-payment for previous projects worked on. What do you think of Hydra? The gameplay is pretty similar to Road Blasters but I don't like it nearly as much - it doesn't seem as well executed. On the lynx version, many of the resized enemy sprites are pretty ugly and hard to tell what they are even supposed to look like.
  16. I've been playing Road Blasters a ton on genesis lately, it's definitely a favorite game. I also have it on lynx and enjoy that version as well. I think the best use of the nitro injector, is to use it if you are about to run out of fuel - it will keep you going even when you have run out of fuel completely, so if you've memorized the course well enough, you might still make it to the finish line using the nitro injector when you otherwise wouldn't. I'm a fan of the genesis box art, that dude on the front looks like one tough and awesome dude. The lynx boxart is a little more cartoony. I also recently read an interesting piece on the making of the Roadblasters arcade game. It was a real team collaboration and they did a lot of fine-tuning of the courses, placing the fuel pods and certain enemies and obstacles in specific areas to make a tough but fair challenge. I am addicted to this game and I think it is in large part to the increasing difficulty and "man, I was this close to making it" kind of feel I get due to the placement of fuel/enemies etc. http://www.retrogamer.net/retro_games80/the-making-of-roadblasters/ I always thought the lynx version looked pretty good - and it does, but man does the arcade version have gorgeous graphics. Interesting to read that they made a 3D model of the car and then drew sprites based on it - that must be how the car always seemed so fluidly animated in the arcade version.
  17. I love Raiden, but the ship is soooo slow and the boss bullets are sooo fast. I am pretty good at modern shooters such as Dodonpachi, Ikaruga and the like, but I die pretty often in original Raiden with the slow large hitbox ship. It is a classic though.
  18. Kinda interested in the game, but it's somewhat expensive. I haven't been able to find any videos of gameplay - and the rom isn't available for testing to my knowledge since it is a commercial homebrew. Does anyone have a video, or could maybe make a video to help me get a sense for what the gameplay is like? The screenshots are nice.
  19. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm pretty confident I haven't played Raiden 100K times. At any rate, I'll see if the memory reset trick works - glad this isn't happening to a game that really needs the save to progress, like Rayman or Wolfenstein.
  20. Is Raiden supposed to save hi scores? I have a vague recollection of my cartridge saving my hi scores previously, but now it does not seem to. Has anyone else ever gotten slight rainbow banding while playing Raiden or any other Jag game? I notice it slightly in Raiden, particularly in the first level, but perhaps that's just residual hallucinations from playing Tempest 2000. Rainbow banding is common on old sega genesis consoles, it looks like this: Basically, a weird subtle headache inducing color spectrum appearing on sprites/places on the screen where there should be no such thing.
  21. Cool, didn't know the Nomad was less wide than the gamegear. I'd love to get one but prices for the nomad have been astronomical this year. I'd love to see a comparison between these systems and the toshiba libretto, a 1990s pentium laptop about the size of a VHS tape. It would be my choice for portable classic PC gaming for dos or windows 95/98 era games.
  22. Yep absolutely remember this. It was circa 1999/2000, the Dreamcast had already been released, and I went into kaybee toys at the mall and they had set up their Jaguar kiosk with pitfall playing. Next to the kiosk was a stack of boxes of Jaguar consoles for $30-$40, and nearby was a bin that had $5 games in it, which included SNES, Genesis and Jaguar titles. I remember looking at the box for Zool 2. I passed on all of this stuff at the time being only interested in the latest and greatest gaming had to offer at this stage in my life, but did take note how it was interesting they were devoting a significant amount of space to a system that had been dead and not out on their floor for years. It was like a weird last hurrah, seeing all this Jag stuff out years after the system was out of the public eye.
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