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  1. I recently discovered a couple of small things I never noticed before about some lynx games I've played for years. -You don't have to hold down UP to maintain your speed in Roadblasters -You don't have to hold down DOWN to maintain your speed in Hydra -You can move the bicycle guy in Cali Games backwards (to the left) by tapping LEFT if he is stopped (although this serves almost no useful purpose in the game) -The surfer guy in Cali Games makes a splash noise when he falls into the water (never really noticed it before)
  2. Yes, Vindicators was an announced but canceled game for the lynx. I have never heard of any prototype or beta being discovered, much less a cardboard advertising stand. So I'm asking if anyone knows what the items in the video are and whether they are actual atari items, or something fan-created
  3. Here we have a video that seemingly has a playable demo of Vindicators on the lynx. Something I've never heard any mention of. Is this a genuine atari product? And what is up with this vindicators stand? Was this a promotional display for a store - or is it homemade by this fellow who demonstrates numerous other lynx hacks in his videos and is notorius for having an extensive lynx collection.
  4. I didn't mean to diss the lynx - but the facts are that at any given time there are dozens of games and game hardware that I would like to buy and play and own, and I cannot simply decide to buy them all because I would be spending too much money. My purchase decisions aren't so black and white and I try to weigh a number of factors outside of simply whether I think I would like a game before I plunk over $58, which is a lot of money for my entertainment budget that comes at the cost of not buying and experiencing other games. That said, I just decided to splurge and I bought Zaku.
  5. Haha got me with the prank as well before I scrolled down to read the other comments in the thread.
  6. I recently bought a turnkey modded original xbox (aka I did not mod it myself). I'm finding that I don't play it nearly as much as I expected, and I want to free up some funds to buy more atari items This is truly a turnkey system - it is in excellent condition and comes with applications preinstalled. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. To add to the awesomeness factor, this xbox is fitted into a rare XCM silver plastic case that looks really classy. So here are some more details: This is a softmod, version 1.6 motherboard with upgraded 80gb HDD, recently replaced clock cap, and pin header and LPC rebuild (the pin header and LPC rebuild is for installing a mod chip on a 1.6 motherboard - although none is currently installed). Xbox Media Center, Coinops, and some other cool apps and alternative dashboards are already installed on the HDD - the xbox boots into XBMC. The DVD drive is fully working and has given me no problems for playing original xbox games during the time I have owned this. This lot also includes two S controllers, power cable, and composite and standard AV cables. Looking for $140. And here is a gallery of pictures: http://imgur.com/a/JOyhj
  7. Ergh! I want it, but $60 (price with shipping) is so hard for me to justify for a lynx game. I'll probably torture myself a little while longer, and then find out superfighter team is sold out.
  8. Does anyone still have the 1 level demo of Zaku originally distributed around 2005? There are various links in old forum threads from years ago in this forum, but all links are broken. I would be very interested in checking the demo out.
  9. Cool, I'll check this out later!
  10. Haha, so did I! Although I never beat the first score I uploaded ~50K, which was my first try for that contest! I think the main issue with hard drivin's steering compared to other incarnations of the game is that the steering wheel doesn't autocenter fast enough, so you either tap the wheel and you potentially don't steer enough, or you turn the wheel too much and it doesn't auto center in time to prevent you for careening off the road.
  11. ATM I've been playing a lot of Qix. I only just recently discovered it and it is addictive, although I'm not particularly good at it.
  12. My personal favorite - albeit not necessarily ones I would recommend to other people: 1) Zarlor Mercenary 2) Gates of Zendocon 3) Blue Lightning 4) Stun Runner 5) Hard Drivin
  13. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the kit.
  14. This is a list of Atari Lynx games that I want to buy in close to CIB form (cartridge, cardboard box, manual). Things don't have to be in the shrinkwrap or in mint condition, mostly I appreciate having the box and manual because I like the old artwork and the descriptions, the rest of my lynx games are in this form, and it gives my collection more of the historical experience/context for the item. From time to time I see most of these pop onto ebay, but I was hoping maybe someone here would have several of these titles to sell, and there could be a moderate cost savings to me in terms of volume buying and shipping. PM me if you have some of these that you would be interested in selling and we can discuss what could be a fair price for what you have. Thanks! -Zarlor Mercenary -Hard Drivin' -Gates of Zendocon (small box preferred) -Stun Runner -Blue lightning (small box preferred) -Road Blasters -Shadow of the Beast -Xenophobe -Checkered flag
  15. This looks like a fun thread. Here's a contribution from me. I've been working on graphics for a top down shooter project keeping in mind the lynx's resolution and palette limitations. Here is a quick mockup to see how some scenery would look together - think cube-islands in the sky.
  16. Not my auction, but figured it would be of interest to people here. I'm surprised to see these together as a lot. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-17-Atari-Lynx-Game-Cartridges-Gauntlet-Batman-/291086929568?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c6220ea0
  17. Based on a reference I recall in another thread that I glanced at recently, I think this was a small demo that had the 720 player sprites which you could simply rotate around?
  18. +1 vote for an archive of the older version.
  19. Great stuff. I'm working on getting a development environment up and running atm. It looks like CC65 is no longer maintained by the original owner? http://www.cc65.org/ I went to the FTP and got the archives mentioned, but now that I've unzipped everything, my directory list does not include the folder "targetutil" which is in the image in tutorial 2. There is no wbin folder either for extracting the unix utilities to, so I will just make one.
  20. My entry Played on handy, got about 1 and a half laps before the timer ran out.
  21. Excellent link! I have these tutorials bookmarked but didn't check out this particular tutorial on collisions yet. So, if I understand correctly, 16 colors in a palette will correspond to 16 different "pens," 0 to F, and depending on what type of sprite (boundary, normal, background-non-collidable), pen 0 may display its color, or it may be transparent? Based on the table in the tutorial, It seems that for a majority of sprite types, pen 0 will be transparent then, and I should plan my artwork using 15 colors more often than not.
  22. Cool! What great news. I'll be checking that out in the next few minutes. Coming to the party (lynx scene) late, it would be really helpful to have some kind of list with links to homebrew games such as this Maybe one already exists? EDIT: I suppose the sticky at the top of the forum on lynx projects probably fits that bill in part.
  23. I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but it does seem like an early WIP. I think one button shoots and the other might create more enemies to come out of the center. Go into this expecting it to be a neat proof of concept, rather than T2K on the lynx
  24. Sorry to bump this thread from its ancient grave - but I just successfully downloaded the LNX file from the archived site (first file in the list, the ZIP isn't archived) and it appears to be working in handy.
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