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  1. I got mine circa 2014 from best-electronics, a well known seller of NOS atari stuff. I got a reconditioned lynx 1 and it has been pretty good. I desperately wanted a lynx as a kid and used to see advertisements in comic books, but I came pretty late to the party and by the time I really knew what a lynx was, it was probably 1995 or 1996 and the lynx was long out of stores, and online shopping wasn't really a thing yet. I probably played my first lynx around then b/c a neighborhood kid that I wasn't good friends with, let me play his lynx 2 for a couple of minutes (only ever got to play it once). Several years later (post 2000), a friend of mine had a beat up lynx 1 that I would periodically play when I came over to his place, and that kept my interest in the system alive.
  2. Wondering if anyone has any sega gamegear recommendations. Here are some lynx games I like, if there is anything in the gamegear library that is similar, I would be interested to investigate. I'm much more into games that are a little obscure and were not long running franchises such as shinobi, sonic, streets of rage, mortal kombat, etc. I know Marble Madness is on GG, and that seems like a must have, and as an Atari arcade title, a game that would have fit in very naturally in the lynx library. I'm also interested in Lemmings on GG since it is a very common and cheap title on GG and I haven't picked it up on lynx yet. Games I like on lynx: -Zarlor Mercenary -Gates of Zendocon -California Games -Roadblasters -Qix -Hard Drivin' -STUN Runner -Chip's Challenge
  3. This is the source/artist for the exxagerated lynx 1 image. I want to squeeze it, it could easily be a pillow. Lynx plushies anyone? http://amazingtrout.deviantart.com/art/Atari-Lynx-191833185 You might like these by the same artist as well: Can you tell what this is?
  4. Huge fan of the first model. Among other things I find the dpad to be a lot better compared to my lynx 2, but maybe my lynx 2 was just used too much before I got it. I also prefer the looks of the Lynx 1 - and for all who might criticize the lynx 1 for being larger than the lynx 2, the lynx 2 design never appealed to me that much since it was a LOT fatter than the lynx 1. I would equate the experience of holding the lynx 2, to the experience of holding a giant hamburger from one of those chain restaurants (apple bees, chilis, TGI Fridays, etc), of course, perhaps holding the lynx 1 could be equated to holding a thin submarine sandwich Love this caricature
  5. I thought Superburnout was an inspired comparison actually, as Afterburner and Superburnout are both very fast arcade games with a chase cam perspective and rely heavily on scaled sprites. IMO I'd say they are even, although I might give the edge to Afterburner due to its status as a legendary arcade game. There just aren't that many games in common between the systems. I guess you could have: -Soulstar beta on the 32x versus Soulstar beta on the Jag CD (win for Jag b/c the Jag beta has a lot more content) -Doom 32x versus Doom Jag (win for Jag b/c its doom is full screen, has network capabilities, and more content) -NBA Jam 32x versus NBA Jam jag (never played either version) -Pitfall 32x versus Pitfall Jag (never really played either version) -Primal Rage 32x versus Primal Rage Jag (neither version is great, but I'd pick the 32x version because the Jag CD version has serious game breaking input lag) -Wolfenstein 3D 32x homebrew version versus Wolfenstein 3D Jag (32x homebrew version has slow down, no music and is based on dos version with lower resolution graphics, I'd go for the Jag version) If you dip into the genesis library (hey, they are all playable on the 32x), you could scrape a couple more titles together, though its not a true comparison then. -Zoop genesis versus Zoop Jag (never played either but they look about the same) -Out of this World genesis versus Another World Jag (Jag version looks much higher quality in terms of detailed graphics and sound) -Cannon Fodder genesis versus Cannon Fodder Jag (never really played either) -Double Dragon V genesis versus Double Dragon V Jag (never played either) -Dragon Bruce Lee genesis versus Dragon Bruce Lee Jag (never played either) -Flashback genesis versus Flashback Jag (Genesis version has a reduced color palette but allegedly less slowdown, doesn't seem clear which wins) -Raiden genesis versus Raiden Jag (graphics are better and more colorful on Jag) -Theme Park genesis versus Theme Park Jag (never played either version) -Wolfenstein 3D genesis homebrew version versus Wolfenstein 3D Jag (Jag version is more streamlined, has more weapons and high res graphics, but homebrew genesis version has all content from dos version, which is a lot more levels, good in different ways) -Total Carnage genesis versus Total Carnage Jag (never really played either but Jag version looks like it has better graphics)
  6. Here is my atari 5200 story in which the 5200 is the butt of a joke. I got a 5200 in the 90s at a church tag sale for $10. It was the console only with no ac adapter, rca cable, or controllers. I did actually have some games that a friend gave me thinking my atari 2600 might be able to somehow play them. I tried to scavenge some parts to hook it up, but in the pre-ebay days, this was pretty difficult, so the 5200 just gathered dust in a box. Then it is my friend's birthday maybe 5 years later, and I get him a dreamcast game that comes in a standard small lightweight jewelcase. I decide to play a prank on him, and put the game inside a gigantic box for a washing machine, decide the add the 5200 into the box for extra weight, and then wrap this giant box as the present. He opens it, sees the dreamcast game and the atari 5200, and everyone jokes that the 5200 is part of the gift. I go along with it b/c I could never get the parts to get the thing to work. Everyone is ribbing the 5200 saying it is ludicrous in size. My friend hoists it out of the cardboard box, starts walking across the room as he says "yay! my first atari!", then he trips, and accidentally sends the 5200 flying, falling hard onto a polished wood floor. Surprisingly the console didn't look too bad. I think the controller hinge door might have fallen off, but was able to be put back on. No one ever got the correct parts to hook it up, and last I knew, a couple years after that, his mom cleaned house and brought most of his consoles and games to a charity shop. The 5200 definitely did get hated on for its bulk... but in retrospect, it's a pretty cool design and I actually wish I still had the darn thing, the design reminds me of something out of the original star wars trilogy. As a retro game connoisseur these days, I would go out of my way to find the parts to hook it up. I'll probably wind up buying a 5200 just as soon as I get more space to set things up (currently in a 1 bdrm apartment with many other game consoles taking up space)
  7. I think i pretty much agree with how he came out on each game comparison. Looking at the library more holistically, I also have both systems and think the 32x definitely has the edge in terms of polished games and "fun for my tastes" games in 2016, but there is no denying the jag library is very unique and has a certain mystique that always brings me back to experience it.
  8. C compilers exist. Here's a good resource: https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/series/atarilynxprogrammingtutorial/
  9. It is one of my overall favorite games on the lynx and I have posted about it often on this forum. I often switch to using my index and middle finger, one for each button for firing the shot and the laser. I just comlynxed it recently for the first time, it was really fun as a multiplayer title. I also did a score challenge contest for the first level, and I want to encourage like-minded homebrew programmers to get in touch so we can create a spiritual successor on the lynx
  10. Nice discussion. Agreed on all points, very impressive scaling for the system and the era, really shows off the lynx's capabilities.
  11. Why don't you tell us what you do not have instead of what you have? Or are you asking us to tell you what you do not already have? This can get complicated because there are many lynx protos and bootleg homebrew cartridges and small variations for game releases. Are you looking for anything related to lynx that was ever released on a cartridge, including all prototypes and improper and unofficial releases such as bootleg cartridges of lynx homebrew made without permission of the author? What about regional variations such as Japanese releases of games that have slightly different packaging or different graphics on manuals? Do you care about packaging and game boxes? Would you like both the small and big cardboard boxes for those games that came in them? What about curved lip cartridges versus earlier released flat cartridges with no curved lip? What about atari lynx accessories such as the different lynx bag, different models of the atari lynx, comlynx cable, etc? What about lynx development hardware? Or is the scope of your collection something much more easy to define, such as every atari lynx game that would have been released or purchasable through mail order during the 1990s when the lynx was being sold and immediately after?
  12. Happy birthday! Hope you get to spend some quality time with your bday present.
  13. Another cool episode. I definitely agree the music in Chip's Challenge is very good! Some intriguing melodies in that game. I like to think of myself as a pretty smart person, I have a demanding job that requires a lot of analytical rigor. While I greatly enjoyed the first 15 or so levels of Chip's Challenge, I found that the game became less of a puzzle game and more of a game of chance and memory - with hazards that would be impossible to foresee or watch out for during the first playthrough of a level. So the game really turns into a grind rather than a game relying on analysis, when you are obligated to enter into blind traps and then memorize them to avoid them on the next playthrough of the level. That unfortunately turned me off of the game, but it has a lot of great elements, and the levels that are more puzzle centric are great. I sure as heck like the lynx soundtrack a lot better than the windows soundtrack:
  14. I really like the alternate Japanese art on the manuals for Gates of Zendocon and Slime World. I might buy some of those fake boxes for my collection.
  15. I saw this video and thought it was funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXxdPQo8-Gk
  16. Cool, maybe this is the reason that lynx game releases pretty much dried up around 1993 - all lynx development talent was re-allocated to supporting the Jaguar.
  17. Wow that's scandalous. I've sold lots of rare game stuff on ebay including Jag stuff and never had issues with payment or people trying to poorly deceive me.
  18. In case you or someone else reading this thread are at all interested in just buying something premade rather than doing the custom route, I have found that china/dinner plate display stands work pretty well for the lynx (particularly the lynx 1). They come in a variety of shapes and materials. Here is one holding up my lynx 1.
  19. I think you are thinking of this ad for the 3DO
  20. sirlynxalot


    This is pretty neat! I like the way the road looks, with the fantasy background this kind of reminds me of the aesthetic of Crash n Burn on the 3DO. This would be a terrific start for something more full featured down the line if you're interested in further development.
  21. Zarlor was a fantastic com lynx game. I could imagine it would be very fun with multiple skilled players. It seemed like the enemy waves were the same as 1 player mode, so having 4 people shooting through the level could make the game somewhat easy, especially if everyone has the various powerups. I'd love to play some more, if anyone is in the northeast us, we should arrange some kind of comlynx meetup!
  22. Aside from the fact that my friend was terrible at it and kept complaining about the lynx screen, it was pretty cool! When you boot up the lynxes at approximately the same time with the comlynx cable plugged in, it goes to the main menu and in the bottom left corner, it says "2 players mode" The gameplay remains the same, but if one person runs out of lives, their screen remains scrolling and text comes on the screen, something to the effect of "try to buy another ship in the shop... if you can" Although my friend lost all lives on the first level, he was able to scroll the viewscreen area left and right and observe all the action that I was doing until the level ended. Once in the shop, my friend was able to buy and sell stuff - except he didn't have enough cash for an extra life. A cool feature was that I could elect to give him as much of my cash as I wanted - so that kept him int he running as I played the next 4 or so levels, and gave him enough cash to buy 1 or 2 lives for each level (which he would promptly lose within the first minute or two of gameplay). Once I used up all my lives, and his had been used up as well, it went to the "you have died screen" with the broken ship on the ground graphic. Another cool feature was that there were extra multiplayer mode only items in the shop, including the "back stabber" which I think lets you shoot your opponent, and "invisibility" which I suppose would be helpful if you were playing with multiple people and wanted to use the backstabber without anyone knowing exactly who did it. I didn't really have a use for these items so I didn't check them out this time around. Overall, comlynxing was a fun and neat experience, and I'm kind of chuffed that all this 25 year old hardware worked without a hitch. Even the game music would become syncronized between the consoles - although occasionally it would desynch a little bit - but I never noticed any lag or glitchy gameplay between my friends ship, my ship, the bullets and the enemies. Pretty good for a low bit rate serial connection. Now if only I can meet enough people with lynxes to do the 4 player mode for Zarlor!
  23. My comlynx cable came, now I need to grab some batteries!
  24. Oh yeah totally forgot about battlewheels. My friend and I have decided to video our first com lynx experience and our impressions so stay tuned!
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