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  1. Judging from reviews and youtube videos, in practice, its basically ideal for a game like Descent, where the controls allow you to move your ship in more than four directions, such as by hovering up and down like a helicopter. I forget if Cybermorph/Battlemorph/Skyhammer allows you to do similar up/down hovering... but it seems like it could have been an interesting controller for those games. The pc controller was also apparently supported by FPS games of the mid 90s like Quake, where you could use it to not only run and turn, but also smoothly look up and down, all by just twisting, turning, pushing and pulling on the ball. You could also use it for games that had fewer movement/looking options, like Doom, and just not use the full 6-axis functionality because the particular game doesn't need or use 6 axis of movement.
  2. If you are like me and periodically searched for atari jaguar prototype stuff on google in the last 15 years, you might have seen an image of this controller: According to the website for this picture (http://spacemice.org/index.php?title=Mystery), the images come from an old ebay auction where the seller claimed it was found at Atari HQ during the time atari was going out of business and stuff was being liquidated. Years later, this controller was the topic of conversation on another forum, and one of the developers chimed in on the discussion to offer some details Several years later, in 2017, one of the developers of the controller chimed in on the discussion again to add more interesting information: The company went on to release a couple variations of this controller on the PC, and license the 3d ball orb thingy to agetec/ascii to put on a PS1 controller. But I find the first commercial iteration of the controller, released for PC, the most interesting, because the darn thing looks like a cross between that prototype and the traditional Atari Jaguar controller! Sega Saturn 3d pad eat your heart out! So, considering that this wasn't just a device that was being shown to Atari, but was actually a device for which the developers were at Atari HQ implementing software support/drivers into development libraries and games... could this be like the Missile Command VR headset, where if you're able to get one and connect it to the Jag, there might actually be some hidden support for it? Anyone have the ability to test this out? Looks like the PC spaceball avenger uses a 9 pin serial port.
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I happened on it when I was looking for images of jaguar controllers earlier, found it endearing, and thought it needed more exposure now that its been 15 years and there's a whole different crowd on the forum. Wonder if the original poster still has this cardboard and electrical tape controller and whether it has stood the test of time As a one of a kind, its also the ultimate collectable $$$
  4. That's a cool picture! It's neat to see it laid out like this. I've had my best luck on this minigame by just playing it a lot and unconsciously having a feel for when certain obstacles will come up. I can't imagine trying to directly memorize it from these images, sounds too much like homework
  5. Any idea what the kiosk weighs with all pieces in place? The wood, the metal plate and the monitor ought to add a bunch of weight, but is it under 200 lbs?
  6. I'd be interested in the atari lynx system box. I'm located in MA.
  7. Can the plastic with the jaguar eyes and game cover holders come off to make the kiosk narrower? Or is it all bolted onto the wood and not easily removable?
  8. I seem to remember someone on this forum a couple years ago discussing that their saved highscores in certain Jag games got corrupted and wouldn't save anymore, and there was a fix, like pressing *0# on the controller that would reset the memory and allow it to save again. It sounds like this is a slightly different issue though since your cart currently saves fine. Personally, my Raiden cart stopped saving highscores at a certain point, never tried the button combo though.
  9. Would be sweet if through that sega games on atari systems deal we got Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally, Nights into Dreams, on carts for the Jag. You can tell what Atari wanted from their lynx advertisement though...
  10. I read on another forum that the Jaguar emulator within Phoenix is IrataJaguar.
  11. Do you think it could be caused by the audio clipping? Does it only happen with stuff like drum beats or sharp staccato notes or sfx?
  12. It's actually the button that makes the jaguar console itself more powerful than the saturn but slightly less powerful than the playstation.
  13. I think it was the 64bit mode button that applied high res textures to every 3d model and upped the framerate. It was part of the original Flare design but the Tramiels took it off so they could sell it as an add on part, like the AV cable.
  14. Btw, Phoenix supports save states for atari jaguar games. In fact, I couldn't get ordinary game saves to work with the games I tested, but its kind of a moot point since I can just do a save state. No one mentioned it yet, so I'll say, that Phoenix was last updated in 2017, so that's a bit more recent than 2014. I haven't heard any info that anyone is still working on it though, and since its been about 4 years since the last release, it probably won't be further updated anytime soon. I mentioned this in another thread in the jag forum, but Project Tempest, the emulator last updated around 2004, is the only one that will play any Jag CD games. I heard it will pretty much only play Primal Rage and World Tour Racing, though since the commercial jag cd library is so small, that's probably like 15%-20% of the library
  15. I haven't tried Mame for console Jaguar emulation, but I tried it with some cojag arcade games that used variations of the Jag's hardware such as Area 51 and Vicious Circle and found the emulation to be pretty good! Well worth checking out if you want to try some other atari games that use a variation of the Jag hardware.
  16. I've tested Phoenix with a bunch of games and I was pleasantly surprised with the compatibility. I had better results with it than VJ for playing the old commercial games. I was surprised Battlesphere could be run with it, it seemed to play fine, though I was getting an issue where the text was unreadable (it was all scrunched up and corrupted looking). I can't get HoverStrike and Fight For Life to work with Phoenix though. They load but freeze on my machine before you get to any gameplay. I was also surprised to learn recently that the old emu Project Tempest can actually run a few jag CD games - I think this makes it the only emulator that can emulate commercial Jag CD games. Reports from others are that it will play Primal Rage and World Tour Racing and there seemed to be some good youtube videos to showcase that. I tried it with Battlemorph and Blue Lightning, it loaded a glitchy version of the options menu in Blue Lightning but didn't seem to progress beyond that.
  17. The graphic artist for the game is a prodigy. It's the same guy who did the graphics for Neo XYX (and some of the graphics for Gunlord) on the neogeo, and there are several more 2d games for PC that he's worked on over the years as a hobby, primarily shooting style games like this. I was previously on a forum that he would periodically post on, the guy is (was?) extremely prolific, and as you can see, has that early 90s Japanese sprite style down. I'd encourage anyone interested in this graphical style to try out Super XYX (its like $5 on Steam). It's the same artist.
  18. There didn't seem to be that much going on in the genesis homebrew/indie development scene for many years, but just in the last two years some very interesting and polished genesis projects have come up and I'd love to see them on the jag... maybe I should bug some of the developers and entice them with the fact that the consoles have a similar processor
  19. Yeah it looks like it is Trevor Mcfur with some kind of blur and maybe saturation effects applied to the image. I've never gotten that far in the game myself, but here's a snapshot from a youtube video
  20. By the way, does anyone know the game that is immediately below the words "You've never"?
  21. Ok guys I think I've actually figured out this 18 button thing... Doing a close re-read, the paragraph says "Now with a total of 18 buttons, the Atari Jaguar system offers more gameplay options..." 17 buttons on the controller plus 1 power button on the console itself = 18 buttons to use with your Jaguar system.
  22. The pro controller was probably out when this ad came out considering the jag CD is in it. Maybe they should have used that controller as an example, with a whopping 22 buttons its practically a keyboard (yeah yeah they aren't all independent inputs but judging from the Jaguar marketing copy that probably wouldn't have mattered).
  23. I was reading this promo for the jaguar that focuses on how great it is that the controller has 18 buttons. Am I missing something? Doesn't the controller have 17 buttons? Can someone please tell me where the secret 18th button is?
  24. Anyone have a copy of the jaguar cd review that was in the first post of this thread? Sounds like it was a positive one...
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