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  1. My comlynx cable came, now I need to grab some batteries!
  2. Oh yeah totally forgot about battlewheels. My friend and I have decided to video our first com lynx experience and our impressions so stay tuned!
  3. Yeah championship rally looks good, but it seems like a somewhat expensive investment to buy two copies of it.
  4. Well, I have owned 2 lynxes now for a little while, and I finally decided to "splurge" and buy the comlynx cable so that I can force my friends to play lynx with me. I have never played lynx games multiplayer, I don't know anyone else near me who owns a lynx, and I don't think anyone from this forum lives close to me, so I am very excited to "check the box" on this experience. Unfortunately, my friends are not really lynx fanatics and have no experience with any particular lynx games. As much as I want to play multiplayer Zarlor Mercenary, I can see how that might be a challenging game for someone unfamiliar with the items and the levels, and ultimately not as easy to pick up and play. So then, what are some good approachable comlynxable games for novice and casual players? I understand California Games is comlynxable, but to be honest, I really don't understand how that works - do you ride the same wave, bike the same BMX course and skate on the halfpipe at the same time? I also have a copy of Checkered Flag, that might be approachable and interesting. Any recommendations?
  5. The cave infomercial is hilarious. The aggressive style really reminds me of segas kids go hojo at Howard Johnson promotion for the game gear. I really think the aggressive tons in the cave infomercial is more 90s extreme marketing and trying to follow a trend set by segas pr firm at the time than just economic desperation. Why would the script writers at the pr firm have any reason to know Atari s financial state at the time. Doubtful Atari s in house staff had the manpower or desire to write and create this ad themselves.
  6. Please add me to the preorder list for Atari-Ray-ok speculative bootleg bs.
  7. Looking for a 2600 jr "short rainbow" version. It doesn't need to have any (video) modifications, and I would prefer a unit in good cosmetic condition. Let me know what you have and lets work out a deal
  8. I have seen people stop collecting very quickly and then want to purge their collections without carefully selling each item over time. Reasons would vary and depend on why people are collecting in the first place - but generally it's either an "I've completed the collection and I was only collecting for the sake of creating the set rather than use the items" or "the collection is something that has begun to rule my life and my finances and I need to purge it before it does my life more harm/start a clean slate"
  9. What is up with that iron soldier box art? It looks different, no? Love this comment. I disagree with your third sentence. Setting a 7 day (or 10 day or whatever) auction for a rare item that doesn't come up too often is not the best mechanism to determine value. You have plenty of prospective ebay buyers who don't have any advance notice of your auction, perhaps they don't sign into ebay for a week, perhaps they don't use saved searches and only search for the rare item sporadically and miss it during the window your auction is listed <- all of this has happened to me as a buyer searching for rare items. To Niitestalker - you easily have somewhere between $1K and $2K worth of rare and semi-rare items in great condition here. There is so much here, it would be significant work for me or someone else on the forum to tell you an opinion for value of each individual item. Here are some suggestions if you want to start doing the legwork for your own valuations: I would first make an itemized list of these items, then search for recently completed sold listings on USA ebay (auctions and BIN's) to get an idea of some of the highest prices people were willing to pay for them recently. I suggest USA ebay as your reference since I feel like this ebay in particular would have the greatest number of people searching for jag stuff and the greatest amount of jaguar completed items to look at. This should give you decent recent valuations for most of the retail games and hardware. For the rare third party releases and homebrew that might not pop up on ebay much, I'd search to see if any of it is still for sale somewhere, such as by B & C Computervisions, Best Electronics, Songbird, Goat Store or other online stores. If the games are still available easily, I would consider listing with a value around those prices. If the games are not available for sale and they haven't appeared on ebay for awhile, I would consider looking at the value of a game that is similarly situated in terms of production quantity and whether it is a CD versus a cartridge (cartridge always = premium), as a minimum value for a hard to find super rare game, you could always think of what you yourself paid for the game. Finally, you could search this site for other user's historical sales in the forums. Battlesphere doesn't come onto ebay that regularly, but when it does, there is great discussion of it and an indication of what the price was. You could use that historical info from the discussion for your valuations.
  10. Not that anything seems to have come of it, but there was some talk by atariowl about switching the project to the sega dreamcast a few years ago. http://dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5902
  11. -Raiden II and more top down shooters akin to Raiden -Badlands (hey I think there's an ST version of this one...) -Blackthorne (dos/32x/snes) -STUN Runner, Race Drivin' and other Atari arcade games of the era -Slipstream 5000 (dos) -Would also like a Lynx game adapter cartridge akin to super gameboy
  12. Hate to nitpick but that screenshot on the box looks like it is from the NES version which has much less detailed graphics to the arcade.
  13. Considering it is a virtually complete game by one of the Jag's most capable third party developers, and there probably aren't that many copies floating around (maybe several hundred rather than several thousand - it was released by Songbird well after the Jag's commercial era), and it is full of texture mapped 3d graphics - something of a rarity for the Jag, I would say it is worth spending more than for a standard jag game such as Tempest 2K. If you are prepared to wait around for months and perhaps not receive a copy in mint condition, I'm sure you could do better than $90 through ebay or buying from someone via forums.
  14. I guessi could easily plug the new cart directly into my jag and that could rule out whether it is a jag cd issue.
  15. It Is unlikely it is based on the model of jag. I have owned two different copies of Skyhammer in the last two years and used them on the same jag. One copy had no problems, my current copy does have the audio glitch. Though now that I think about it, I didn't have the jag cd back when I had the first one so the first was always plugged into the system, whereas now I have a cd so the second copy has always been plugged into the cd unit.
  16. Maybe you could port the ST version of Xevious while we are waiting It has a neat side bar like Raiden on Jag
  17. But it's not on Jaguar so who cares I'm pretty impressed by Skyhammer as a cartridge game. Outside of the N64, you didn't see too many texture mapped 3d games on carts for the era since most other console manufacturers had switched to CDs as the medium by that point.
  18. I've gotten to the second mission where I need to find a data pod in a particular zone. I've spent a lot of time flying around the zone with no luck. What exactly am I supposed to be looking for? A small rotating sprite like an item? Or should I be shooting enemies to uncover it somehow? I never see anything show up on my radar that isn't an enemy or a shop. For that matter, what does the small circle and the traveling dot represent on my crosshair? Are either of these supposed to point you to your objective? The manual didn't seem to identify their purpose. My cartridge also has glitchy sfx/music, sometimes the sfx/music plays a blast of static, or else the music won't play at all in-game even though the music is turned on and the volume is up. Apparently this is a known defect with some of the cartridges - but not all, b/c I used to have a different copy of the game that worked perfectly. Is there any fix for this?
  19. Its been a little while since any official news. Does anyone know of any status updates? Very interested in this, love Xevious and shooting games, and I love the jaguar, so it's a perfect combo!
  20. What a tease. Sorry to necrobump but I've been obsessing over the jag duo design the last couple of days. What is needed to make replica 3d printed cases happen? Can we make a cad file from the surviving case?
  21. I think Gates has pretty cool graphics for the lynx and is not a dud. In fact, I like the concept of breaking up the game into very short challenges with passwords instead of 5 or 10 minute long levels or having to play all levels in one shot like most shmup games. I also like the music. Some of the stages are pretty brutal in difficulty though.
  22. Looks like the auction ended. Did anyone here get it?
  23. I like Gates of Zendocon, nice graphics and music. I don't like the momentum the ship has though, such as if you hold the up button, your ship will move up but not at a steady rate, instead it will accelerate. Not game breaking for me, but it makes it pretty easy to run into things and die. I recommend you look at Zarlor Mercenary in a future episode. IMO there is so much detail in that game from the intricate multi-track music to the tile based graphics that have a lot of variety between stages.
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