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  1. Very promising mockups! What about reducing the amount of black lines, e.g. like this: Also, I think some of the figures have too many color changes. The cat (?) at the bottom is perfect, though.
  2. As this is my 1st kernel, I might have to ask something again. Thanks for the support! I will try withough HMOVE, that might work as well. Maybe, let's see...
  3. Ok, the sprite trick section in the "2600 advanced prog guide" explains how to postion multiple sprites. (the guide seems to confuse vertical positioning with horizontal positioning, though) Anyway, seems like you're right, BNE Jeff. It's not possible to use HMOVE. DOH!
  4. Yes, I know this post in the Stella mailing list for the RESPx trick, but it didn't help me. I cannot find any hints how to handle the HMOVE correctly with this trick. Also, it has to be the BALL, because PLAYER and MISSILE have the wrong color. I think 7 PLAYERs in Galaxian are kind of a RESPx trick and these 7 PLAYERs are moving horizontally. So is it possible to move 2 BALLs next to each other as well? I never read something about a RESBL-trick...
  5. Hi, I am working on a testkernel which should move 2 BALL sprites next to each other in one line horizontally. (for multiple lines) The testkernel successfully moves 1 BALL horizontally by setting RESBL, HMBL and WSYNC, HMOVE in the next line. I can also setup 2 BALL sprites next to each other, but then they are not moving correctly. Now I need some help, how do I setup this? Is it even possible to move 2 BALL sprites next to each other? I only know "Galaxian", which displays more than 6 player sprites in one row, so I guess it should be possible? But how?
  6. Interestingly, some did hold the joystick UPSIDE DOWN! (in the images DSCF7758.JPG, DSCF7749.JPG and DSCF7439.JPG) What's happening with the kids these days?
  7. @tokumaru: You're probably right. The only way to check it out would be programming a kernal and I started to write one some month ago, but it was too time intensive for me. Setting up each section of the mockup would be an endeavor of its own... Still interested in a cooperation, though... (hint hint)
  8. new mockup... Seems like I won't start programming an Atari VCS version anytime soon, sorry. But I made another mockup! @Cammy: No, sorry. But I would maybe be interested into a cooperation with someone who would like to program the low level assembler stuff for an Atari Computer. Anyway, Powerglove is available now for C64, Windows, Mac and Linux. Get it here: http://rgcddev.itch.io/powerglove
  9. It has been build with cc65/ca65. Raster interrupt, sprite multiplexer and scrolling has been build in assembler - game mechanics are build.in C.(Handy for porting it to PC)
  10. Interesting discussion... I think I wouldn't mind extra RAM or extra ROM. (Not sure about these risc-chip games, though. But it''s tempting, no question about that.) MrSQL: have sent you a message...
  11. We are not that quick on the trigger. (haven't decided if I really start programming, yet) Thanks for all the infos, I didn't know about the ASDK. (Seems like the ASDK would require harmony/melody hardware. Is this correct?)
  12. Oh, that donkey kong looks impressive. I think I have even spotted moving background elements there. Good point Omegamatrix, I didn't recognice that the missiles will be trippled, too. Seems like that the only way to check if this setup is possible would be to program a kernal. Thanks for the feedback! I will post here again in case I will do an update...
  13. Hello Atariagers, recently, I am thinking about porting the game "Powerglove" to the Atari VCS. more infos: http://www.lazycow.de/powerglove There're not many simultanously moving objects in the game and most of the sprites are displaced vertically, so I think it could be possible to port it. (Powerglove is a 16k game for the C64 from 2013, which scored the 3rd place in the RGCD compo, so it's probably not too shabby) - C64 screenshots (left), Atari VCS mockups (right) Yes, these are only mockups! In the 1st step, I only want to check how it would look like on the Atari. I have not decided if I really want to start programming. (If someone is interested into a cooperation, feel free to tell me) Some tricks used in the mockup: - I decided to cut off two rows in the playfield, to fit it in the 192 lines. - 48 clock sprite trick: for the top status display and the title - in the playfield, every 16th line is blank (to reset sprites and load new background) Some rooms have vertical scrolling (which is essential) and other rooms have horizontal scrolling (which could be ommited). Do you think it would work like that?
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