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  1. My preference for games is arcade pick up and play stuff. I also like early 3d graphics, but am not that interested in FMV based games. With that in mind, the CDI is out. The game library does not compare to the others in terms of what I like. The 3DO and Jaguar are about even for me. On the 3DO, the crystal dynamics games have held up well for the era and I get enjoyment out of them. Road Rash and Need for Speed are quite good as well. I am also a fan of the FZ-1's design and the design of the controller. Interestingly enough, I was excited to get a jag (in the 21st century, after experiencing 3do) because, based on the cartridge medium, I knew I would not have to wade through FMV games and figured things would be easier to pick up and play. But by golly, due to the limited production values, small development teams, tight deadlines for creating software, lack of support/tools from atari, etc, there are many Jaguar games that honestly seem really subpar or just not fun. There are several standout quality titles and I find the system fascinating, but it is not clear to me that the jaguar's game library beats the 3dos. If it were the early 90s, cost of the systems aside, I definitely would have gone with the 3do. I played one as a kid back in 93 and crash n burn blew my little kid mind. Nothing about the jaguar could have steered me away from wanting that game at the time.
  2. I always try to wait until I can get below the typical price of jag games/equipment when I buy them. It helps me space out the expense and the enjoyment of getting and focusing on one or two things at a time. That being said, now that it's 2015, I feel that a lot of the games are at a price point where even if I can manage 5 or $10 less than normal, it still doesn't feel like a "deal" to me, especially when ports of that game on other more mainstream 16 or 32 bit systems go frequently for under $10 (Rayman, Doom, cannon fodder, raiden, flashback, etc). Recently, I bought the Jaguar CD unit for about $120. I guess that's a deal in terms of buying them elsewhere, but my personal opinion is that $120 is still a lot when you consider what that could buy you in (for instance) sega console hardware. My one real deal, was when I spent $20 to buy my first jaguar from a kid in highschool circa 2002 with one controller. I didn't appreciate it at the time and later wound up selling it - only to spend $70+ to buy a jag and 2 controllers 12 years later.
  3. I had some red screen issues, but they mostly fixed themselves by me frequently taking the game in and out of the slot. I suspect, as posited, that the act of inserting/removing is enough to scrape off any minor oxidation.
  4. I think I might be interested, could I ask about the expected price?
  5. I thought I would do a quirky followup. I have since sold Skyhammer - cool game for the jag, but did not find myself drawn into it / addicted to it, like I am to other more easily pick up and play type games. Due to a little luck, I did wind up going after my second choice - buying a Jaguar CD, it's pretty cool, but after having experienced a little bit of all three of my initial options (1. buy skyhammer, 2. jag cd, 3. focusing on common cartridge games), I would have to say that at this point, I am finding myself popping in my typical cartridge games like Wolf 3D and Raiden and playing them a lot more than the CD titles (or Skyhammer back when I had it). The CD does look cool though and there are plenty good things to say about homebrew, the light machine, and some of the CD titles. Anyone in the same position may take this as a lesson, or a recommendation, or just a peculiar insight into my gaming tastes.
  6. I sold a rare jaguar game recently, and it did not have a tray. I went back and forth a bit about the best way to pack the cart - whether it made sense to put it in the game box, or if it being moved around loosely would harm the box. Then I put some bubble wrap around the cart and put the cart in the games box (to go into the mailing box), but that seemed to stress the game box and the friction seemed like it could wrinkle the manual. Eventually I just put the manual and game cart loose in the game box, put the game box in the mailing box with some bubble wrap and called it a day. Seemed to arrive safe.
  7. i recently beat wolfenstein on the difficulty level one step below the hardest. It got pretty nuts in the final levels. I read that because of memory limitations, several of the console ports, including the jaguar, don't have animation frames and ai for the enemies to show their backs or sides to you. That means as soon as you walk into a room with 10 soldiers, they instantly see you and start shooting at you. This gets trickier in the final stages when you have the mutants who deal a lot of damage per shot, and the white ss guards who shoot very quickly. It is not uncommon to walk into a room, and have multiple enemies instantly start shooting at you from both sides of the door (think of a "T" and you enter in the middle). What ends up happening is that it is simply impossible to run into the room with guns blazing and take everything out without sustaining too much damage to recover from (you run in and quickly kill 4 enemies on one side, meanwhile 4 enemies are shooting your back and dealing you a lot of damage and there's nothing you can do about it). As a result, the only strategy is to open the door to a room, quickly dart in and then immediately back up. The door closes, and the enemies run to the door, open it, and typically come in one after the other, thereby coming through in a manageable bottleneck for you to kill without sustaining tons of damage. I am certain that strategy is the only way to beat the later levels on harder difficulties. Unfortunately, it isn't anywhere near as fun as running around with guns blazing, and isn't that much of a clever elaborate strategy Another thing is that you will be re-loading your saved games any time you die in the later stages. When you die, the game makes you start the level with nothing but a pistol and 10 ammunition. Not every level has the advanced weapons in it, and it becomes an impossibility to successfully beat the hordes of enemies present even at the beginning of levels, armed only with a pistol at the start of a level. I definitely recommend wolfenstein for the pick-up-and-play fun factor though, definitely a worthwhile game to have on the jag.
  8. I recently had the chance to play primal rage on the jaguar for the first time. I have played several other ports and the arcade version, and own the version for the snes. What struck me as the nail in the coffin for the jag version is the significant input lag between pressing a button and having the character do a move. This lag made the game essentially unplayable for me and I don't see myself playing the game ever again.
  9. Say, is it possible to fit the white cardboard cartridge holders from the cardboard boxes into the UGCs? Those are sold separately by B+C for cheap and maybe it would add to a cleaner look inside the case?
  10. Hmm, I see a corner of a white jaguar case, but that's what was previously offered by the dental folks? Intrigued for what the "new purpose" might be.
  11. Asking questions about the lid makes me sound incapable of fixing a jag cd? Ah well. I've been testing out soul star lately. The game crashes after entering the mothership on the third or fourth scenario, but I read this old description which seems to allow you to go further? I'm not entirely sure what the description is saying to do. Is it suggesting I can destroy the mothership that I enter, with missiles? What is this aspect of branching paths for easy, medium, hard difficulty? I stayed as high as possible and the mothership still sucked me into it, no sign of any choice of paths, and then the game crashes. What am I missing EDIT: never mind, my copy crashed often before the 4th scenario after you go into the mothership. I see the description above refers to the part after you enter the mothership, which my copy just let me get to.
  12. I went to print dvd cases today at staples. The quality was good, but I found to my annoyance that 8.5/11 paper isn't suitable for printing dvd covers. Even though the online tool for submitting a print job indicated that the entire graphic would fit on the page, the printer at staples seemingly truncates a few millimeters from the top and left side of the graphic. This is a minor annoyance, but it does irk me when it cuts of the top of the letter "T" on the front cover of a game, or cuts off the start of the text on the left side of the back. I think I'm going to have to go back and print them all again on 11x17 (the next size up) just to get the extra 2 millimeters Ah well, I need to make a trip to do this again anyway to print graphics for UGCs for the cartridges.
  13. Thanks. It would have looked odd on the shelf to have cases for all the good games, but none for the poor ones.
  14. Not really looking to add to my database of usernames and passwords just to request those two. If it's all the same to you, could you request? If it seems like too much of a hassle, I'll ghostwrite a request for you to post?
  15. I've been looking into this for awhile and I think I'll follow through with it in the near future. Although the covers available are pretty comprehensive outside of some rare aftermarket releases, I'm surprised that I cannot find already made covers for certain common jag games, including Checkered Flag, Hoverstrike and Missile Command on coverproject or other websites. Would anyone have already prepared versions of those?
  16. Incidentally, I saw mention of this as a potential cool thing to have back in a circa 2011 thread - is there any homebrew interface for jag cd, whereby homebrew or commercial roms could be selected and loaded from the CD to a skunkboard? Or jag cd homebrew interface/menu to select between multiple jag CD homebrews mixed onto one disc?
  17. ^That looks very nice! Since I'm just starting my "collection" now for jag cd, I think i will go with the custom dvd boxes for commercial games as well. I just picked up some lightscribe discs for homebrews. Excited to look into some of Cyrano's ports as well!
  18. The homebrews were actually a key reason why I thought the Jag CD would be an interesting item to pickup. It's probably been asked before, but is there any relatively up to date list anywhere of homebrews for the Jag CD? I searched the forum and google a bit yesterday and found some older lists but noticed some of these lists included homebrew that was previewed but never released, linked to broken webpages, didn't necessarily have information on the most recent stuff, etc. Coming into it this late in the game, it seems a little bit catch-as-catch can An interesting thing happened yesterday, I was playing Raiden through the Jag CD's port, and after playing for about 3 minutes, the game reset the system and the system's video output shut off for a few seconds - then it all started up automatically and the game loaded fine and I played for awhile until I had enough. I didn't reseat the cart or anything. Any thoughts on whether this is due to a connection between the Jag CD and the Jag, or the game cart and the Jag CD? Or something else? I don't think I've had a cart reset on me mid game using just the cart in the base console before.
  19. Delivered to my doorstep in a blizzard, sat in the snow for who knows how long, but it was supposed to be broken anyway. That's what the seller said and that's the reason I got an "ok" deal in the realm of jaguar CDs ($120). Initially it didn't work and gave me red screens several times before finally things aligned correctly, the visualization started and it began reading a music CD. Now it's worked every time I've tried to do something with it. Playing music cds, booting an extremely ratty condition copy of blue lightning that came with it, and my game carts. Cool, it seems to be fully functional! A few questions: -Is the lid supposed to move up and down smoothly? -Is the lid supposed to close down on the clasp relatively smoothly? Mine doesn't really want to close down on the clasp at all, so I press in the open button to slide the clasp out of the way, push down the top, and then lift off the button, putting the clasp in place. This hunk of plastic looks awesome in real life. It is dark and brooding on my shelf, the pointy 3dness of the whole setup reminds me of some 90s style alien technology. The cd unit fits perfectly onto the console and it all really seems to be one unit. I'm pretty underwhelmed with Blue Lightning, but I burned a copy of Tube SE onto my last blank CDr and am enjoying that quite a bit more, although playing some of the more intricate levels makes me dizzy. It also seems like I will have to pick up the memory unit if I realistically want to play through the campaigns for Battle Morph, Hoverstrike, Blue Lightning and others.
  20. Best way to get the effect is to get lots of bodies/sprites into your view area, and then slightly spin the view to the left and right. But I like the "problem"! I feel like I'm putting the game through its paces lol - and it sounds kinda neat.
  21. I've been playing wolfenstein a lot lately, and I've found that if you are in of the areas where there are a lot of enemies and you shoot them so that there are 6-10+ bodies on the floor, not only does it slightly make the framerate choppier when all the bodies are in your viewing area - but during these times, the music gets subtly wonky. For instance some of the synthesized instruments seem to go slightly out of tune, some get staticky and/or low volume. Maybe this is super well known, but it took me a little while to figure out this is from the software program getting more processor/mem intensive, and not just some dirty contacts or bad caps in the cart or my system.
  22. Speaking of racers, does anyone else enjoy Super Sprint? That's a good atari racing classic, and available on the ST I might add
  23. The "defective" cart actually works 100% of the time in my lynx 1, and pulling it out a bit in my lynx 2 isn't that much of an issue. Thanks for the idea to reflow the solder though. (The game in question is California Games btw)
  24. If the cartridge is in but not being read properly, typically I see a yellow text "insert game" screen pop up and sporadically flash on my lynx 2. This happens with one particular cart I own, which I need to pull out slightly to get to work for some reason. For the lynx that does not turn on, I would troubleshoot based on this guide which identifies a few issues and gives suggestions for fixing them: http://www.retroisle.com/atari/lynx/Technical/Hardware/lynx_repair.php For the white screen lynx, I'd look at this thread, you might have internal components receiving too high of a voltage to work properly. Or could be caps, or could be damage to the motherboard from battery acid (this happened to a gamegear of mine). http://atariage.com/forums/topic/194034-a-small-atari-lynx-problem/
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