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  1. check out the picture for Zarlor in this classic lynx advertisement, it doesn't appear to reflect any level or background objects from the commercial game. Maybe its a prototype of the first, desert level? Is that object in the center the player ship? And what is that energy bar for on the bottom of the screen? At least the money/score counter in the top right is the same as the final, so it does indeed appear to have a connection to the retail release of Zarlor.
  2. I love the look of this game and I've decided I would like to try it out. I'm a little scared of the prices for a new copy, so I figured I'd see if anyone here might be interested in working out a deal for their "used" copy. Please pm me if you're interested and we can try to decide a mutually agreeable price Edit: Hmm, I suppose this should have gone in the "wanted" forum. I don't see the ability to delete the post though. Edit: Mods, thanks for moving the post
  3. Hmm, I'm thinking of what some of the content might be, here's a quick brainstorm. -news on homebrews and news on how to develop for lynx/what tools to get/where to get them -news on upcoming homebrew games -pictures/info on original atari development hardware/software for lynx -interview(s) with developers of commercial lynx games from the 90s -game tips/strategies for commercial or homebrew games -pictures of lynx collections / short interviews with collectors -comparison of lynx arcade ports to the original arcade game (side by side screenshots, discussion on graphics and gameplay)
  4. Cool. Btw I found out that on the championship lap in Hard Drivin, you can simply drive around the signs blocking the speed course, and thereby drive through the speed course and beat the rival. I do this all the time b/c I am not good at the stunt course at all!
  5. I don't have experience with the lynx 2, but on most controllers there is a rubber piece that gets pressed down by the button, which completes the circuit and registers the button press on the circuit board. It kind of sounds like this rubber piece might be brittle/broken in some way on your lynx. If everything else works alright with your lynx, I'd get one of those $15 broken lynxes off ebay and see about scavenging some parts.
  6. Interesting perspectives guys. I think I am leaning away from rushing into Skyhammer first. I'll sell a few of my other game related items to get some cash and then see how I feel about plunking down for the cd unit versus getting some of the cheaper games here and there. Please feel free to continue the discussion.
  7. Very good point, I do actually trawl the local salvation army/flee/used game shops around my local metro area but after a full year of mucking around, have never found anything jag related beyond 1 copy of Cybermorph (which I bought and enjoy for what it is ). I'm pretty sure I could be waiting for a long time before finding a jag CD or something that had a later and limited release like Skyhammer, or really... any more jag games at all. Which brings me to this: As of late I've become pretty obsessed with the idea of Skyhammer. I think the graphics look fantastic, the music and sfx sound really cool, and the neo urban atmosphere is right up my alley. I know the game may not be 100% polished and I have heard of the erasing your saves issue, but I've enjoyed prototype releases on other systems before when I understand what I'm getting into. Skyhammer is definitely something I want, I just need to decide if I want it more than a Jag CD this year
  8. I have a pretty modest jag collection atm. I have the base system, two 3 button controllers, and about 6 games (super burnout, tempest, raiden, among other lesser titles like club drive, val d'isere, etc) I made a list of the various jaguar games and hardware I would like to buy one day and realized after researching prices, that I'm looking at purchasing almost $500 worth of Jag stuff if I were to buy it all immediately. Considering its cost me over $100 to get the setup I have now, the only way I can mentally justify putting this much money into jaguar items is to spread the cost over a really long period of time. This means, whatever I buy will have to last me for a good while before I can look into picking up more. I know people like different things, but I would be curious what anyone's input would be as to which of these options they would take, to have the most fun jag experience over the next 6-8 months: 1. Buy Skyhammer and Rayman (these games look really stellar for the Jag and seem to have a lot of depth. I would be proud to own either or both as fun games and technical showcases for the system.). or 2. Buy several lower priced games (wolf 3d, flashback, missile command, AVP, pitfall, etc, all fun and affordable games but not as stupendous looking as Skyhammer). or 3. Buy a Jaguar CD and investigate CD homebrew/prototypes/etc (possibly the most expensive option, yet these also seem to be getting rarer and more expensive by the day)
  9. Whoops, just posted a "for sale" thread here. Now how do I delete this post?
  10. Is this the glossy plastic top version, or the not as glossy top ? And would you consider splitting the system from the games?
  11. Please put me down for one too. I haven't read all pages in the middle of the thread, but if this is still a declare list, I'm in
  12. nteresting - that leads to another question, where there other (atari or third party from back in the day) gamepads or controller peripherals released for the STe and Falcon that might function with the same joypad inputs as the Jaguar pad?
  13. Just saw this picture of a jaguar lot. Is this flight joystick a jaguar compatible device?
  14. http://www.atari2600.com/ccp7/ecom-prodshow/Zoomer-ATA78CON0001.html Darn, that's kind of what I figured though.
  15. Were there any other controllers outside of the stock controller that came with the system (and the black button version and the grey plastic variant), and the pro controller? Were there any 3rd party controllers released for the jaguar? Any special purpose controllers such as a flight joystick or steering wheel? Even the 7800 had some kind of rare steering wheel thing, and the 3DO had oodles of third party controllers... I've never seen any for sale anywhere.
  16. I'm in a similar spot. I'm a second time jag owner, having sold my first console (and all 2 games I had for it) a few years ago. Just recently picked up a small console lot with two controllers, val disere and club drive. Unfortunately the cartridge slot of this system has bent and broken contacts and does not function at all, so I need to find a replacement console already - but my goal is still to build up a small library of the jag games that I find interesting, and get a jag cd to play battlemorph and homebrew. I'm aching to start looking for deals and splurging on a cd unit, but I'm also trying to wait on that until I get an actual working base system again
  17. Carl Forhan thought it was decent in 1997. http://www.atarihq.com/reviews/jaguar/air_cars.html What makes it bad? Bad control? Lack of artwork/story text/music to flesh the experience out as a game? Repetitive gameplay?
  18. I've heard this game is regarded as not very much fun and not really a high point in the Jag's library. I have never had the chance to play it, but from looking at youtube videos, it really doesn't look bad at all to me. The framerate looks good and smooth for a 3d game on the jag, the goal of driving around and shooting enemies and enemy buildings doesn't seem any more simple or worse than battlezone or various other 3d vehicle jag games, and the graphics look relatively solid even if they are not texture mapped. I'm kinda thinking of putting it on my want list based on my impression from youtube vids of how it stacks up next to other similar 3d vehicle games in the jag's library (i war, hoverstrike, cybermorph). Am I missing something here? Among the 3d vehicle games on the jag, is Air Cars really below average?
  19. I bought a jaguar lot on ebay, but the cartridge slot has multiple bent and broken pins and I don't really have the tools or skills to fix it. I'm looking for just the console only (or even a replacement motherboard), I don't need any hookups or controllers. I know Best sells replacement motherboards, but at $70 a pop and shipping on top, I feel like its more worth my while to find a used system. My pricepoint? I know jaguars are rare but I would be looking for something more affordable than $70 for a new motherboard from Best.
  20. sirlynxalot


    I know archive.org and some other sites have big collections of scanned gaming magazines, I'd check there first (if you haven't already) to see if someone else has provided them. Do you own these magazines? Are you volunteering to do the scanning
  21. sirlynxalot

    Lynx to VGA

    Very interested in this. I'd love to be able to play the lynx on my tv, while holding the system in my hands as the "controller." It always seemed like the lynx and most of its game library would have been good competition in the home console market compared to the other systems on the market at the time, especially when compared to the 7800 and its capabilities at around the same era.
  22. arabtile (Chip's Challenge?) bass (maybe just the bassline to a more complex song from Chip's Challenge?) bmx (California Games) buzybee (???) buzyphase (???) connected (Chip's Challenge?) endtile (Chip's Challenge?) liberty (Conquest of Zow) points (definitely Chip's Challenge) roadrace (???) sfxcall (???) sink2 (???) spaceone (Chip's Challenge music with simulated reverb) summer (???) tester (???) tokimain (Toki) Revised the answer for "liberty"
  23. arabtile (Chip's Challenge?) bass (maybe just the bassline to a more complex song from Chip's Challenge?) bmx (California Games) buzybee (???) buzyphase (???) connected (Chip's Challenge?) endtile (Chip's Challenge?) liberty (Chip's Challenge as well?) points (definitely Chip's Challenge) roadrace (???) sfxcall (???) sink2 (???) spaceone (Chip's Challenge music with simulated reverb) summer (???) tester (???) tokimain (Toki)
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