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  1. Haha, so did I! Although I never beat the first score I uploaded ~50K, which was my first try for that contest! I think the main issue with hard drivin's steering compared to other incarnations of the game is that the steering wheel doesn't autocenter fast enough, so you either tap the wheel and you potentially don't steer enough, or you turn the wheel too much and it doesn't auto center in time to prevent you for careening off the road.
  2. ATM I've been playing a lot of Qix. I only just recently discovered it and it is addictive, although I'm not particularly good at it.
  3. My personal favorite - albeit not necessarily ones I would recommend to other people: 1) Zarlor Mercenary 2) Gates of Zendocon 3) Blue Lightning 4) Stun Runner 5) Hard Drivin
  4. Awesome! Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences with the kit.
  5. This is a list of Atari Lynx games that I want to buy in close to CIB form (cartridge, cardboard box, manual). Things don't have to be in the shrinkwrap or in mint condition, mostly I appreciate having the box and manual because I like the old artwork and the descriptions, the rest of my lynx games are in this form, and it gives my collection more of the historical experience/context for the item. From time to time I see most of these pop onto ebay, but I was hoping maybe someone here would have several of these titles to sell, and there could be a moderate cost savings to me in terms of volume buying and shipping. PM me if you have some of these that you would be interested in selling and we can discuss what could be a fair price for what you have. Thanks! -Zarlor Mercenary -Hard Drivin' -Gates of Zendocon (small box preferred) -Stun Runner -Blue lightning (small box preferred) -Road Blasters -Shadow of the Beast -Xenophobe -Checkered flag
  6. This looks like a fun thread. Here's a contribution from me. I've been working on graphics for a top down shooter project keeping in mind the lynx's resolution and palette limitations. Here is a quick mockup to see how some scenery would look together - think cube-islands in the sky.
  7. Not my auction, but figured it would be of interest to people here. I'm surprised to see these together as a lot. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-of-17-Atari-Lynx-Game-Cartridges-Gauntlet-Batman-/291086929568?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43c6220ea0
  8. Based on a reference I recall in another thread that I glanced at recently, I think this was a small demo that had the 720 player sprites which you could simply rotate around?
  9. +1 vote for an archive of the older version.
  10. Great stuff. I'm working on getting a development environment up and running atm. It looks like CC65 is no longer maintained by the original owner? http://www.cc65.org/ I went to the FTP and got the archives mentioned, but now that I've unzipped everything, my directory list does not include the folder "targetutil" which is in the image in tutorial 2. There is no wbin folder either for extracting the unix utilities to, so I will just make one.
  11. My entry Played on handy, got about 1 and a half laps before the timer ran out.
  12. Excellent link! I have these tutorials bookmarked but didn't check out this particular tutorial on collisions yet. So, if I understand correctly, 16 colors in a palette will correspond to 16 different "pens," 0 to F, and depending on what type of sprite (boundary, normal, background-non-collidable), pen 0 may display its color, or it may be transparent? Based on the table in the tutorial, It seems that for a majority of sprite types, pen 0 will be transparent then, and I should plan my artwork using 15 colors more often than not.
  13. Cool! What great news. I'll be checking that out in the next few minutes. Coming to the party (lynx scene) late, it would be really helpful to have some kind of list with links to homebrew games such as this Maybe one already exists? EDIT: I suppose the sticky at the top of the forum on lynx projects probably fits that bill in part.
  14. I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but it does seem like an early WIP. I think one button shoots and the other might create more enemies to come out of the center. Go into this expecting it to be a neat proof of concept, rather than T2K on the lynx
  15. Sorry to bump this thread from its ancient grave - but I just successfully downloaded the LNX file from the archived site (first file in the list, the ZIP isn't archived) and it appears to be working in handy.
  16. I'm not new to drawing sprites, but I am new to worrying about keeping things to 16 (15?) colors. I have a few questions, one regarding lynx specifications, and 1 regarding workflow in gimp which I am a little new to. 1) So I read that the lynx is limited to a 16 color palette per scene/level. I know you can get fancier with a few tricks, but I have no trouble working within those confines, as most commercial lynx games did. Along those lines, I thought I read something here in the lynx programming contest thread, that 1 of the 16 colors is set aside for transparency? In that case, when making sprites, is it true that I should then use only 15 of the 16 colors in the palette on the actual sprites, for the colors and parts of the sprite that I want displayed? 2) Gimp workflow: I have figured out how to create a palette by importing colors from a picture. How do I set a palette as the "only" colors for a picture - such that I could maybe drop in a sprite I have created without concern to the lynx palette, and have it forced into the limited palette I set? I know this isn't programming, but figured it belonged in this forum rather than the general lynx forum. Thanks for your help!
  17. Seriously impressive! What games are covered in the Lynx magazine (batman cover), was this a 1 off mag?
  18. Hi folks. I'm an old lynx fan who's been busy with other stuff for the last 13 or so years. I recently rekindled my former extreme interest in the lynx and am pleasantly checking out the happenings that I missed over the last decade plus AKA Zaku and other impressive homebrew titles, and new homebrew development tools and documentation: One of my hobbies is music, so I'm really interested in learning how to use "chipper", and figuring out a good workflow to make some lynxish tunes. I always liked the sounds the lynx could make, and would be happy to share or collaborate for anything I wind up making. Another hobby of mine is sprite art, so I'm interested in researching the lynx's palette limitations and maybe translating some of my prior work/making new stuff for the lynx's resolution, with the goal of displaying it on a lynx screen one day. Actually, circa 2002 I made a ton of sprite art for an unofficial "zarlor mercenaries 2" fangame idea I had, and I recently found the bulk of the art assets for this, which I thought were lost forever. I'm also looking at expanding my currently non-existent lynx collection - buying back some of the stuff I used to have. Along those lines, I wanted to ask a few questions 1) I have seen versions of the Lynx 1 with a simple cross shaped D-pad, and others such as the one I used to own, had a more round one with the cross shaped raised on a round piece of black plastic (think sega genesis controller). I'm not sure if that is just a different color of plastic, or if the cross shaped d-pad is a different design. 2) With the lynx about 25 or so years old, is it pretty common to have blown capacitors? Things look a little ominous on ebay, with the majority of lynx systems I see for sale listed as "for parts/not working". I also had 2 3DOs this last year, another early 90s console, which flaked out due to bad caps - and sega CDs and other early 90s systems are having cap related issues these days. I know best electronics has refurbished lynxes available with a short warranty, but it seems unlikely this refurbishment would extend to recapping them. And as long as I'm saying hello, let me say that I think Stun Runner on the lynx, a title I only recently played for the first time via emulation, is absolutely ridiculous in terms of the translation from the arcade, with most of the speech and text warnings, and even the feel of the gameplay intact. In fact, I might even say, that this translation to the Lynx is "stunning"
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