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  1. Someone in the jaguar forum was having good results printing boxes on somewhat thick "photo paper" through their printer. I guess you could fold and glue the paper up to be in the box shape and it was rigid enough to keep the shape.
  2. Yeah! I like Hard Drivin on the lynx for what it is (a choppy but impressive 3d game on the lynx). I discovered the one lap race trick to go around the signs, which works fantastic in the lynx version. On some of the other ports, it does not work, b/c the cpu will finish the stunt track before a well run lap through by you through the speed track - I suppose either due to slight alterations in how the track is laid out in other ports or the speed Phantom Photon drives.
  3. My copy came today, it is excellent! I think this will replace california games for awhile as my quick pick up and play for 10-15 minutes game. A shame it doesn't fit in the lynx 1 (my preferred lynx), but as with most people, I think it is preferable to have the plastic encompassing the cart. The cart quality and the material quality of the manual and box is top notch! I also enjoy the little character descriptions in the manual! There's so much intrigue behind the scenes of this innocent alpine competition! (in true 1990s form, none of which is actually part of or material to the game ) The graphics are really impressive! Some of these mini games easily look like they could have been parts of gameboy advance games, a handheld that came out 11-12 years after lynx! For Duranik's next lynx game, my input would be the following! 1) Flashback style game 2) Top down shooter like zarlor mercenary! 3) Lotus/outrun style game
  4. Mine is en route. I think I heard this can't fit into the lynx 1? Does that mean only that the door cannot close but the game will load, or the game card cannot be put into the cartridge slot due to the plastic design? I have a lynx 2 anyways, but typically prefer using the lynx 1 when playing.
  5. If it counts for purposes of this thread I would most want an Atari lynx convertor akin to the super gameboy. Outside of that I'd love another top down shooter along the lines of a toaplan game. Additionally you could probably put any game published by apogee in the mid 90s and I'd love it and it would feel in keeping with the jags current library to me (death rally, terminal velocity, Halloween Harry etc)
  6. I think Skyhammer could be comparable to some n64 games.
  7. Unfortunately even the 32X is going up in price very rapidly now. If you don't have a genesis already, expect a genesis and 32x to cost on average $70, which may or may not include shipping if you buy from ebay. That's about on par with a loose jaguar. Many 32x games are still cheap as loose carts, but as with the jag, there are several rare and interesting quality titles such as Blackthorne which typically hover around the 50-70 range.
  8. How long is too long to reasonably keep batteries in. For instance, I put new batteries in my lynx in December 2014, played my lynx about 1-3x a month, and recently took the batteries out as I figured its probably better to be safe than sorry and leave them in/forget about them and have them leak at some point in the next 6 months. Of course the batteries have an expiration date that is a long time from now, but isn't there something about having them plugged in that causes them to be more prone to leaking?
  9. Cool! That's pretty neat seeing Wipeout coming out of an atari lynx.
  10. Definitely go with best electronics. I got a used/refurbished lynx 1 from them last year, it was in excellent shape and worth the money.
  11. ^ Agreed, for all the shortcomings that people point to about cybermorph, at least it looked somewhat "next gen" for its time compared to games on the snes/genesis. Something I can't really say for Trevor Mcfur.
  12. Here's another description of that broadcast from 1993, including some funny bits. "Hot stuff, Herb!" http://www.amigareport.com/ar129/p1-6.html
  13. I am still looking.
  14. I like california games a lot too. It is probably one of my most played lynx games. Looking forward to Alpine Games for some similar style mini games.
  15. Let me know if you would consider breaking it up down the line. I am interested in a few pieces from the collection, including the FZ-1.
  16. sirlynxalot

    WTB 3DO FZ-1

    I'm looking for a working USA or Japanese FZ-1 with at least one 1st party controller to keep my Jaguar company. You would need to be US based as I recall these units are heavy and a little bulky and I expect international shipping would kill the deal (previously owned some 3DOs and had to sell them circa 2012). The amount I would consider to pay is flexible, and I'm willing to pay more if you have done any repair/restoration work such as replacing capacitors or the worm gear in the cd unit that is prone to failure. Would also be interested in purchase of a small lot if you have games as well (depending on the games). Please PM me if you have something
  17. My copy came (used) this way as well, I think rather than switching off the music, the previous owner had adjusted the music volume to 0 in the in-race options that you get to with a combination of the pause button and one of the action buttons. Likewise my tempest cartridge had the music switched off. What's up with these previous owners, the music is part of the game and its certainly not bad in either of these titles!
  18. I've recently experienced doom on jaguar. As anyone who has played this version knows, in lieu of saving, you select levels from the main menu and the game will start you at the level with only a pistol as a means of continuing your game. Is this to say that ID Software thought it might be somehow technically feasible to beat any level of the game just by starting with the pistol and the 40 or so bullets you will get? I have been playing the later levels lately (high teens and early 20s) on the "not too rough" difficulty, and it seems completely impossible to beat many of these levels despite your doom skill level without having to resort to cheat codes. Here are my reasons why: -You may find ammo for advanced weapons, but it is not so frequent that you will find the actual weapon, such as the chaingun or plasma rifle. Without the weapon in your inventory, you cannot use the ammo/weapon. -It is not so common to find the shotgun, a reasonably powerful weapon that can be used effectively by experienced players, as the later levels have primarily demons/imps etc rather than the shotgun wielding soldiers or shotguns lying around generally. -It is difficult to maintain bullets for your pistol since these later levels have more of the hellspawn type enemies who have higher hitpoints (taking up more of your precious bullets) and do not leave any replacement ammo once you kill them rather than the soldier enemies. -There are too many enemies that deal large amounts of damage per hit to permit simply running around and collecting keys and finishing the levels without minding the enemies. -When you run out of ammo, you will have to use your brass knuckles, which essentially mandates that you will take close range damage from anything you are trying to hit - and you will very quickly die if you are facing a group of more than one enemy. What do you think? Is it legitimately impossible or is my Jag Doom skill level just not up to the task? I pose a similar question for Wolfenstein 3D on the jag, whether it is possible to beat the later levels just by starting with the pistol and a small amount of ammo (what happens if you die on a level and do not reload your save game) - at least in that game you will get replacement bullets from almost all enemies.
  19. In terms of games that would have been appropriate around the time, I would have liked Xevious and Race Drivin.
  20. Ding ding ding, I just saw this article about the upcoming Jaguar system, dated 1993, featuring a picture of the Jag CD! It seems that the idea was for the CD unit to be a high end upgrade from the get go. I suppose cost of providing the CD unit in the stock system might have been a significant factor circa 1993 (or 1992/1993 when development of the hardware was occurring). To keep costs down to compete with the 16 bit systems might have been an idea.
  21. The previous owner of my Tempest 2000 cart had muted the music. Heresy!
  22. I recently got Jag Doom, a used cartridge. All the levels seem selectable from the main menu, probably bc the last owner beat them all... But is there any save feature like in wolfenstein? If I play the game in multiple sittings, do I always have to start a level with only the pistol (unless I use a cheat code)? If that is the case, is there anything done to compensate for this, like more advanced guns are more commonly available in later levels compared to the pc version?
  23. Missile Command 3D for $28
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