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  1. Delivered to my doorstep in a blizzard, sat in the snow for who knows how long, but it was supposed to be broken anyway. That's what the seller said and that's the reason I got an "ok" deal in the realm of jaguar CDs ($120). Initially it didn't work and gave me red screens several times before finally things aligned correctly, the visualization started and it began reading a music CD. Now it's worked every time I've tried to do something with it. Playing music cds, booting an extremely ratty condition copy of blue lightning that came with it, and my game carts. Cool, it seems to be fully functional! A few questions: -Is the lid supposed to move up and down smoothly? -Is the lid supposed to close down on the clasp relatively smoothly? Mine doesn't really want to close down on the clasp at all, so I press in the open button to slide the clasp out of the way, push down the top, and then lift off the button, putting the clasp in place. This hunk of plastic looks awesome in real life. It is dark and brooding on my shelf, the pointy 3dness of the whole setup reminds me of some 90s style alien technology. The cd unit fits perfectly onto the console and it all really seems to be one unit. I'm pretty underwhelmed with Blue Lightning, but I burned a copy of Tube SE onto my last blank CDr and am enjoying that quite a bit more, although playing some of the more intricate levels makes me dizzy. It also seems like I will have to pick up the memory unit if I realistically want to play through the campaigns for Battle Morph, Hoverstrike, Blue Lightning and others.
  2. Best way to get the effect is to get lots of bodies/sprites into your view area, and then slightly spin the view to the left and right. But I like the "problem"! I feel like I'm putting the game through its paces lol - and it sounds kinda neat.
  3. I've been playing wolfenstein a lot lately, and I've found that if you are in of the areas where there are a lot of enemies and you shoot them so that there are 6-10+ bodies on the floor, not only does it slightly make the framerate choppier when all the bodies are in your viewing area - but during these times, the music gets subtly wonky. For instance some of the synthesized instruments seem to go slightly out of tune, some get staticky and/or low volume. Maybe this is super well known, but it took me a little while to figure out this is from the software program getting more processor/mem intensive, and not just some dirty contacts or bad caps in the cart or my system.
  4. Speaking of racers, does anyone else enjoy Super Sprint? That's a good atari racing classic, and available on the ST I might add
  5. The "defective" cart actually works 100% of the time in my lynx 1, and pulling it out a bit in my lynx 2 isn't that much of an issue. Thanks for the idea to reflow the solder though. (The game in question is California Games btw)
  6. If the cartridge is in but not being read properly, typically I see a yellow text "insert game" screen pop up and sporadically flash on my lynx 2. This happens with one particular cart I own, which I need to pull out slightly to get to work for some reason. For the lynx that does not turn on, I would troubleshoot based on this guide which identifies a few issues and gives suggestions for fixing them: http://www.retroisle.com/atari/lynx/Technical/Hardware/lynx_repair.php For the white screen lynx, I'd look at this thread, you might have internal components receiving too high of a voltage to work properly. Or could be caps, or could be damage to the motherboard from battery acid (this happened to a gamegear of mine). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/194034-a-small-atari-lynx-problem/
  7. Well, I know of a bad one. The Davis Flea in Somerville tends to have a small section of stuff provided by High Energy Vintage, a small used goods store which sells used video games. You're better off going to the store (also in Somerville), the prices for games and consoles are quite reasonable, but the cosmetic condition of items can be a little rough sometimes.
  8. I just tested it out and there is some real potential there Nice job! I was not joking - In fact I'm on the lookout for a lynx programmer I can convince to help realize my dreams of a top down shooter on the lynx. Breakout isn't that far from Zarlor Mercenaries, right (Example artwork can be found here http://atariage.com/forums/topic/157577-lynx-coding-contest/page-8 )
  9. Cool rediscovery! The lynx programming forum here would be a good place to start if you want to discuss sharing code, or asking/giving tips. Also these tutorials written by fellow forum member lx.net might be of interest to you. https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/series/atarilynxprogrammingtutorial/ Would you be interested in sharing the rom image? I'd give it a spin on handy
  10. I am selling some items from my collection that I find myself not really playing at all. Everything is cart only, except for Skyhammer which is CIB with manual. Payment is via paypal only. I would prefer selling to people located in the US. Please PM me if there are game(s) you are interested in so I can see if I have an appropriate sized box and try to figure out cost of shipping. Atari Jaguar Super Burnout 24 Skyhammer 78 SNES contra iii 38 turtles iv 52 super mario rpg legend of seven stars 50 castlevania iv 40 shadowrun 42 illusion of gaia 20 actraiser 20 battle toads double dragon 25 teenage mutant ninja turtles tournament fighters 20 mighty morphin power rangers the movie 25 robocop vs terminator 10 imperium 15 super nova 12 the simpsons: barts nightmare 12 UN squadron 15 separation anxiety 15 gradius 3 10 alien vs predator 18 phalanx 12 batman returns 13 jim power, lost dimension in 3d 5 robocop 3 7 animaniacs 8 toy story 7 ultraman 5 primal rage 7 super r type 7 darius twin 7
  11. I read all of your threads on hunting down and rescuing the source and other documentation for your lynx games and these demos back when I was an unregistered user some time ago. It was great fun to read it over again. Now that I am registered, let me take the opportunity to thank you for sharing! The commercial lynx games you programmed are all really high quality and quite impressive given the time period and lynx specifications.
  12. I thought I had read somewhere, that on the lynx version, staying as close as possible to the center of the track at all times (regardless of the turns) gives you the greatest speed. Even with crashing into virtually every drone, I can probably get to levels 7~9, often just barely sliding across the exit. The other enemies are mostly manageable to shoot away or dodge.
  13. The armored drones never gave me a problem in the arcade version, it didn't seem like such an obstacle to get around them. On the lynx version, I find myself crashing into them everytime I try to pass them. They seem to aggressively track how I am turning to try and do a good job of blocking me. Alternatively, when it appears to me that I have passed them on the side without rear-ending them, I somehow still seem to crash into them, bringing me to a stop. This happens literally every time I try to pass a ring of them. Any particular strategies that might help?
  14. I'll just leave this here http://www.ataritimes.com/index.php?ArticleIDX=314
  15. It was openly advertised as broken, but it seemed to be in good cosmetic condition and the price was right, so I thought I would take a chance with the idea that it might at least provide spare parts if I get another system. Naturally you have to test these things out when you get them - I put batteries in, and a game cartridge in, and sure enough the system came to life! Played for a few minutes without problems, and the screen didn't seem to have any significant dead pixels or other issues. I haven't fully evaluated it or done a long game session on it, but fingers crossed as it seems to be fully functional atm. On to the cosmetic condition - I thought it looked good in the pics, but as it is, there are many noticeable scratches on the protective plastic over the screen, some cosmetic marks on the front plastic, and one of the rubber pieces on the back is completely missing, so the plastic gently gouges my hand a little there. Open to suggestions for something else I could put there, maybe I'll have to pick up another broken model to get another of these pieces... Now I have 2 lynxes, so naturally my next step is to get a comlynx cable and a dupes of a few of my favorite comlynxable titles. And on a final note -this is my first lynx 2 and DAAAAAAAAMN the lynx 2 is a lot thicker than I imagined! And I was aware from pictures that it was thicker than the lynx 1.
  16. Maybe this is a bit of an odd topic - it's completely subjective. I've been pondering this philosophical question recently. In the scheme of things, the Lynx's lifetime was basically between that of the 7800 and the Jag. Despite being a portable system, its technology and capabilities seems to be between these two systems as well. But on a spectrum with the 7800 on one side and the jag on the other, weighing the stylish designs, types of games, marketing campaign, "general vibe" or other discrete factors, where does the lynx come out for you? Is it more biased toward one or the other console/era of atari? My thoughts: -Games: The lynx's games seem to have more in common with the 7800 library than the jag library. Atari continued its tradition of having many high quality arcade ports and ports of "classic games" (missile command, battlezone, pacman, etc) brought to each system - this is in contrast to the Jag's game library which has very few arcade ports (is there anything outside of Raiden?). -Stylish design: I think each version of the lynx leans more toward the 7800 in this regard. The 7800 is a basic black wedge design with a tasteful silver stripe, the lynx (model 1) is a basic black rectangle with a tasteful small silver atari logo in the center. In contrast, the jag has a very unusual design with curves and aerodynamic lined pieces of plastic on the sides. It reminds me of an alien spaceship. -Marketing campaign: I think the lynx leans more toward the Jag/mid 90s atari style in this regard. Attack ads ("lynx eats boys lunch", "lynx kicks their [other systems capabilities] buts") and ads which implied that you were juvenile or dumb if you did not play the lynx seem to be more in the direction of the main Jaguar ad campaign which implied you were dumb if you did not understand that the 64 bit jag system was better than a console with fewer bits. I don't know much about the 7800 ad campaign, but it seems to have relied on touting the backward compatibility and atari brand name as a symbol of quality and good titles rather than making the consumer feel dumb or having barely veiled attacks at competitor systems. Although I did just see this ad for the 7800 so maybe Tramiel era atari was always trying these shock ads/using the same promotions company and you can disregard what I just said in this paragraph. -Overall vibe: I think the lynx leans more toward the 7800. It has a tasteful restrained design and has many many excellent big name arcade ports for recent (at the time) titles and classic titles that make up its library. In contrast, the Jag looks like a flamboyant alien spaceship and its game library has very few arcade ports.
  17. sirlynxalot

    Lynx to VGA

    Very intriguing! Would like to hear more about this.
  18. I thought these videos were kind of cool, thanks for sharing, and what a collection!!
  19. Cool, its close to the promo shot of the atari jaguar which had an unlabeled cartridge in the slot with the Jaguar text logo.
  20. It seems that you can select weapons with option, but you only cycle through your best ones. IE: I should have had the pistol, machine gun, chaingun, rocket launcher and flamethrower - but pressing option only let me cycle between the chaingun, rocket launcher and flamethrower... perhaps because the chaingun is the best of the bullet firing funs, so they figure no one would want to revert back to pistol or machine gun... Likewise I could not select the knife, though I assume the knife appears if you run out of bullets.
  21. Pretty sure I had pressed option several times while trying to figure it all out, but will give it another go based on what the manual says! Thanks.
  22. I recently picked up wolfenstein as cartridge only and I can't for the life of me figure out how to switch between the weapons I've picked up. I tried to google it and a youtube comment said you could switch with the keypad - but even the overlay doesn't indicate that any of the keypad functions do this - and needless to say I've pressed all buttons on the controller multiple times and tried some different button combinations already. This is getting kind of silly
  23. Hi everyone, I just bought Skyhammer. It should arrive next week. In the past couple months I did a lot of research and bought a copy of cybermorph that I found locally. I'm still trying to find wolf3d, missile command, and rayman at more moderate pricesn and don't mind playing the waiting game even if it takes me several months. I am still very very nterested in the jag CD, but best electronics upped their price for a refurbished unit to $175, and it's harder for me to justify putting down that kind of money for it, and then money for the games on top, when that money it comes at the expense of many interesting looking cart games I could get instead. (I do love the look of the jag CD and would buy it just to have it stick out of my system and change the bootup graphics if it were less of a collectors item).
  24. Hehe, the speedbump definitely has the shape! You guys have to admit though, that the Tyco Typhoon not only has the basic shape but also includes the raised circular shape in the middle!
  25. How did you create those metal holders that hold several cartridges and hold up a lynx unit? I've seen these in some of your videos and they look really cool! Wouldn't mind having one myself
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