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  1. Hi Stephen, Karri, and thank you for your answers ! I'm beginning to loose hope about this Lynx .... I've already changed every caps on the board, and also changed the Q12 mosfet, and all I can get is a blank screen by short circuiting the ground of the jack and the batteries ..... You're probably right Karri, 9V may have fried Mikey or Suzy, so it's hopeless. I managed to bring back to life my old GameGear and my old GameBoy, just by replacing all the caps, so maybe I was too optimistic about repairing a Lynx, this baby seems to be harder to awake ! When I'll have some time i'll remove the shielding and I'll inspect the board with a magnifier to seek any component which seems burnt. Anyway, thank you for your replies
  2. Thank you for your reply Stephen, I should have been more clear in my previous message, sorry. In fact, I have a faulty Lynx II that i'm trying to repair. I've browsed many forums, and I found that a common failure in the Lynx II is the D13 component, which seems to be (according to the infos I found), a Zener diode (4.3V / 500mW). So I bought some equivalents in order to replace the original one. On the new ones i received, the negative pole is clearly indicated by a blue ring, but i can't guess the negative pole on the original one, neither on the case, or the board. I'm even beginning to wonder if D13 is really a zener .... Here is a picture of the old D13, and one of the new Zerner i received : Thank you for your help PS : Sorry if my questions seems dumb, but if i'm good with a soldering iron, i'm not good in electronics and my knowledge about components is very limited
  3. Hi everyone, is anyone here know the polarity of the zener diode D13 on a Lynx II ? I can't find it anywhere ... Thank you in advance for your replies Ben
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