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  1. I'm in Boston. Unfortunately a little bit far from Burlington, but if you're ever in town maybe we can have a little lynx meetup.
  2. Yeah this is a cool idea, unfortunately I'm on the wrong coast to attend. Any other lynx owners in the northeast? I want to play some 4 player Zarlor!
  3. I don't own one, but I'm becoming more and more curious about them. Here are some questions I have about them: 1) If you have a cartridge game in the slot and want to play that, does it display the normal jaguar startup sequence with the cube? Or the jag CD multi-color startup sequence? 2) If you have a cartridge in the CD's cartridge slot, and a CD in the CD player, how do you tell the jaguar what game to play (the CD or the cartridge)? Or would it default to the cartridge? 3) I understand that the sega CD was more than a CDrom drive for the genesis and actually had additional processors (and graphics chips?) to help expand capabilities. Was the jaguar CD similar, with additional processors/or graphics chips? Or did it simply provide the features of a CDrom drive and nothing additional? 4) What is a realistic price for the CD unit these days? 5) For those of you with the CD unit, do you find yourself mostly playing the jag carts, and rarely playing the commercial CD games/CD based homebrew titles? The other way around? A mix? Thank you
  4. In my dream I was at a thrift store and came across some atari stuff. While looking through it, I found this thing called the "atomic cartridge" It was about 6 times the size of a standard cartridge (although it had a little piece extending on the bottom akin to the last inch or so of a normal cart so it could plug in to the cartridge slot of a 2600. It also had 2 joystick ports on the back. In my dream, my friends encouraged me not to buy it saying it looked like a piece of junk. In my dream, because I had never heard of it, I went home and then went on ebay to see how rare or valuable the "atomic cartridge" was. None were currently for sale, but a search of completed auctions turned up about 8 or so, which had been for sale in the last few months for $50 and up, and none of which had sold. In looking at the completed auction pages, I could see the packaging for the "atomic cartridge" which indicated that the cartridge itself had some sort of internal spring cannon, which you would put little pieces of plastic that originally came with the atomic cartridge into the cartridge's spring loaded cannon, and shoot the pieces out during gameplay where they would scatter over the ground and this would influence gameplay some how. I think it may have also been supposed to come with a mat with markings of some kind to lay on the ground, and the plastic pieces would ideally scatter onto the mat, thereby indirectly influencing gameplay. Unfortunately there were no screen shots of the atomic cartridge's software program in my dream, but with the cannon, plastic pieces and mat, and the extra joystick ports on the cartridge itself, it sort of adds up to suggesting it is a party game / virtual board game of sorts. Again, as far as I know this is a fictitious product that only existed in my dream last night. But it was so vivid I wanted to share
  5. I have seen fewer lynx 1s with greatly damaged screens and suffering from internal voltage regulation problems than lynx 2s. See: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/99383-lynx-2-repair-help-needed-only-blank-screen/
  6. I think the vast majority of the library is easily obtainable for under $20 each via ebay or other used game site. I actually bought a lot of lynx games brand new in the last few months, in groups of 1, 2 and 4, mostly through ebay and here, and I kept a record of what price I paid for them. I enjoy them all and here were the prices. california games Zarlor Mercenary 16 gates of zendocon 20 Stun runner 15 blue lightning 20 qix 20 Zaku 58 checkered flag 15 road blasters 15 chips challenge 5 crystal mines 5 hydra 5 steel talons 5
  7. Played a bunch of Hydra lately. I played for about an hour and still hadn't beaten it. How many levels does this game have? Please tell me its not 40-50 like Roadblasters
  8. Lately I noticed that the speaker in my recently purchased lynx I is making a high pitch low volume whining noise. The noise continues even when I pause a game, which normally turns off all sound. If I turn off the lynx, the noise stops, but if I turn it back on in short order, the noise is instantly audible again - though if there is significant time between turning off and then back on, then there is no whine at first. In the meantime, the game sound plays normally on top of the whine. I detected the whine while playing various different games. Is this standard for the lynx 1 - maybe due to poor shielding of components? Or is this a sign my speaker or a particular cap near the general area of the speaker is about to burn out?
  9. Thinking about it, I would also trade this for some combination of an Atari Jaguar system and games. PM if interested.
  10. Zaku arrived. The game is great and quite impressive for the lynx. I definitely get a sonic the hedgehog vibe from it with the color palette, the main character's design, and some of the graphics. It even has "zones" rather than "levels" Very cool, it's also very tough, this has the cool 90s vibe for me.
  11. It is still for sale from the original publisher though - so even though it is more expensive than other lynx games, it's 100% not rare, no? As for whether you will find it on amazon or ebay or at a flea market... that's a different question to which the answer would indicate it is extremely rare.
  12. Consistent with some other people's experiences, after 2 weeks since payment, I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive from superfighter team. And no indication it has been shipped yet, or acknowledgment of my query on the status of things.
  13. I recently discovered a couple of small things I never noticed before about some lynx games I've played for years. -You don't have to hold down UP to maintain your speed in Roadblasters -You don't have to hold down DOWN to maintain your speed in Hydra -You can move the bicycle guy in Cali Games backwards (to the left) by tapping LEFT if he is stopped (although this serves almost no useful purpose in the game) -The surfer guy in Cali Games makes a splash noise when he falls into the water (never really noticed it before)
  14. Yes, Vindicators was an announced but canceled game for the lynx. I have never heard of any prototype or beta being discovered, much less a cardboard advertising stand. So I'm asking if anyone knows what the items in the video are and whether they are actual atari items, or something fan-created
  15. Here we have a video that seemingly has a playable demo of Vindicators on the lynx. Something I've never heard any mention of. Is this a genuine atari product? And what is up with this vindicators stand? Was this a promotional display for a store - or is it homemade by this fellow who demonstrates numerous other lynx hacks in his videos and is notorius for having an extensive lynx collection.
  16. I didn't mean to diss the lynx - but the facts are that at any given time there are dozens of games and game hardware that I would like to buy and play and own, and I cannot simply decide to buy them all because I would be spending too much money. My purchase decisions aren't so black and white and I try to weigh a number of factors outside of simply whether I think I would like a game before I plunk over $58, which is a lot of money for my entertainment budget that comes at the cost of not buying and experiencing other games. That said, I just decided to splurge and I bought Zaku.
  17. Haha got me with the prank as well before I scrolled down to read the other comments in the thread.
  18. I recently bought a turnkey modded original xbox (aka I did not mod it myself). I'm finding that I don't play it nearly as much as I expected, and I want to free up some funds to buy more atari items This is truly a turnkey system - it is in excellent condition and comes with applications preinstalled. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. To add to the awesomeness factor, this xbox is fitted into a rare XCM silver plastic case that looks really classy. So here are some more details: This is a softmod, version 1.6 motherboard with upgraded 80gb HDD, recently replaced clock cap, and pin header and LPC rebuild (the pin header and LPC rebuild is for installing a mod chip on a 1.6 motherboard - although none is currently installed). Xbox Media Center, Coinops, and some other cool apps and alternative dashboards are already installed on the HDD - the xbox boots into XBMC. The DVD drive is fully working and has given me no problems for playing original xbox games during the time I have owned this. This lot also includes two S controllers, power cable, and composite and standard AV cables. Looking for $140. And here is a gallery of pictures: http://imgur.com/a/JOyhj
  19. Ergh! I want it, but $60 (price with shipping) is so hard for me to justify for a lynx game. I'll probably torture myself a little while longer, and then find out superfighter team is sold out.
  20. Does anyone still have the 1 level demo of Zaku originally distributed around 2005? There are various links in old forum threads from years ago in this forum, but all links are broken. I would be very interested in checking the demo out.
  21. Cool, I'll check this out later!
  22. Haha, so did I! Although I never beat the first score I uploaded ~50K, which was my first try for that contest! I think the main issue with hard drivin's steering compared to other incarnations of the game is that the steering wheel doesn't autocenter fast enough, so you either tap the wheel and you potentially don't steer enough, or you turn the wheel too much and it doesn't auto center in time to prevent you for careening off the road.
  23. ATM I've been playing a lot of Qix. I only just recently discovered it and it is addictive, although I'm not particularly good at it.
  24. My personal favorite - albeit not necessarily ones I would recommend to other people: 1) Zarlor Mercenary 2) Gates of Zendocon 3) Blue Lightning 4) Stun Runner 5) Hard Drivin
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